1. Gmeister4

    How to check MySQL version through shell (SSH) on a Linux Server?

    My web developer is asking which MySQL version I am using on my vps server and I checked with this command but he said it is not for my version of server, I tried to run this command but it is error Any suggestions?
  2. CaygriWEB

    Dedicated Server Managed [Paid]

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  3. TheCompWiz

    How to back up whole Linux server?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me how to back up whole my Linux server? I mean I want to backup all files and databases on entire server and when I reinstall my server then I can restore that backup and I can use it immediately whiteout re-configure or installations?
  4. exa-edward

    Dedicated Server Promotion Price now for you!

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  5. superman2727

    What do you think about the OpenVPN Access Server?

    Is OpenVPN Access Server is the most featured secure server that simplify the fast deployment of a VPN access solution? Do you think this will help a lot of users because of its immediate deploying of VPN that is compatible in any user platforms? Is this recommendable to use in personal use or...
  6. superman2727

    Free Server Antivirus

    I just want to know what are the best antivirus with a better performance than other antivirus. Particularly, in Windows Server or VPS. Which one of those many antivirus should I try and what should I pick? What would be my standards in choosing the best anti-malware software to use in my...
  7. Chris Worner

    VestaCP has a serious security flaw that causes your server to be exploited for DDoS

    Currently, VestaCP is having an extremely serious and zero-day vulnerability that could cause your server to become a tool for denial of service attacks (DDoS). Information about this security bug appeared on the forum of VestaCP and is interested by more people because of its severity. If you...
  8. W

    Which Cheap Dedicated Server should I get?

    I'm currently working on getting engaged to web hosting. I'm already on the stage of choosing where to get my dedicated server, however, I'm fairly new to this business and still undergoing a few coaching. Though the inputs of my mentors are valuable, I am confident that people in this forum...
  9. Sonwebhost

    Setting up a new dedicated server where to buy hardware

    Hi where would you buy new servers to setup in a data center and which ones, planing to own my first one and colo it in New York.
  10. D

    How to improve server response time?

    Hello. The speed is crucial when dealing with this sort of things and I wanted to fasten it as much as I can. Are there any methods that are simple that can help me out in improving server response time ? We are starting and we do not want things to get slow, since speed is something we...
  11. rdpproviders

    Bullet Proof Deddicated Server

    Please recommend for Bulletproof server that allow Please suggest for DC that allow
  12. S

    Finally found a good server location for video streaming but how to pull off a good streaming speed

    Hi Guys, So i have been testing the ping from several server datacenter to my visitors location and bought the server, since my traffic are mainly from korea/japan, and i found this seattle which is located in the US which has extremely low MS to those area, although not very low, but if i buy...
  13. D

    Debian vs CentOs server?

    Which one do you use ? Which do you prefer. Looking to hear from experienced members. I would like to know advantages and disadvantages of both. Thanks
  14. DenisMNE

    Dedicated server Singapore?

    Any, good, stable servers for Singapore these days ? Looking to open and advertise there and could use your knowledge in find one. Do they all end in .sg ?
  15. S

    Video Streaming ( OVH or FDC ) - 6 small servers or 1 big server (urgent help)

    Hi guys, Currently we are facing one issue, our site has become a hit now and now there's like 2500+ concurrent users, and we using 3 small ovh servers to stream the videos ( each comes with 500mbps bandwidth ). Our videos are mainly split into 3 servers, mainly Media A, media B, media C, from...
  16. S

    Which server should I pick ( for 2000 concurrent visitors )

    I am currently going to switch my $250+ server to a half price server but not sure how to choose as I am not good at these specs stuffs, but just basic information, I am running a big video site, peak time could go up to 2000+ concurrent visitors, running on nginx + a custom script. Videos is...
  17. john-mth

    How to use dedicated IP as mail server in shared hosting?

    Hello, How to use dedicated IP as mail server in shared hosting? Thanks
  18. john-mth

    What server configuration will be good for ecommetce site(traffic 200 per day)?

    Hello, What server configuration will be good for ecommetce site(traffic 200 per day)? Thanks
  19. hostproton


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  20. KevinHV

    Fine email spammer on server

    Hello Most of the time shared / reseller hosting server IP get blacklisted due to spammer and its very easy to find spammer and directory from which spamming is going on. To get a sorted list of email sender in exim mail queue. It will show the number of mails send by each one. # exim...