1. Dr. McKay

    Dedicated server from $30/month?

    Does any hosting providers offering Dedicated server services start from $30/month? US or Asia location? I checked OVH but they started with $59/mo and only HDD. I need SSD too.
  2. T

    what gpu server run Android emulator?

    Hello, Hosting providers guys, know what gpu server run Android emulator? are you guys able to customized?if yes,please leave your link. Thanks
  3. S

    Dedicated server with ddos Protection required

    Hello I need a dedicated server in Miami Need a DDos Protection 5gb+ Budget : 300 usd Xeon E3 1230 or Atom 2gb memory+ What are your suggestions?
  4. Patrick_Kane

    Server management panel

    Hey guys! There is a free server management panel FASTPANEL that I use for months. I should say this is the best management panel I've ever seen. You can try to install it. It's absolutely free ;)
  5. Optinet

    Optinet Dedicated Servers 1

    Now you can host your website on a high-class dedicated machine set up and managed by our best experts.
  6. 56ajjusingh

    What are the major difference between managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting?

    hi, cloud someone answer this question because I am getting confused between them.
  7. Mujkanovic

    Monitor health of a server?

    Hello, I need a tool that allow me to monitor health of my server, it will tell me which are working, which are not and should I enable to make server work better. Any ideas?
  8. Chris Worner

    Chang hostname for a running hosting server?

    I want to change hostname for a running hosting server? it is being used for sereral websites running under it, but the issue that I am guessing if I don't do right way when changing hostname then websites are running on this server will not work any more. for example: my hostname is...
  9. P

    who offers Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?

    I want to know that who offers Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting with higher level configuration. pls, give me your suggestions.
  10. anilkvm85

    How to Get Domain Name Details using PHP Script?

    How to get following information through PHP script respect to any Domain Name? 1) Hosting Provider 2) Domain Name Servers 3) IP Addresses 4) Domain Registrar 5) Registration Date 6) Expiry Date If anyone have working PHP code, please share.
  11. ServerHunter - Easily browse thousands of VPS, VDS, and Dedicated Servers

    Since we only just launched our new design, we really need your feedback to improve our website. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the website easier to use. Check it out here: Server Hunter Thank you! :)
  12. Life Sayings

    Differences between MySQL and SQL Server?

    I installed Mysql on my hosting but learned about SQL Server last time, can you tell me what are the differences between MySQL and SQL Server?
  13. Marcus_SM

    Offshore Root Server Hosting from $109/mo

    Marcus_SM submitted a new product: Offshore Root Server Hosting from $109/mo - Offshore dedicated servers hosted in Zurich, Switzerland Read more about this product...
  14. Marcus_SM

    Offshore Root Server Hosting from $109/mo 2018-12-07

    Switzerland is perfectly located right in the center of Europe and is bordered by three of its largest market economies. Our country is renowned for its long lasting stability, political independence, neutrality, highly educated workforce and top freedom of speech and ci rankings. All these...
  15. Mujkanovic

    Can not login with user account into Plesk server through SSH?

    I can login with root account into my server through SSH (installed Plesk control panel on it) but when I used user account (account for website) I could not do that, after filled username account and password, my Putty program is automaticlly close. How to configure my username account in Plesk...
  16. ITivan80

    Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Dedicated Server Special --- Colocation America

    ITivan80 submitted a new product: Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Dedicated Server Special --- Colocation America - dedicated server Read more about this product...
  17. OnaDavney

    What is Server Laravel?

    My website cms is requiring Server Laravel, I don't know what it is. Can anyone tell me what is Server Laravel? and what configurations to have it?
  18. Mujkanovic

    What is GD extension and how to check it is enabled on my server?

    Can you guys tell me what is GD extension and how to check it is enabled on my server? I guess this function to proceed images on my website but not sure what it really is. Waiting for your valuable answers!
  19. Mujkanovic

    How to check PHP CURL function is enabled on my server?

    My website requires to have PHP CURL function enabled, how to check if it is enabled on my server or not?
  20. hostingmzd

    Dedicated Servers Starting from $20 Per Month with Hosting Mzd (No Setup or Additional Fee) 2018-11-25

    Hosting Mzd provides the best Dedicated Servers. Hosting Mzd's Pre-built Servers are made for those users who need an instant server and don’t want to wait to have Custom Built Server. Our Servers are most competitive in pricing and economical. We maintain high quality enterprise hardware at...