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Questions need your help

How to secure wp-admin in Wordpress?

Chris Worner
I like using this way. I also read that, I should protect wp-admin with htaccess. Should I secure wp-admin folder?
How to secure wp-admin in Wordpress?

New discussions

How to find which is making your website load slowly?

Can I use a tool or way to check and find out which elements are making my website load slowly? Any guides? Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 27 views

Does affiliate marketing for web hosting still work?

I checked around a few affiliate sites and they are offer affiliate programs from hosting providers. Did they still work for website... Harry P Harry P - - 39 views

Top 10 Paid Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage VPS?

Can everyone share me top 10 best paid web hosting control panels to manage an unmanaged VPS? I like to replace cPanel control panel... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 82 views

MySQL 8.0 instead of MariaDB?

I see now some guys using MySQL 8.0, should I migrate from MariaDB to Mysql 8.0? Dopani Dopani - - 168 views

DirectAdmin or Interworx

Did you guys hear about Interworx control panel? how can it compare with DirectAdmin? I am looking for a hosting control panel and see... Dopani Dopani - - 128 views

Introducing Glass: A New Style For Paper Lantern for Cpanel

Glass, a clean and elegant take on our classic style, strips away the clutter and leaves only what you need to manage your website... mehrdadali14 mehrdadali14 - - 208 views

Alternatives to Letsencrypt?

What are the best alternatives to Letsencrypt? I am using cpanel and plesk, which is easy to install SSL for my websites on these... Dopani Dopani - - 133 views

Best place to buy Plesk license with low rate?

Can you guys tell me where is the best place to buy Plesk license with low rate? should I go official plesk website to buy or buy via... Dopani Dopani - - 215 views

How to find out which is making my Windows 7 crashed or froze?

Sometimes my Windows 7 was crashed or froze and I must restart my PC? I don't know why or which made my pc crashed. Is there any ways to... David Beroff David Beroff - - 179 views

Best SMTP Service Providers?

I use SMTP email server from hosting but my email used to go to spam box although I configured it correctly to get 10 points on email... David Beroff David Beroff - - 205 views

VPS Hosting Services

How Cheap VPS Servers Help Your Organization? You can use cheap VPS hosting services if you have a small or medium-sized organization T tranzservrsupprtz - - 315 views

How can I know my IP is a dedicated IP address or just a shared IP address?

I am having a cloud hosting plan and using it, I have my IP and can access SSH but I am wondering it is a a dedicated IP address or just... TheCompWiz TheCompWiz - - 397 views
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Web Design & Development

Which is faster than woocommerce?

Chris Worner
This help a bit more but it still depends on the CMS then. :)
Which is faster than woocommerce?

Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

Hi, install the roll back plugin so if anything doesn’t work you can roll back Wordpress to any version
Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

Which is faster than woocommerce?

Personally, I found that WooCommerce has very good performance, when web hosting is good AND the website is correctly set up. Prestashop...
Which is faster than woocommerce?

Which is faster than woocommerce?

I am using woocommerce for my wordpress website, but it is pretty slow although I installed a cache plugin but it didn't improve more...
Which is faster than woocommerce?

Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

Harry P
I am using an old Wordpress version, it's version 4.9, I am still using it because it is compatible with some important plugins on my...
Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

How to decrease website Load time ?

If your website is WordPress, I recommend paid cache plugin, it will improve your website loading speed very good, if your website has...
How to decrease website Load time ?
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