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Questions need your help

Game Servers Panel?

Yes it is, since gamepanels like opengamepanel and gamedash etc host only games/server, while hosting panels hosts websites which it has...
Game Servers Panel?

New discussions

BuycPanel is redirected to cPanel?

Last time I bought cPanel licenses from buycpanel.com but recent time when i visited BuycPanel.com it redirected to cPanel and I could... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 6 views

Why .hosting is so expensive?

I wanted to start a website with domain name extension .hosting but when checked with name.com, its price was $299 for a year and with... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 4 views

Game Servers Panel?

Hello, I have never seen a game server panel before, it is different from web hosting control panel? or it has its own panel? Thanks Mujkanovic Mujkanovic - - 14 views

CyberPanel: who use it?

Can share some review about CyberPanel? I'm discover few days ago...but not found a lot of review.. CaygriWEB CaygriWEB - - 57 views

MySQL my.cnf configuration for dedicated server?

I have a dedicated server and running mysql on it, I heard that i shuold optimize my.cnf configuration for my dedicated server to get... DaRecordon DaRecordon - - 81 views

Best ways to upload large files?

I want to send a backup file more than 80GB to a friend but with normal way, it took so much time to upload a file to a web hosting via... DaRecordon DaRecordon - - 89 views

Learning Windows Server?

Should I learn Windows Server today? it is still useful for companies need to manage a local network? DaRecordon DaRecordon - - 31 views

Paid WHMCS alternative

Hello, for a funding race I need own license. So what is a good payed alternative to whmcs? Not tell me bleats and host I’ll because... CaygriWEB CaygriWEB - - 55 views

MTR how to send traceroute

I know how to use win MTR and I sent the information to my provider but they say then need the same information from the server to my... F forufan - - 45 views
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Web Design & Development

What attracts you to a website?

Design theme Loading speed Friendly user also, Forum Software not to be rude or anything I don't free SMF or Phpbb3 theme I guess...
What attracts you to a website?

What attracts you to a website?

For me there are at least 4 must have features of every website: 1. Clean Design - Keep your design simple! 2. Speed - You have 3...
What attracts you to a website?

What attracts you to a website?

When it comes to aesthetics, I think the best website design is simple but elegant. I personally prefer something easy on the eyes, but...
What attracts you to a website?

Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Kaz Wolfe
I could not install the latest version of Wordpress, I tried to install old version 4.9 then it is successful, I think the latest...
Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Kaz Wolfe
Hi everyone, I can not install the latest version of Wordpress? why? my server has PHP 7.2 but seem Worpress 5.0+ is requiring PHP 7.3...
Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Transfer wordpress to joomla

Chris Worner
Agreed with you, the OP should ask how to transfer joomla site in wordpress because Wordpress nowadays is always better than Joomla. I...
Transfer wordpress to joomla
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