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Questions need your help

What to do now? 404 Error!!

S4 Hosting
Hi Jenny, Basically as others have said a 404 error means that the server can't find the actual page that the user is looking for...
What to do now? 404 Error!!

New discussions

What to do now? 404 Error!!

Hello members, I am a complete newbie who did not know how to solve this problem. Whenever I try to open my website I always face a 404... lindamed lindamed - - 87 views

Can WHM/cpanel share on multi servers?

I bought WHM/cpanel license with 100 accounts, but I have 2 servers, I want each server to have 50 cpanel accounts and they should be... Harry P Harry P - - 164 views

How to find the source of spam emails in cPanel?

Is there a way to find the source of spam emails in cPanel? when I checked with mxtoolbox, my server IP is in email blacklist, it is... Harry P Harry P - - 168 views

Have you had to make any changes because of IPv4 depletion?

It's been interesting to watch the worldwide scramble to try to adopt IPv6 because of IPv4 depletion. Has your company or organization... IPv4Vinny IPv4Vinny - - 70 views

Is it too late to start reselling in 2022?

I want to start reselling business! I just want to know is it too late to start this business? 0xmahi 0xmahi - - 124 views

Hosting my own vps

Hello! New to the hosting world and IT in general. I have been learning about operating VPS and maintaining them and am at the point... garbuc garbuc - - 271 views

Change IP address for website and mail server in Plesk Obsidian?

Hey guys, I upgraded my Plesk Onyx to Plesk Plesk Obsidian, now I need to change IP address for websites and mail server in Plesk... Harry P Harry P - - 394 views

Can i change IP address of a hosting server linux?

Currently my server's ip address is blocked by a mail network so all mails went to spam box. I want to change this IP to another IP... Dopani Dopani - - 515 views

Best email hosting providers?

Hey all, My company have about 50 employees and 250 emails to use for different domains, but the problem is, emails sending to clients... Dopani Dopani - - 602 views

email deliverability

hello on cpanel account section email deliverability, i have many errors " DNS Errors Occurred (DKIM and SPF) " Where to fix it ? portuguesedude portuguesedude - - 472 views
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Web Design & Development

Do you know about AMP WordPress Plugin?

Exactly. If someone creates a proper well designed website than they have no need for an AMP.
Do you know about AMP WordPress Plugin?

Do you know about AMP WordPress Plugin?

S4 Hosting
Everyone has a different opinion, but I would say that in general AMP is horrible and a band aid for a badly designed site that breaks...
Do you know about AMP WordPress Plugin?

Laravel programing

Assuming there are no other websites in the cPanel and your Laravel project is meant to be the default project. Zip your whole Laravel...
Laravel programing

What are the best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

I've evaluated several popular eCommerce platforms based on price, feature set, ease of use, scalability, & other factors. Here are a...
What are the best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

What are the best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

Best Ecommerce Platforms of 2022 Shopify WordPress Sites WooCommerce Magento eCommerce
What are the best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

Circle or Square avatars?

It depends also on the whole site design, some elements there. But I'm agree, circle avatar is more often to see now.
Circle or Square avatars?
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How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress & WooCommerce - ONLINE STORE - DIVI 2019

3:34:42 - 117K views

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    Hello Everyone

    Hi members, I am Param new member in forumweb.hosting

  2. 05/08


    My whole business has gone to hell by OVH

    Hello I started my hosting business around 15 years ago when I was 20 years. after 15 years I hosted thousands of sites and VPS on 40...

  3. 05/05


    Hi all

    I'm here to learn more about web hosting and to build a community where people can share expertise and solve problems.

  4. 04/18


    Hi from new member - Darkvps

    Hi everyone, I am new here, playing with linux from 1996 and need to learn some more from you guys here :) Nice to meet you all and hope...

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    I'm new in your famaily!

    Hi Everyone, Please welcome me! I'm new in the community! I would like to explorer more thing here! Thank you Everyone to making this...

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    Hi everyone!

    Used to work for SEO company, doing the selling. Now I want to start my own project, so I hope I will learn here some new things.

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    I'm new member

    Hello, I'm new to this community. I'm happy to be apart of a hosting community.

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