1. fwh

    Needing a dedicated server

    Hello I am needing to buy a dedicated server for my client for 1 or 2 days, budget from $220 to $260 / mo. WHM/cPanel as its hosting control panel. Fast live chat and support and I am prior to hosting providers advertised on this forum. Please PM me if you have any offers. Thanks
  2. Harry P

    Change IP address for website and mail server in Plesk Obsidian?

    Hey guys, I upgraded my Plesk Onyx to Plesk Plesk Obsidian, now I need to change IP address for websites and mail server in Plesk Obsidian from old IP server to a new IP address? How can I do that? I bought a new IP and already to add but facing difficult to do this. Anyone helps? Thanks in...
  3. Dopani

    Can i change IP address of a hosting server linux?

    Currently my server's ip address is blocked by a mail network so all mails went to spam box. I want to change this IP to another IP address. Is that possible? how can I do that? any suggestions?
  4. DaRecordon

    How to check server speed?

    I have 3 different servers, how can I check server speed to know which one is having best speed? can anyone give me a guide?
  5. DaRecordon

    Will adding CPU cores or RAM to my cloud server improve my website speed?

    I am contacting my cloud provider to upgrade my cloud server more RAM and cpus, i think it will improve my website speed, is it right? any advice?
  6. DaRecordon

    How to check and reduce server response time?

    Hi, I want to check my server response time, how can i do it and how can reduce server response time? Please share your guide.
  7. A

    Which is the best 10gbps unmetered server

    Which is the best 10gbps unmetered server
  8. Jahanzaib

    Hey Everyone!!

    I am here to know more about web hosting and to create a community to share knowledge and resolve issues.
  9. V

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?
  10. Maxoq

    Litespeed web server vs Nginx ?

    I am new to Litespeed web server, i want to know about this web Litespeed web server, how can it compare with Nginx? which is better and how to have Litespeed web server on my vps server?
  11. S

    Which is the best server management panel for managing a VPS/Dedicated Server?

    Hi Friends, I'm looking for a suggestion for server management panels. I have couple of servers that run Node and PHP applications, What I'm looking is to manage SSL, Automatic Backups, Application Monitoring, etc.
  12. Maxoq

    Can I find a dedicated server at price $25/month?

    Currently i am using a server at price $39/month and going to cut cost for hosting so that would find a new server at price $25/month or $28/moth. Does it have a good dedicated server with SSD disk and other good specifications at this price?
  13. David Beroff

    What need to delete on my server after a long time?

    Hi everyone, What need to delete on my server after a long time? for example temporary files, folders, tickets, logs data files...etc to save memmory and speed up for server or websites? please share your experience?
  14. J

    How do I choose the right Cloud Hosting provider?

    Want to run my website in Cloud Hosting, Is there any data breach while doing this?
  15. djb1829

    Should I setup vps node or use as Cpanel web server

    32 core server Intel Xeon 64gb DDR4 RAM 8TB hard drive 10gbit port for my own server I think these sort of specs would be better for running virtual servers than a Cpanel web server right? The reason I didn't set it up on the server before, Was because someone who i know in the hosting...
  16. Cheerag Nundlall

    Directadmin and Cloudflare - Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

    I am getting this error Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error randomly after click or visit some web pages, if I disable Cloudflare then no error but I don't want to disable cloudlafre because I am using SSL from Clouflare. I read some topics. Does anyone have same problem, which...
  17. Dr. McKay

    How to Install CloudLinux OS on CentOS Server

    If you are using a CentOS server and want to install CloudLinux for management, just a few simple commands and the server will automatically make the switch. The condition to use CloudLinux is that you need to have a license. After registering the license for the server successfully, you need...
  18. G

    Scenario For Separate Streaming Server And Web Server

    Hi. I am planning to launch a web site (dedicated server) that provides players for a series of live streamed feeds (from a separate dedicated server). I need to understand how resources are used before I jump into the hardware purchases. I envision a dedicated server with nginx installed. It...
  19. Cookie123

    500 Internal Server Error when enabling friendly urls

    So I enabled Friendly URLs for my XF forum, and it worked fine, but all of a sudden it said this: I use cPanel, and when I try to access the error logs it gives a 403 error. Anyways, it was working fine for like 15 min.. I didn't change anything in my htaccess This was the htaccess I was...
  20. Maxoq

    How to avoid email blacklist for my server?

    Today I can not send email to a person through my outlook, I checked my server IP with mxtoolbox and it got 1 blacklist on a network. My question is, How to avoid email blacklist for my server? and how to detect where sent email spam from my server to fix this issue for next time?