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Laravel programing

Why CPanel, when you can install your Laravel web application within one click at Laravel Managed hosting, as per your required IAAS to...
Laravel programing

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Domain name insights

How can I choose the best domain name for my business? N niamul21 - - 99 views

Require XEN VPS Host

Folks, Check here: contabo.DOTCOM/?show=vps (No affiliate link. Not affiliated with them). I like their packs. Had my eyes on the 3rd... E enquirer - - 118 views

Hostslick Review

Hey, I thought to drop a quick review for anyone whose looking for a good hosting solution to check them out. Some of the things I liked... S smak786110 - - 68 views

Linux or Windows VPS For Me ?

Hello Experienced VPS Hosting Advisers, I don't have experience with Unix apart from running websites on Shared Hosting like in the... E enquirer - - 219 views

Buy lifetime license or pay monthly?

What is the best choice between buying Directadmin lifetime license or pay monthly for Plesk onyx? I am going to buy extra Directadmin... Mujkanovic Mujkanovic - - 154 views

choosing new RDP hosting

I have recently purchased the Operavps services, the RDP hosting. I am not really satisfied because of their support. is there anyother... mramino mramino - - 308 views

5 Vital Elements of Quality Web Design

How our audience perceives our brand is entirely based on our web design. Paul67 Paul67 - - 219 views

VPS or Dedicated Server for this pack ?

Hello , I want to start a hosting company business with some experience in this field and i want to offer this pack , - Starter Plan ... B bsomar - - 307 views

Need some input in selecting a panel

Hey All, I'm sure this question gets brought up a ton but please have a read, I've used the search tools and done my own research, what... N NenadJ - - 251 views

Making money on web hosting?

Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting? anxelita anxelita - - 359 views

How much it costs to buy hosting? This info I got is this currect? add ur opinions

After search i found Hosting cost varies depending upon the plan and your requirements. Cost can be from $2.49/mon to $729, and even in... Rahul_A Rahul_A - - 1K views

Which cloud hosting provider is best?

Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me a good cloud hosting provider? :) O OliviaMiles - - 842 views
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Web Design & Development

Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?

Hello Rahul_A, Okay, So you want to secure your WordPress blogs website. The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect...
Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?

WooCommerce email not sending when having a new order?

Hello David Beroff, Check if your orders are pending or successfully done!, May be If your new orders have the status Pending, no email...
WooCommerce email not sending when having a new order?

Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

Hello David Beroff, Use a "All-in-One WP Migration" WordPress Popular plugin in this time. Simply install this plugin and use a...
Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

David Beroff
Yes I know this way and usually do it every time I make backups for my website, just my question is for some special case when I didn't...
Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

WooCommerce email not sending when having a new order?

David Beroff
Does anyone here use Wordpress with WooCommerce? I have a small issue is, when my client order my product from my website, the order was...
WooCommerce email not sending when having a new order?

Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?

I use wordpress blogs. I am curious to know when it comes to security which sites are best Wordpress or any other CMS.. If Wordpress is...
Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?
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  1. 12/30


    Hi I am New here

    Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science, travel, outdoor adventure, packaging if you are...

  2. 12/26


    Hello everybody

    Hi! I hope to learn a lot from this forum and contribute as much as I can :)

  3. 12/23


    Hi, guys

    Thanks for getting me in here.

  4. 12/19


    Need help to move to a new hosting server

    I have a simple gadget review website which I want to move to a new hosting server because their customer service isn't helpful and also...

  5. 11/30


    Newbie to Forumweb

    Hey I'm Kahilyn the CEO of Sovell which is a website hosting platform. I hope to grow my business and help others solve the technical...

  6. 10/30


    How Fast Should a Web Page Load for You?

    Page speed significantly affects users' experience and SEO ranking of your website. The recommended page speed by Google should be...

  7. 10/22


    Nice to meet you all!

    Hi everyone, I'm Gareth! I own a web hosting company in the UK. I hope to get good insights from you guys and also to share my personal...

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