1. J

    What are the bandwidth requirements of the game server

    玩游戏的服务器的带宽要求可能会根据游戏类型、游戏内容和网络架构等因素而有所不同。一般来说,游戏服务器的带宽要求比较低,但也取决于以下几个方面: 1.游戏类型: 在线多人游戏:在线多人游戏通常需要服务器来处理玩家之间的交互和同步,因此可能需要更多带宽来支持玩家之间的实时通信和数据传输。 大型多人在线角色扮演游戏 (MMORPG):MMORPG 通常包含大量玩家和复杂的游戏世界,并且可能需要更多带宽来支持大量玩家同时在线和游戏内内容传送。 2.游戏内容: 游戏图形和音频:如果您的游戏包含高清图形和复杂的音频效果,您可能需要更多带宽来传输游戏图形和音频数据。...
  2. K

    Request for a server.

    Hello, I am looking for a un-managed dedicated server or VPS server with some basic configuration. Requirements for my un-managed dedicated server or VPS server are: 1. Minimum 8GB RAM 2. Cent OS 7 64bits 3. Un-metered bandwidth or minimum 1 TB bandwidth 4. Without C-Panel 5. 4 core...
  3. AlpineHost

    Server monitoring software

    Hi all, need some expert help please! So, currently I am outsourcing monitoring and software support for my Hosting server. I now think that I am equipped to handle it on my own. Firstly, what is the most straight forward and simple to use monitoring software that can be implemented lightning...
  4. harrygreen90

    What should I change on the DirectAdmin control panel to make my server more secure?

    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the security of our servers remains a top priority. I've embarked on the journey of managing my own server, choosing DirectAdmin for its combination of robust features and intuitive management interface. While DirectAdmin has been a capable ally in server...
  5. AlpineHost

    Considering a Dedicated Server? What Features Really Matter.

    If you're thinking about getting a dedicated server for your growing business or resource-hungry application, it's important to understand what capabilities truly make a difference when it comes to performance and meeting your needs. Price and specs alone don't tell the whole story! Let's have...
  6. I

    Looking for a server with real country providers! PLS HELP

    hint sites with dedicated servers using real isp, (Not provider hosting) pls cheap!
  7. Y

    AX102 vs Ex101 for streaming server

    Hi, I'm looking to try Hetzner after OVH. Which server is better AX102 vs EX101? What method do you use to understand which processor is better? In the cpu score I see AX102 is 62547 and EX101 is 48133, but on the web people say that the Intel i9 is better (and other that the Intel perf core...
  8. Support@MainVPS

    How can I implement server caching to improve website loading times?

    What are the advantages of using server caching? and how can I implement it to improve website loading time?
  9. Support@MainVPS

    How do you monitor and manage server resources on your hosting platform?

    For those managing a hosting platform, what suggestions do you have for monitoring and managing server resources effectively? How do you optimize performance, ensure security, and handle resource scaling on your hosting infrastructure?
  10. Cheerag Nundlall

    Identifying and resolving high-load issues for a specific website on a dedicated server?

    I'm facing an issue on my dedicated server where one of my websites experiences high CPU load intermittently. I'm not sure which part of the website is causing this spike. I've tried some basic troubleshooting steps, such as disabling plugins and optimizing my database, but the problem persists...
  11. Mihai B.

    Is my hosting server ready for more websites?

    I have a concern regarding my hosting server's capacity to handle multiple websites with decent traffic. Currently, I have several websites hosted, but I am unsure whether the server has enough resources to accommodate them efficiently. I am also looking for ways to assess if it's advisable to...
  12. A

    Do virtual machines on the host server get corrupted that often which means a VPS user can't logon to their VPS?

    My apologies for my questions as I'm a newbie with regards to web hosting via a VPS. Just wanted to ask when using a VPS which relies on a Virtual Machine (VM) on the host server, do these VMs get corrupted that often i.e., once a week, once a month, once every 6 months or once every 2-3 years...
  13. R

    Understanding Dedicated Server Costs: Budgeting for Your Hosting Needs

    Let's simplify the complexities of dedicated server pricing. Cost Components: Dedicated server costs typically include hardware, software licenses, bandwidth, and any additional services like backups or security features. Factors affecting costs include server specifications and provider...
  14. whiscloud

    How to examine a issue in cpanel whm server

    My server httpd is going down sometime In browsing my whmcs it's shows session expired Some websites are getting 404 error Can someone help me to examine the issue is with litespeed or mod security
  15. David Beroff

    How to Determine If My Server Is Down?

    Hello everyone, I recently faced a situation where my websites were down, and I suspected my server might be the issue. When I contacted my web hosting provider, they insisted that their Apache server was up and running. However, I had network-related evidence showing the downtime. Has anyone...
  16. Cheerag Nundlall

    Taking Control vs. Relying on Hosting Provider for Server Security?

    I'm wrestling with a critical question regarding server security, and I'd love to tap into your knowledge and experiences. Specifically, I'm pondering whether I should actively manage the security of my server or entrust that responsibility entirely to my hosting provider. I'm eager to hear your...
  17. Cheerag Nundlall

    What is the Price for a Dedicated Server with these Specs?

    Hello, I hope you're all doing well. I'm in the process of budgeting for a dedicated server with specific specifications: 32GB RAM, 8 cores CPU, a 1GB uplink network, and a 480GB SSD. I'm aiming to make this purchase in 2023, and I'm curious about the current market rates. I'm interested in...
  18. Mihai B.

    How to Determine If Your Server Is Down or Not?

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I've been managing a small server, and I'm looking for some guidance on effectively monitoring its uptime. Server downtime can be a headache, and I'd like to know how you all handle this situation. Your expertise can help not only me but also others...
  19. Mihai B.

    Plesk or Directadmin license for my server?

    I have a small server and I'm looking for a hosting control panel license. I've heard good things about Plesk and DirectAdmin, but I'm not sure which one is right for me. Can anyone help me decide?
  20. Kaz Wolfe

    How to find the source of spam emails on my server?

    Can you tell me the effective way to find which script or email accounts on my server is sending spam emails? My server IP address is getting uceprotectl3 blacklist but I don't know which email caused that. Many thanks!