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Questions need your help

Is it possible to secure wordpress website 100%?

You cannot secure your website 100%, but as a developer you can try to secure your website at its most. Here are few basic steps to...
Is it possible to secure wordpress website 100%?

New discussions

Best place to buy Plesk license with low rate?

Can you guys tell me where is the best place to buy Plesk license with low rate? should I go official plesk website to buy or buy via... Dopani Dopani - - 13 views

How to find out which is making my Windows 7 crashed or froze?

Sometimes my Windows 7 was crashed or froze and I must restart my PC? I don't know why or which made my pc crashed. Is there any ways to... David Beroff David Beroff - - 36 views

Best SMTP Service Providers?

I use SMTP email server from hosting but my email used to go to spam box although I configured it correctly to get 10 points on email... David Beroff David Beroff - - 32 views

VPS Hosting Services

How Cheap VPS Servers Help Your Organization? You can use cheap VPS hosting services if you have a small or medium-sized organization T tranzservrsupprtz - - 162 views

How can I know my IP is a dedicated IP address or just a shared IP address?

I am having a cloud hosting plan and using it, I have my IP and can access SSH but I am wondering it is a a dedicated IP address or just... TheCompWiz TheCompWiz - - 183 views

How to remove IP from uceprotectl3 blacklist?

When I check my IP with email spam blacklist at mxtoolbox then I see it is listed 1 time there (UCEPROTECTL3 ). I can not find a place... Maxoq Maxoq - - 135 views

How to avoid email blacklist for my server?

Today I can not send email to a person through my outlook, I checked my server IP with mxtoolbox and it got 1 blacklist on a network. My... Maxoq Maxoq - - 142 views

Moving from Strato to wordpress

Hi, I have a website that is very old on the Strato-hosting site. This is a Church website that was not set up by me, although I do have... M Magaloo - - 138 views

Create website without domain and add it later?

Hi there! I am starting in the world of website creation and development and I would like to know if there is the possibility of... J Joanweb - - 221 views

List of free VPS hosting.

Hello. I have collected all free and trial hosting versions for you. For convenience, I have sorted them. Sorry, I can't leave a link... G Googa - - 145 views

Inodes count high

hello guys so just started a new hosting account. Mostly to host boostrap and some landing pages, coz low disk space but can add many... portuguesedude portuguesedude - - 124 views

best domain and server name?

hello, you can help me, to select the best server and domain ???????? F fasehzafar - - 165 views
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How to decrease website Load time ?

Tooba Harris
Don’t Scale Down Images
How to decrease website Load time ?

How to migrate joomla to wordpress?

Tooba Harris
Install and Set up WordPress Import Your Joomla Website to WordPress Setting up Redirects and Permalinks Setting up WordPress Theme...
How to migrate joomla to wordpress?

What is the difference between Drupal and Wordpress?

Tooba Harris
Both WordPress and Drupal are open source CMS that accomplish the same thing in the end. However, there are some major differences...
What is the difference between Drupal and Wordpress?

How to decrease website Load time ?

the loading of the website depends on your web designing and your hosting server you can easy find out whats the issue of loading by...
How to decrease website Load time ?

How to Install Hostiko theme on WHMCS ONLY

You have hostiko wordpress files or? Since only whmcs would require hostiko html template/themes, from there you upload them to your...
How to Install Hostiko theme on WHMCS ONLY

How to Install Hostiko theme on WHMCS ONLY

I recently moved to using only WHMCS instead of using WHMCS and WordPress to manage my business. Which is very confused where to start...
How to Install Hostiko theme on WHMCS ONLY
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