Differences between MySQL and SQL Server?

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Nov 9, 2013
I installed Mysql on my hosting but learned about SQL Server last time, can you tell me what are the differences between MySQL and SQL Server?

Kaz Wolfe

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Jul 7, 2016
MySQL and SQL Server can be considered the two most popular RDBMS solutions. Both are similar because they have the same functionality, the same root SQL and Structured Query Language. However, there are still many differences between them. That confuses users. Therefore, I will help you show the difference between MySQL and SQL Server.

What is MySQL and SQL Server?
MySQL is an open source database management system. It is very popular because of its high reliability, ease of use and high performance. MySQL is used for many of the latest applications built on Apache, Linux, Perl / PHP. Many favorite organizations like Google, Alcatel Lucent, Facebook, Zappos, and Adobe rely on this database management system.
MySQL can run on more than 20 platforms including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX and provides more flexibility. A variety of database tools, services, training, and support is provided by MySQL database system.
SQL Server is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) developed by Microsoft. This system works on Transact-SQL which is a set of programming extensions from Microsoft and Sybase. T-SQL adds other features including error handling and exceptions, transaction control, declarative variables, and processing. However, Sybase developed SQL Server back in the 1980s. The last version called SQL Server 4 was developed in collaboration with Ashton-Tate, Sybase and Microsoft for OS/2.
SQL Server 2005 was released in November 2005. This version provides reliability, flexibility, security, and scalability for database applications.

The difference between MySQL and SQL Server
Here, I present a comparison table of MySQL and SQL Server regarding features, performance, security, cloning capabilities, resiliency, the cost in the shortest way to help you track as follows:

MySQL Provide more types of storage engines.

SQL Server
Integrate offers a complete set of systems and development tools that are more rigorous and better.
In the .NET array. MSSQL also supports XML directly in DB

Not as demanding as SQL Server.
Can run on UNIX high-end system and perform better than SQL Server on Windows high-end server in many cases.

SQL Server
Performs worse than MySQL in many ways.
Requires vast resources (strong CPU, lots of RAM).

MySQL can only set access to the row level.

SQL Server
Higher security than MySQL at the column level.
The authentication system is also higher, stricter than MySQL.
However, it is easier to exploit than MySQL.

MySQL is faster and less problematic than SQL Server because all SQL statements used to change and update data are stored in the binary log.

SQL Server provides more advanced, more detailed replication methods, so it is more complex and slower.

If MySQL runs with InnoDB, the ability to recover is not inferior to SQL Server.

SQL Server
If MySQL runs purely with the MyISAM storage engine, the resilience (after the crash) cannot be compared to SQL Server.
SQL recovery is easier.

MySQL community versions are free but must be manual. However, installing, using and optimizing MySQL is not difficult because the documentation is complete and many can be found on the internet.

SQL Server
Pay $ 1.5 for a SQL Server Standard license, and when you need support, you have to pay extra support (case option). Enterprise version has to pay (about $400), and you are fully supported.
SQL Server still provides a free version for development purposes.

I am sure you have a better understanding of the difference between MySQL and SQL Server and thereby make the right decision for you based on the operational objectives Good luck!


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Dec 20, 2017
I installed Mysql on my hosting but learned about SQL Server last time, can you tell me what are the differences between MySQL and SQL Server?

Hello Life Sayings,

There are several key differences between MySQL and SQL Server. One significant difference is that SQL Server is a commercial product, while MySQL is open source. It means that SQL Server typically has more features than MySQL. However, MySQL is often more widely used because it is free to download and use. Moreover, the SQL Server uses Transact-SQL (T-SQL), while MySQL uses Structured Query Language (SQL). T-SQL is a proprietary language developed by Microsoft, while SQL is a standard language meaning that T-SQL can do things that SQL cannot, but SQL is more portable and easier to learn.

The SQL Server is typically used for enterprise applications, while MySQL is often used for smaller, web-based applications. Finally, SQL Server offers more features and tools than MySQL. MySQL is open source, so anyone can access and modify the code for MySQL, whereas, with SQL Server, you are limited to what Microsoft makes available. MySQL is the first open-source RDBMS.

MySQL is developed by Oracle. SQL Server is unavailable on all platforms, while MySQL is available on most platforms. Finally, SQL Server is generally more expensive than MySQL. In addition, SQL Server can handle more complex queries than MySQL. Finally, SQL Server offers more security features than MySQL.

Thus, I hope the information above helps you to understand the difference between MySQL and SQL Server.


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