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Questions need your help

How to Unzip file .tar.gz on hosting?

tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz should extract your backup files. All your website files will be under the folder homedir
How to Unzip file .tar.gz on hosting?

New discussions

What Other Control Panels Do You Recommend?

I am currently using cPanel to host my website. But, I am looking into other options as well. Which control panel are you using right... garethfrominnzone garethfrominnzone - - 86 views

SSD hosting - do I need it?

I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites? klegut klegut - - 81 views

Website migration

Is it possible to migrate multiple WordPress websites from one provider to another? Do any providers do this? klegut klegut - - 243 views

Optimize my.cnf configurations for MySQL?

I am leaving default configurations in my.cnf or just putting some lines in this file, I heard that if configure right way, your... Maxoq Maxoq - - 137 views

Find hosting provider from a website?

How can I identify or find web hosting provider name from a website domain? I checked a few websites and they have great load speed, im... Maxoq Maxoq - - 187 views

Delete files or folders in a TAR.GZ or a ZIP file?

I have a tar.gz and a zip file, how can I delete files or folders in these zip files if wanted? I only want to keep necessary files that... Mujkanovic Mujkanovic - - 79 views

How to Unzip file .tar.gz on hosting?

After backup my website on cpanel, i got this file type, filename.tar.gz . How to unzip this file in SSH? I can not use Unzip command in... Mujkanovic Mujkanovic - - 205 views

Black friday during the pandemic

Hey Friends, How do you expect black friday sales during this pandemic? Will it be higher than past years? budgetvm budgetvm - - 220 views

Which computer monitor to buy?

I want to buy a new PC monitor, it should be from 27 inches or 34 inches size but I am confusing to choose its brand, Dell or Samsung or... David Beroff David Beroff - - 207 views

What type of hosting for Streaming Video Live?

I read this offer https://forumweb.hosting/marketplace/colombiawebs-streaming-tv-station-and-streaming-video-live-panel-media-cp.2294/... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 171 views

What to check before purchasing web hosting service?

Did you check reviews, specs or something else before before purchasing web hosting service from a web hosting provider? or you just... DaRecordon DaRecordon - - 290 views

What to do if your hosting is becoming bad?

As title, what to do if your hosting is becoming bad? in first months your hosting service is good but its becoming bad because your... OnaDavney OnaDavney - - 341 views
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Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

You must backup your WordPress site as its better safe than sorry, as you might get hacked and because you might want some kind of an...
Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

You can use this guide to make sure you have it right.
Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

David Beroff
@etechsupport shared some good tips to follow, you should apply them to see the difference.
Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

I have tested the speed of my website ebetterbooks[dot]com and found out some problems that were causing the slow speed of the website...
Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

Big Wordpress Site...how to do?

I manage servers and even websites or applications hosted on those servers and its just not the server configuration or website cache...
Big Wordpress Site...how to do?

Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

You can use Updraft plugin to backup the WordPress website. It takes backup of plugins, themes, database, uploads, etc separately. The...
Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?
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    Nice to meet you all!

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    Helping needed to find a database listing

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