1. DaRecordon

    MySQL my.cnf configuration for dedicated server?

    I have a dedicated server and running mysql on it, I heard that i shuold optimize my.cnf configuration for my dedicated server to get best performance for mysql, but what are configuration to put into my.cnf to obtain that? Can anyone suggest me?
  2. Life Sayings

    Differences between MySQL and SQL Server?

    I installed Mysql on my hosting but learned about SQL Server last time, can you tell me what are the differences between MySQL and SQL Server?
  3. Mihai B.

    How to install Mysql on my VPS?

    I have a VPS for manipulating with mysql databases, I would like to install Mysql on it. What command to install Mysql on CentOS 6 running on a VPS? Many thanks!
  4. Gmeister4

    How to check MySQL version through shell (SSH) on a Linux Server?

    My web developer is asking which MySQL version I am using on my vps server and I checked with this command but he said it is not for my version of server, I tried to run this command but it is error Any suggestions?
  5. Dopani

    Find and Replace text in all tables in a database using Mysql query?

    I have a custom database and there is a word http:// that I want to change to https:// with a query in phpmyadmin or using CLI. What update command can I use to find and replace this text in all tables of my current database?
  6. Gmeister4

    Is it possible to export a Mysql database via SSH?

    How can I export a Mysql database via SSH? I have too many my website databases and it consumed me more time when exporting databases from Phpmyadmin. I would like to know a way to export faster and download databases to my PC . Thanks in advance.
  7. TheGodfather

    Cpanel optimize mysql

    Hello, forum members ! Glad to keep you ''busy'' with another question, haha. I wanted to know can anyone tell me how to optimize mysql in cpanel ?
  8. TheGodfather

    How to install mysql on windows 10 ?

    I want to install this programming language into my windows 10. Any easy tutorials ? Videos with step by step would be appriciated. Thank you
  9. valvps

    Move Mysql Other directory: help

    Hi: I'm following this manual to move the mysql directory but there is something wrong ln -s / home / mysql / var / lib / mysql ln: failed to create symbolic link '/ var / lib / mysql / mysql': File exists...
  10. LPTechs

    Why am I seeing a MySQL error on my Wordpress page?

    You happen to check your page one day and you see an error on your Wordpress site that says the following: "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress" There is 1 thing to check before searching all over the internet for a solution...
  11. Gmeister4

    Change MySQL Hostname?

    Does any one know of any tutorials or step by steps that can help on changing mysql hostname? I am searching for this information but the answers have seemed not to be in any detail at all. Thanks everyone if you read over my question and would be great if you have an answer for me :)
  12. David Beroff

    Kill all Mysql processes?

    I have a small website running on a shared hosting plan and sometimes it is overloaded on CPU and Mysql. I checked cPanel and see I can kill all Mysql processes there but I am not sure it will solve my issue? Anyone tell me is there a way to kill all Mysql processes that safer and effective?
  13. Maxoq

    Max_allowed_packet size for MySQL in Plesk?

    I have recently install a Plesk web admin to use for my websites in the near future but my website requires to set a custom Max_allowed_packet size for MySQL which I can do with Apache and cPanel. I am still new to Plesk, how can I set max_allowed_packet size for MySQL in Plesk?
  14. GPDHost

    US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare

    GPDHost submitted a new resource: US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare - US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare Read more about this resource...
  15. PenguinManiac

    Services to avoid MySQL injection attacks?

    From what I know, aside from DDoS, the most common kind of website attacks are due to the execution of custom MySQL injected code. All areas where you can input data and are directly connected to a website's database are potentially exploitable through such code... unless they're properly...
  16. David Beroff

    What is the difference between Mariadb and Mysql?

    Can any one tell me what is the difference between Mariadb and Mysql? which one should I use to have fast queries for my website?
  17. Mihai B.

    MySQL or MySQLi

    In my config file of my website cms, it decaled this variable $config['Database']['dbtype'] = 'mysqli'; and on old version $config['Database']['dbtype'] = 'mysql'; Which should I use? why? Can you tell me what is the difference between mysqli and mysql? which one is right for you? thanks...
  18. wpspeedster

    How to re-install MySQL in cPanel server?

    What are the best ways to check my current version of MySQL on my cPanel server and upgrade it or reinstall it? I have root access but I am not sure what commands do I need to use for this task?
  19. Chris Worner

    VestaCP MySQL Root Password?

    I follow this tutorial and installed successfully VestaCP on my hosting but after done, I don't know how to login to Mysql using root account, where is VestaCP MySQL root password? Can any one tell me how...
  20. hostgliders

    MySQL Master-Slave Replication

    MySQL master slave replication gives you two copies of your database: the live” one and the backup one. You always write your data to your master and read from the master too, but you will always have an up-to-date copy on your slave. Setting up the master Server Make sure you have...