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Questions need your help

Which live chat application shall I use?

Adam Stokes
If you`re looking for the paid subscription then i would say LiveChat is best and worth. Other alternatives in this category are Zendesk...
Which live chat application shall I use?

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Is AWS cheaper than Google cloud?

Is AWS cheaper than Google cloud? M meryanlucas - - 58 views

What is a bare-metal dedicated server?

Can you tell me what is a bare-metal dedicated server? is it different from a normal dedicated server? djsmiley2k djsmiley2k - - 47 views

Soyoustart vs Scaleway

Checking both server offers between Soyoustart and Scaleway, they have good price with specs but I see Scaleway is cheaper with better... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 86 views

High load or under DDos attacks?

Sometime I got alerts in my web hosting control panel, the system load average is 10 or 15, my website was downed, I enabled Cloudflare... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 81 views

Is WHM/cPanel license increasing price?

Hi everyone, I remembered years ago, I only need about $20 per month to have cPanel license and install WHM/cPanel for my server but... Cheerag Nundlall Cheerag Nundlall - - 74 views

How to setup this firewall with Cloudflare?

I visited a few websites and see this alert, how to setup it with Cloudflare? how can I setup with IP addresses attacking my server... David Beroff David Beroff - - 121 views

VPS 16GB of RAM or Dedicated server 16GB of RAM?

I am using a hosting 8GB RAM and sometimes it was overloaded hence I am searching for a new hosting provider with 16GB of RAM and CPU 4... BillEssley BillEssley - - 111 views

Alternatives to CloudFlare DDoS Protection?

I am using CloudFlare DDoS Protection for my websites but I am looking for any free other options to protect my websites from ddos... Dr. McKay Dr. McKay - - 87 views

Dedicated servers with price from $25 to $30/mo?

Can anyone suggest me providers offering dedicated servers with price from $25 to $30/mo? I am checking kimsufi and soyoustart but the... Mihai B. Mihai B. - - 82 views
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Web Design & Development

Woocommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop?

Kaz Wolfe
I run wordpress with woocommerce, not sure about Magento and Prestashop. Are they separated scripts?
Woocommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop?

Transfer wordpress to joomla

I pefer Wordpress I never used Joomla but I think everything is possible I found a blog that shows you the step how to transfer...
Transfer wordpress to joomla

Transfer wordpress to joomla

Yes I agree BillEssley now it time of wordpress which give many feature and attractive free theme and free plugins and you can also get...
Transfer wordpress to joomla

Transfer wordpress to joomla

Yes Joomla is very popular about 10 years ago but now it is time of Wordpress.
Transfer wordpress to joomla

Responsive design vs Dedicated App

Dr. McKay
I think your opinion is exact but business websites need apps because it is optimized and there are more customization you can do if it...
Responsive design vs Dedicated App

How to become a web developer?

Dr. McKay
Did you learn Python?
How to become a web developer?
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    Alternatives to Skype?

    My company is using Skype for business but everyone want to have a change to an application for voice, text messaging, free call...

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    Good night guys, I am Smith. I am Australian but more often live in Indonesia , new here and thank you for letting me join this forum...

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    Good evening, Looking forward to business networking here and sharing / gaining knowledge :)

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    Hello All, I am changing the template of our forum homepage, this current theme will be moved to forums Forumweb.hosting/forums/ and...

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    New to the forum. :)

    Hello! I'm new to the forum. Presuming this is a good place to get familiar with the web-hosting community, I am excited to be here.

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