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Questions need your help

Should I choose a domain extension other than .com?

Many users are more familiar with and may trust websites with common generic like .com, .net, and .org. But, these days one can gather...
Should I choose a domain extension other than .com?

New discussions

Taking Control vs. Relying on Hosting Provider for Server Security?

I'm wrestling with a critical question regarding server security, and I'd love to tap into your knowledge and experiences. Specifically... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 37 views

Should I choose a domain extension other than .com?

Hi there, I'm at a crossroads in selecting a domain extension for my website, and I could use some valuable insights. While the... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 62 views

What is the Price for a Dedicated Server with these Specs?

Hello, I hope you're all doing well. I'm in the process of budgeting for a dedicated server with specific specifications: 32GB RAM, 8... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 69 views

Monthly maintenance checklist for WHM/cPanel: What should I be checking and updating?

Hello fellow WHM/cPanel enthusiasts, I'm responsible for managing a server running WHM/cPanel, and I want to ensure that it stays... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 123 views

Phone support availability among Hosting service Providers?

Hello everyone, I'm currently exploring hosting service options for my website, and one of my key considerations is customer support... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 100 views

POP and SMTP Settings Showing 'domain.com' Instead of Hostname. How to Correct?

Hello, I've encountered an issue with my cPanel email settings, specifically related to the POP and SMTP configuration. Currently, when... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 73 views

How can I receive Crypto Payments like USDT or BTC when I currently accept PayPal?

Hello everyone, I need some guidance on how to start receiving cryptocurrency payments, particularly in USDT (Tether) or BTC (Bitcoin)... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 84 views

What control panel do you use mostly?

And how long have you been in the hosting industry? Me? cPanel/WHM Interworx Direct Admin Plesk HestiaCP Been professionally in the... ManagedCpanel ManagedCpanel - - 133 views

Tips to setup mail server completely in WHM/cPanel?

Hello everyone, I've recently installed WHM/cPanel on my server and I'm looking for guidance on setting up a comprehensive mail server... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 80 views

Is It better to Extend domain registrations for multiple years?

Hello, I'm at a crossroads with my domain name renewals and would greatly appreciate your input. When it comes to renewing domain... David Beroff David Beroff - - 338 views

How to Determine If Your Server Is Down or Not?

Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I've been managing a small server, and I'm looking for some guidance on effectively... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 235 views

Plesk or Directadmin license for my server?

I have a small server and I'm looking for a hosting control panel license. I've heard good things about Plesk and DirectAdmin, but I'm... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 208 views

451 Temporary local problem - please try later for mail on cPanel?

Hi there, I got this error 451 Temporary local problem - please try later for mail on cPanel? I restart exim or server but the issue... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 221 views

what is VPS hosting?

What advantages does VPS hosting offer over traditional shared hosting for websites and applications? V virpus123 - - 149 views
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Web Design & Development

How Much Does it Cost To Build Restaurant Mobile App?

Mihai B.
The cost of creating a mobile app for your restaurant is determined by several key factors. Firstly, the complexity of the app's...
How Much Does it Cost To Build Restaurant Mobile App?

Wp rocket and memcached?

Mihai B.
Maybe I will install this, i only want to check directly from my site, not from my hosting.
Wp rocket and memcached?

Wp rocket and memcached?

David Beroff
To accurately calculate the loading speed differences before and after installing Memcached for your WordPress websites, follow these...
Wp rocket and memcached?

Wp rocket and memcached?

Mihai B.
I have multiple WordPress websites, all of which utilize WP Rocket. Upon installing an additional Memcached plugin, I noticed a slight...
Wp rocket and memcached?

How Much Does it Cost To Build Restaurant Mobile App?

Here's a concise breakdown of the factors affecting the cost of building a restaurant mobile app with the mentioned features: Features...
How Much Does it Cost To Build Restaurant Mobile App?

Can you tell me what are the Top five WordPress Page builders?

Hi. here are my top 5 WP page builders: Elementor: Elementor is one of the most popular and widely used WP page builders. It offers a...
Can you tell me what are the Top five WordPress Page builders?
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3:34:42 - 120K views

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