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    Web Hosting Forum Rules

    Forum Guidelines, Please read before posting!

    We designed these Rules for ForumWeb.Hosting to clarify various responsibilities of all our members of the board at https://forumweb.hosting. Please read it carefully and follow these rules. If forum rule is found to be broken you shall be warned/infracted/banned and your post or options may be modified/removed.


    • Language used must be English.
    • Make use of search feature before starting any new thread to find relevant threads already started, if the thread already exists you can continue posting over there.
    • Start with new posts/threads in the most relevant category/sub-category of the forum.
    • Read the forum descriptions carefully before posting, not just the title, read the replied posts too.
    • Your post/reply should add value information towards the conversation.
    • Either you agree or disagree, explain why and suggest your views. Your response should add value towards the discussion.
    • If you find the information valuable and helpful you can value the member's post with "Thanks"

    • Do not post low quality posts with short content
    • Do not post a question or any information that has been posted previously.
    • Do not copy from other sources such as websites, blogs or forums and paste into your reply box to answer. It's duplicated content so we will remove it immediately. (Except Special Offers and Marketplace, we can accept duplicated content for offers)
    • Do not post "Thank You", "Thanks For Useful Information", "Great Post, Thank You", "I agree with you", "Nice Article" or something similar repeatedly, messages to every person who answers your question or to every post you find useful.
    • "Thank You" Posts and Posts with short and useless content will be deleted without reporting. ( account will be reviewed and can be banned )
    • Do not promote your site or services in threads content, we do not allow self-promotion.
    • Do not create posts with nothing, if you are going to link to an article for example, give a summary of it, then link to it with asking question or feedback related to it.
    • Self promotion is not allowed unless it is through your sig link or on the paid sections of the forum.
    • No Adult Stuffs allowed, posts which contain adult, mature content or pornography, is strictly prohibited.
    • No personal attacks or anything else that could cause offense to somebody else. Keep the posts positive.
    • Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, posts, sites, media, etc.
    • You may not use HTML code in your post.
    • Do not bump your thread by your replies, unless you have other members' replies on it.
    • Users never post under multiple names. Those doing so will be banned
    • Hijacking threads for any reason is not allowed and will not be permitted.
    • The Forum Web Hosting is not a place to slander, report scams, arguments or make accusations against persons, groups and businesses. Such issues should be dealt through the appropriate legal channels and not on the forum in a derogatory manner which has a negative and legal impact.
    • It is not allowed to post personal contact details of other people on the forum as this violates other peoples privacy rights.

    • You can use your affiliate links in your signature but no adult products/pharmaceuticals/MLM sites
    • Members can have their signatures once they are registered and have at least 10 posts.
    • To activate Signature in your Usercp, You must make 10 posts first.
    • You can use Links of your Business Website, Facebook page, Twitter Page, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest Page
    • Not more than 2 links allowed in the Signature.
    • Signatures may contain 3 lines
    • Images are not allowed
    • Adult links are not allowed
    • Red color is allowed for active members (Having more than 50 posts)
    • Users abusing these rules will be warned or banned.

    • Users are permitted to utilize a gallery avatar or to upload one of their own. User defined avatars are to be no larger than 130 pixels by 130 pixels, contain no image which attempts to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of team members), and may not exceed 300KB in file size.
    • Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, etc.
    • Can make use of Personal Photo, Business Logo, Facebook/Google+ Profile Picture
    • Not Allowed any Not Safe for Work, Racist, Abusive, Hateful, Adult Pics
    • Users abusing these rules will be warned and/or may lose their avatar privileges.

    Hijacking Thread
    • Do not hijack people's thread/topic. This includes (but not limited to) purposely changing the subject, posting in someone's sales thread to offer your opinion (like "great design" or "unlimited hosting is a scam" when you have no intention of buying).

    Useless or/and Irrelevant Posts
    • Your posts are gonna get removed if you make irrelevant or useless.

    Promotions, Ads and Special Offers
    • Promotions, ads, offers etc. which promote mlm/networking pyramid schemes, gambling, drugs and pornography is strictly prohibited. Any such offers found to have any relation to such areas will be removed immediately without warning. The user making posts that violate the forum rules are also subject to immediate ban from the forum.
    • Any deals made between members is at your own risk and as such this forum is not be held responsible nor will we get involved with disputes or legal matters between members.
    • This forum does not allow any type of deals involving fraudulent use of credit cards, banking details or identity theft, nor any other type of illegal products in the same manner. Such activities will mean an instant lifetime ban from the forum.

    Links Placed On Forum
    • All outbound links are checked. Should such linked pages have the primary aim to either collect emails or promote products/services it will be removed without notice together with issuing an infraction or ban. Note: The exception are promotional offers which must be posted within the relevant section within the Advertising/Special Offers section.

    Q: Why have some of the words in my post been removed?
    A: Certain words may have been removed by the administrator. If your posts contain any censored words, they will be blanked-out or removed.

    Q: Why the links are removed from the content?
    A: You are still not allowed to add any links, follow the guidelines carefully.

    Q: Why I have got warning/infractions/banned?
    A: You have not followed the rules of Web Hosting Forum.

    Q: How long can I edit post content from since was posted?
    A: You can edit post content for 15 days.

    We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
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