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Questions need your help

Is daily backup required in WordPress Hosting?

This depends on how mission critical your data is. For brochure sites or sites that are rarely updated, once a month is fine.
Is daily backup required in WordPress Hosting?

New discussions

Is daily backup required in WordPress Hosting?

If the site is hosted on WordPress hosting, is it really necessary to backup the data daily? If so, how often should it be? C cirrushosting - - 125 views

Closing soon!!!! Black Friday web Hosting Deals - Get Discount on New orders | Accuwebhosting.com

Closes On: 30th November 2022, midnight (MST) Billing Cycle: Annually, Triannual Applicable to the following Services: Windows vps... harry_v harry_v - - 100 views

Looking for Dedicated Hosting for Chia harvesting

Many friends recommended Hetzner for hosting my crypto harvesting. In particular, I'm looking for Chia harvesting plot hosting. However... M mark0101 - - 162 views

Trailing Slash added to my url on CPanel

Good day, I have no clue about CPanel, but I need to fix something about it. The problem is this... if I for instance type this URL... M mraath - - 2K views

Please Suggest Windows VPS Hosting

Hello all, Currently, I am using one website via Windows-shared hosting plan. Increasingly website visitors have been getting "Service... L lokeshjoshi - - 188 views

I want Best shared hosting provider at affordable rates?

Anyone knows the shared hosting provider which is offering more discounts for coming black Friday? I wanna buy around 3 shared plans for... A Ava - - 175 views

AWS versus Dedicated Server Solutions

Just throwing this out there for discussion Pros and Cons of AWS versus Dedicated Server Solutions - simply looking for real world... SenseiSteve SenseiSteve - - 274 views

Nginx / Network administrator / Network Infrastructure Expert wanted

Hey guys, We are looking for someone to take care of our servers and set up websites for us. The infrastructure is always the same... S SearchingForAPro - - 173 views

Many accesses to Home from the same IPs

We have an unusually high number of accesses to our Home "index.php". Now I have taken a look at these accesses in the access_log. There... M micmue - - 238 views

Connecting to Windows Server for the first time?

After purchasing a Windows VPS, the Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) facility won't be available by default. You need to enable it by... HostSailor HostSailor - - 172 views

Sub domain point to another cPanel server?

Hello I am wanting to point o sub domain to another cPanel server while main domain is on a different server. domain.com -> server 1... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 187 views

I need a cpanel/directadmin(Linux) reseller package

I am from Bangladesh. There is a limitation of payment system. Don't worry, I got some dollars on my wallet and usdt also. I want to... N nihadislam52 - - 194 views

Should I change to a new server on Hetzner?

I bought a Hetzner server 3 years ago, so now I want to buy a server with better specifications but with same price, should I do that or... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 245 views

Fastest way to restore a cPanel website?

Hello, I have just moved my server hosting to a new server hosting, also using WHM/cpanel. I backed up websites on old server and now I... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 241 views
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Web Design & Development

What attracts you to a website?

The first thing that captures my attention is design. Does it look professional? Is the color scheme pleasing to the eye? Is the content...
What attracts you to a website?

Contribute to a free source web project

You can find many open-source projects on Github. Read guidelines on how to contribute. Or you can provide free service in the forum. ;)
Contribute to a free source web project

Do I have to know programming to host a website?

I find myself agreeing with nearly all of the responses so far. Programming knowledge would certainly be helpful, but not necessary to...
Do I have to know programming to host a website?

Where to start to learn web design?

For me personally, the idea that HTML and CSS are obsolete and people should only learn WordPress is like saying carpentry or using a...
Where to start to learn web design?

Where to start to learn web design?

If you are interested in creating web design, then better on Udemy, there are many different courses, and very often at a good discount...
Where to start to learn web design?

What attracts you to a website?

Advertising via search engines, display networks, and social media platforms are all effective ways to generate a large number of highly...
What attracts you to a website?
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How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress & WooCommerce - ONLINE STORE - DIVI 2019

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    Hi Guys from Interpro

    I have over a decade experience in web hosting and provide website services, am new here and glad to be part of this forum.

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    Hi all members I'm new here I'm working at dedi holster as marketing manager Hope to learn lot from this forum Regards

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    Hi, new here, nice to meet you all (virtually)!

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    Linux on Hyper-V

    I like the functionality that Hyper-B offers, because it is very convenient to manage a host or server with this tool. I have experience...

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    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie. Nice to be a part of this community!

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    Question about Extension Pack for Virtualbox

    Who dealt with Virtualbox? Now I'm trying to set everything up correctly. I draw more information from foreign sites. Interesting...

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