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Questions need your help

Options for redirecting email for a domain

S4 Hosting
Ok, I understand all of that (I think) but you are not answering the questions that I have asked a couple of times which would be really...
Options for redirecting email for a domain

New discussions

Scenario For Separate Streaming Server And Web Server

Hi. I am planning to launch a web site (dedicated server) that provides players for a series of live streamed feeds (from a separate... G gary0318 - - 43 views

Question about Google domains

Hi there I am in a bit of a short time squeeze and spent a few days researching Google domains to handle my .com and .com.au domains... D dp1234 - - 923 views

Options for redirecting email for a domain

Hi there I have something of an emergency situation with only a few days to protect a couple of my hosted domains (web and email) My... D dp1234 - - 1K views

Sanctions available against (D)DOS attackers

Hi there Not sure which forum is best for this. Please move if necessary There are various forms of (D)DOS against a site, service, or... D dp1234 - - 139 views

500 Internal Server Error when enabling friendly urls

So I enabled Friendly URLs for my XF forum, and it worked fine, but all of a sudden it said this: I use cPanel, and when I try to... Cookie123 Cookie123 - - 188 views

Question about different hosting options

Hi there Apologies for repeating any previous queries. The world of hosting has changed somewhat since I first had my business sites... D dp1234 - - 1K views

Dealing with registrar/reseller if temporarily without hosting

Hi all I'm in an unusual situation. After 20 or so years problem free web and email hosting my current provider is causing me problems... D dp1234 - - 299 views

Suggest best VPS hosting Provider

Hello, Currently, I am using one website via Windows shared hosting plan. Increasingly website visitors have been getting "Service... S swetajoshi - - 1K views

Transferring my domain to a new registrar--WHOIS security

Hi, so I want to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Ionos, but in the process I found I have to turn off my WHOIS privacy on Goddady... G gtracs - - 342 views

What's your acceptable Windows VPS price?

Hello, What factors do you consider when purchasing a VPS? Pricing? Configuration? Tech Support? Or other? Database Mart is committed... DatabaseMart DatabaseMart - - 321 views

Virtual Dedicated servers with limited internet connectivity

Hi, I wanted to ask you guys a couple of questions about dedicated servers, but with limited internet connectivity. (to only whitelisted... GKanev GKanev - - 421 views

What are the best and cheap web hosting for PBNs?

Usually, there have been some specific web hosts for various web hosting solutions. So, here I want to know about the best and cheap... Gohar Gohar - - 310 views
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Web Design & Development

Where to find the best WordPress developers?

It's better to have a WordPress developer online. It will be a cost-effective as well as an efficient way to solve your WordPress...
Where to find the best WordPress developers?

Problem With My RSS Feed

What CMS script did you use to build your site? I'm using WordPress, and the script handles my RSS feed well.
Problem With My RSS Feed

Which is faster than woocommerce?

You can use one of the many cache plugins available for WordPress; my personal preference is...
Which is faster than woocommerce?

Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

S4 Hosting
Again, I'd be most worries about what the not updated plugins are and think about finding alternatives for those.
Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

I have tried update my WordPress to the latest version but unfortunately some of my plugins are not functioning anymore. So it's up to...
Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?

S4 Hosting
The main reason to stay up to date with the latest (or close to latest) releases of any open source software, including WordPress, is...
Should I upgrade Worpdress to the latest version?
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