1. Mihai B.

    BuycPanel is redirected to cPanel?

    Last time I bought cPanel licenses from but recent time when i visited it redirected to cPanel and I could not find my account on BuycPanel any more. How can I solve this problem?
  2. chrismartin

    cPanel for $7? How even it possible!

    I was searching for cheap cPanel license for one of our VPS and I find a website from quora called I just wondered how they provide cPanel at so cheap! They are providing unlimited cPanel accounts with the license. I just bought one for testing purpose and works like a charm...
  3. ikalf

    TheMothHost - from $0.75 per month cPanel SSD Shared USA hosting 2020-05-06

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  4. Cheerag Nundlall

    Is WHM/cPanel license increasing price?

    Hi everyone, I remembered years ago, I only need about $20 per month to have cPanel license and install WHM/cPanel for my server but now, I need to pay $45 per month to have WHM/cPanel license for dedicated server. These are licenses I bought from buycpanel, I have just a new dedicated server...
  5. Jai

    How to deploy war file in tomcat using cpanel?

    Kindly provide me all the steps that how to deploy the tomcat8.5 war file in Cpanel.
  6. GoMummy-GM

    Cpanel VPS license in just $5 ? Fake or Real ?

    Hi I came across with a website today selling cheap cPanel license , so I browse the website and surprised that they are selling cPanel VPS license for $5 with no Account creation limit! Is it real of fake , have any one purchased license for this website ?
  7. john-mth

    Upgrade centos 6 to centos 7 from WHM?

    Hello, We are using cpanel server with centos 6, centos 6 is going to expire in november 2020... Is there way to upgrade centos 6 to centos 7 from whm without affecting any data and any service?
  8. David Beroff

    How to download email data on cPanel?

    I have a website with 5 email accounts and there are 2 accounts has 5 GB data on each email account. How to download these email data to my PC to create backups?
  9. David Beroff

    How to check new uploaded files to my websites recently?

    I have 10 websites and having some freelancers working on it, recently I see my server increase disk space quickly, I doubt someone uploaded more files to one of my websites but I don't know how to check. Does any one help me to find out which files are uploaded recently?
  10. UH-Peter

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  11. ElJoelReis

    What is your opinion about cPanel's abusive price rise

    Hello guys, I'm new here in the forum and to begin with, I've already come up with a controversial subject. The cPanel new License Model (Account Based) & New Prices (Account Based Pricing). For the most distracted, cPanel has changed its licensing form, announcing on its blog that change...
  12. HostBastic

    USA/CA/UK/FR/DE/SG/AU - 7 Locations - LiteSpeed - Free SSL - NVMe SSD - JetBackup - DDoS Protected 2019-05-31

    Enjoy a worry-free hosting experience with malware scanning, premium email filtering, daily backups and less sites per server for better reliability and uptime.
  13. Servers Base

    Cron Job in cPanel

    Hello , I want to create a cron job in cPanel. Any suggestions?
  14. H

    How to Install Zend Optimizer with cPanel?

    Zend Optimizer is a PHP addon which offers storing to enhance speed when stacking destinations; it can build execution by up to 40% by reserving as often as possible saw segments of PHP pages. Zend Guard likewise is helpful for encoding PHP documents to secure source code. Here's the manner by...
  15. H

    How can I use remote mail servers for my mails in CPanel?

    a) Make beyond any doubt that you have every one of the subtle elements of your mail servers such mail servers hostname, IPs and so forth. b) Login to CPanel of your site c) Now scan for MX passage choice under Mail menu in your CPanel and tap on it d) In the following interface look down...
  16. H

    How would you rectify the problem 'Can't create new cpanel accounts'?

    If you are creating a Cpanel account for a domain, let’s say and after filling Up all the details, required to create an account, you get the error Unable to add the user 'abccom' In that case, refer the below steps to rectify the issue: 1) First check...
  17. H

    How to Rebuild Apache in cPanel?

    You can Rebuild Apache in cPanel using the following steps: 1. Log in as the root using ssh to your server 2. Type the following commands: # cd /scripts # ./updatenow # ./easyapache 3. Simply take after on-screen directions to modify Apache for CPanel server under Linux/FreeBSD OSes. 4. If...
  18. David Beroff

    What is the fastest way to move a website from a cpanel hosting to another cpanel hosting?

    I am moving websites from a dedicated server, using WHM/cpanel to another cPanel hosting, using same control panel. I am just curious what is the fastest way to move a website from a cpanel hosting to another cpanel hosting? I only want to move websites and emails accounts. Any help?
  19. Dr. McKay

    Needing to buy WHM / cPanel license

    I am wanting to buy 1 WHM / cPanel license with good price to setup for a new server next week. I have seen pricing on cPanel website but its price is $20 / month, wondering that there is a reliable place to buy WHM/cpanel license with lower price or buying it monthly...
  20. YourLastHostLLC

    YourLastHost | From $10/yr - Linux & Windows Shared SSD Hosting - Free SSLs - Multiple Locations 2019-03-15

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