1. laurence

    How can I find out Mysql root password?

    For any reason I forgot Mysql root password and could not log into mysql server on my vps, how can I find this out? Is there any file where this password is stored?
  2. DaRecordon

    How to check the MySQL Version

    Are there any commands to check MySQL Version on my VPS Centos? I am new to VPS hosting and just bought a new VPS package to install for testing and hosting my sites on it.
  3. TheCompWiz

    How to view MySql running resources

    If your server's mysql always in high resources or down, what commands or tools can I use to trace out which database that eat up your MySql resource? Please share your suggestions. Thanks!
  4. fwh

    How to Fix error "Can't open file:...(errno: 24)" in MySQL

    I tried to view server error log file and found many these errors like this 160708 22:26:09 [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't open file: './mydb/file.frm' (errno: 24) errno: 24 simply means that too many files are open for the given process. There is a read-only mysql variable called...
  5. fwh

    How to fix error "Starting MySQL... ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file"

    Today I made some changes on MySQL configuration file and restart Mysql server with the command sudo service mysqld start but whoopp... it made website databases error and MySQL could not be restarted. I tried to find solutions on Google and more results from stackoverflow or serverfault but...
  6. Hugo E.

    How do I make a MySQL database run completely in memory?

    I have noticed that my MySQL server is the top reason for high load on my VPS. I want to make a database running with CPUs and instead that to run completely in memory for better performance. How do I do that? I explored PHPMyAdmin, is there a way to change there or what addons or software do I...
  7. Chris Worner

    How to upgrade MySQL to latest version?

    I want to upgrade MySQL to latest version? How can I do that? and which source should I follow to get latest version of MySQL? Thanks Chris
  8. Emily Routledge

    MariaDB versus MySQL

    I asked my hosting providers and they said I am using MySQL for my web databases, I read posts on the forum and MariaDB is getting more good feedback. Can I use MariaDB for my website and how to switch from Mysql to MariaDB? Thanks in advance. Emily
  9. coredump

    MySQL Commands you need to know to work with MySQL on a dedicated server?

    I can create MySQL databases easily on my hosting via a hosting control panel but it's possible to do same functions with commands on SSH? What are MySQL Commands do we need to know to work with MySQL on a dedicated server?
  10. TheCompWiz

    How to check and set max_connections in MySQL

    I read that if a website has more than 150 connections to your Mysql then it could down and you need to restart your mysql server. Is that true? and how to check and set max_connections in MySQL?
  11. wlraider81

    Optimize MySql on VPS with Mysqltuner

    1. Optimize performance for Mysql commands with Mysqltuner: Tuner Script MySQL is the solution to this case. It is written in Perl, the main function is to analyze the MySQL server, then make suggestions on configuration parameters obtained. Therefore, MySQL Tuner can improve the performance of...
  12. wpspeedster

    MySQL config file optimization?

    Hi everyone, This is my.cnf in MySQL config file which I am using for my websites and VPS more than 2GB of RAM Was it optimized or do I need to change some things else to make MySQL work better or better performance?
  13. wpspeedster

    Reset a MySQL root password?

    When I was running this command to do some queries in Mysql server on my VPS, it asked root password mysql -u root -p I could not remember its password, I installed and using cPanel. Does anyone know how to reset a MySQL root password?
  14. Bryan McClure

    MyISAM vs Innodb vs Memory, Which Storage Engine for MySQL?

    If your website uses MySQL database, then you have the option between Storage Engine is InnoDB, MyISAM and MEMORY to suit your needs. When you choose the correct Storage Engine, Mysql will have the best performance, optimized MySQL will have better results, when your websites can receive the...
  15. Little Alien

    How to start MySQL automatically if that stop for any reason?

    With VPS has less RAM and your websites can face with the problem is the MySQL automatically stop sometimes leads to overloading and faulty website can not connect to the database. There are many ways to restart MySQL automatically if that stop for any reason?
  16. Maxoq

    How to change password for MySQL on Linux

    When I tried to login to mysql via ssh, I could not remember root password and I got this message I want to root password for MySQL on Linux, how to do that?
  17. TheCompWiz

    How do I increase the MySQL connections for my server?

    I want to increase MySQL connections for my hosting, what do I need to edit? I was recommended to copy of one of most suitable for your server file from /usr/share/mysql/my-huge.cnf /usr/share/mysql/my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf /usr/share/mysql/my-large.cnf /usr/share/mysql/my-medium.cnf...
  18. Kal K

    How to upgrade PHP and MySQL on DirectAdmin

    To upgrade PHP version 5.3 on DirectAdmin, you can follow the steps below: SSH login your server and type following lines: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set php5_ver 5.3 ./build php n If you get this error Then you can do these steps First, edit...
  19. I Forgot

    It is possible to use Mysql sever out of your hosting server?

    As title mentioned, it is possible to use mysql server (databases) from another hosting provider. I.e, I want to host my php sites in a hosting and connecting to mysql server on another hosting? if yes, how to do?
  20. trustdnb

    Mysql backup to Google drive?

    I heard that it is possible to backup automatically your Mysql databases to Google drive or Gmail in a schedule that you want? Is there a way to do do that? thanks