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Mar 5, 2024
Website hiding server IP addresses can be achieved in the following ways:

1. Use CDN service: CDN content is cached to multiple nodes in the world through the CDN content distribution network, and users access the CDN node IP instead of the real IP of the server.

2. Configure a reverse proxy: Configure a reverse proxy server to forward user requests to the website server and hide the IP address of the real server.

3. Use a proxy server: Traffic is forwarded through a proxy server. The IP address of the proxy server is visible to the outside, but the IP address of the source server is hidden.

4. Modify the.htaccess file. For the Apache server, modify the.htaccess file to set the proxy.

5. Use the Nginx proxy module: Nginx has a reverse proxy module that can hide the server IP.

6. Firewall Settings: In the firewall Settings of the server, only certain IP addresses (such as the CDN or reverse proxy service IP address) are allowed to access the server, and other IP addresses are blocked.

Using these methods can improve the security of the website to a certain extent and prevent DDoS attacks and information leaks. However, the choice of which method needs to be considered according to the actual needs and cost effectiveness.
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