1. BillEssley

    Tools or ways to check my email server is working correctly or right configurations?

    After removed to a new server, seem my email didn't work right way, sometimes it didn't send as expected. I want to know which ways to help me check my email server on new server is working correctly or right configurations?
  2. TheCompWiz

    AWS vs. DigitalOcean: Which Cloud Server is Better?

    I would like to buy one cloud hosting from these providers this week but not sure which provider is better. I used DigitalOcean in the past and it is pretty good but never tried AWS. Can any one suggest me?
  3. Harry P

    How many percentage of free storage should I have on my server?

    I used 80% space of my disk, I have 20% free space now. Should I increase free space for my server now or it is still enough to use for a long time?
  4. Mujkanovic

    Which VPS or Dedicated server to choose for the budget $100/mo?

    Can you recommend any hosting providers that for a fast hosting with $100/ month, including cPanel licence. I think the budget only is $80 because I will spend $20 for installing cPanel licence. what are your suggestions? I will look for a managed hosting provider.
  5. agmhost

    Linux VPS Server

    I'm looking for the set up of the new Linux VPS server. What crucial features and specifications do I need to look for in any web hosting provider? Also, if possible kindly mention all the necessary specifications that I need in setting up VPS hosting. Thanks in Advance!
  6. skbenterprise

    Netherlands Dedicated Servers - Same day delivery - Premium network - From 25,00 per month - A-brand 2019-06-18

    SKB Enterprise offers affordable hosting services in The Netherlands. We offer our customers privacy, security and a stable high-quality network. We have the following server available with the same day delivery: P-i5-32 Intel Core i5 8400 CPU 6 cores, 6 threads, 2.8 GHz 32 GB DDR4 RAM 500 GB...
  7. Kaz Wolfe

    Where to check Mail server logs?

    I am having a small issue with email server on my hosting control panel, the email could not be sent to targeted email as expected, I doubt there is an error in email server. I want to check Mail server logs to find and fix the problem. Where to check Mail server logs?
  8. OnaDavney

    Buying shared hosting to host a website or build a server to host multi sites?

    I checked on this forum and found more shared hosting plans with low price but great specifications, just $1+ / month. I will have cPanel for these shared plans but I am confusing that I should build a VPS to host multi sites that I have better resource because VPS is faster than shared hosting...
  9. H

    How to Install and Configure VNC Server on Ubuntu?

    How to Install and Configure VNC Server on Ubuntu? Can anyone suggest?
  10. David Beroff

    How to unblacklist a server IP address by Google?

    As I checked carefully, my server IP address is blocked by Google. I think I only have an option is buying a new server and changing my website to this new server, new IP address. Should I do this? Any suggestions?
  11. David Beroff

    Where to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?

    I have a VPS installed Plesk Onyx, I want o change server time zone for all websites but I think that need to change on the server than changing it on specific website. Can you guys help me to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?
  12. David Beroff

    How to change server time zone in Directadmin?

    I have a reselling hosting account that using Directadmin and an issuse is, its using timezone from a country I didn't like, I want to change server time zone in Directadmin. How can I do that?
  13. Kaz Wolfe

    How can I check email server is working or not via SSH?

    Is it possible to check my email server is working or not via SSH without using a email client program to test send/receive emails?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    DNS - What is Domain Name Server?

    DNS is a domain name resolution system that was invented in 1984 for the Internet, only one system that allows setting up a correspondence between IP address and domain name. Or it can be understood that DNS on the Internet will translate the domain name that users type into the IP address. IP...
  15. ITivan80

    Los Angeles Colocation starting @ $75! 2019-04-30

    COLOCATION AMERICA ( is the industry leader in enterprise level colocation hosting providing top quality services and features to our clients at very competitive prices. We operate out of 22 data centers around the United States, located in five major cities: Los...
  16. P

    Where i can get best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans for large project?

    Anybody can suggest me one of the best Dedicated Server Hosting providers for my project?
  17. Kaz Wolfe

    How to change hostname for a running server?

    I have a server running directadmin and having 5 domain name on it. Now I want to change the domain that using to create hostname and dns for this server but I am afraid that websites running under this server will have downtimes. I don't want that, how to change hostname for a running server...
  18. Edward

    i7,i9,E3,Ryzen and other dedicated servers. Best deals. Payment USD, BTC 2019-04-05

    All dedicated servers in the price list
  19. HostColor

    Do you check provider's network before purchasing a Dedicated Server?

    Hi guys, I'm curious what would be the behavioral model of those who need to get a Dedicated server? Do you guys decide based on the price or you also check the provider's network and ask questions about its data center, Internet connectivity, etc.?
  20. Ender

    How many users on 1 server?

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to ask you. How many users/clients do you host under one server? On a shared hosting server. Thanks! Ender