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Questions need your help

Directadmin vs Plesk

Kaz Wolfe
They didn't but I see that Directadmin has better performance than Plesk, consumed less RAM and speed up websites load faster.
Directadmin vs Plesk

New discussions

Disable a Linux server from SSH?

I didn't find an option to disable my linux server in my hosting control panel to test somethings, my linux server is just stopped when... Chris Worner Chris Worner - - 1 views

Which server is the best?

Which server is the best - KVChosting.net or Inxy.com? B Bissmark - - 48 views

Check emails sent on my server?

I got an alert to my email with title and content like this I don't know which source sent out these email. Can I know the way to... Kaz Wolfe Kaz Wolfe - - 33 views

How can update Kernel in OpenVZ VPS ?

Trying to update kernel to the latest version in CentOS 7, but the kernel, not updating. Can anyone suggest how to update? S Serversupportz1 - - 55 views

How much RAM Memcached used?

What command on SSH to check and know on how much RAM my Memcached used? I assigned 1GB of RAM to cache size for my memcached but not... Kaz Wolfe Kaz Wolfe - - 36 views

Who is Facebook.com domain name registrar?

I am curious where is Facebook.com domain registered? which domain registrar is hosting facebook.com? can I register domain names there? Kaz Wolfe Kaz Wolfe - - 62 views

Abuse Detection for OpenVZ Node

Hello, can anybody suggest me some tools to automatically detect VPS that doing abuse on OpenVZ 7 node? I only found Nodewatch and... R roboticpuppies - - 114 views

RAID 1 vs RAID 0

What is the difference between RAID 1 and RAID 0? I got this answer from one of my web hosting providers when I am asking about my SSD... Mujkanovic Mujkanovic - - 148 views

Advantages of Managed Hosting?

What are advantages of managed hosting? Almost my hosting are unmanaged VPS or dedicated servers and I rarely select a managed hosting... David Beroff David Beroff - - 110 views
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Web Design & Development

What attracts you to a website?

For me there are at least 4 must have features of every website: 1. Clean Design - Keep your design simple! 2. Speed - You have 3...
What attracts you to a website?

What attracts you to a website?

When it comes to aesthetics, I think the best website design is simple but elegant. I personally prefer something easy on the eyes, but...
What attracts you to a website?

Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Kaz Wolfe
I could not install the latest version of Wordpress, I tried to install old version 4.9 then it is successful, I think the latest...
Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Kaz Wolfe
Hi everyone, I can not install the latest version of Wordpress? why? my server has PHP 7.2 but seem Worpress 5.0+ is requiring PHP 7.3...
Can not install the latest version of Wordpress?

Transfer wordpress to joomla

Chris Worner
Agreed with you, the OP should ask how to transfer joomla site in wordpress because Wordpress nowadays is always better than Joomla. I...
Transfer wordpress to joomla

Woocommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop?

Kaz Wolfe
I run wordpress with woocommerce, not sure about Magento and Prestashop. Are they separated scripts?
Woocommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop?
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