1. J

    Almalinux and centos 7 for cpanel

    Hello, The cpanel/whm provides warning on dedicated server as need to upgrade from centos OS to almalinux... What is difference between on both OS (centos and almalinux)? Will cpanel dedicated server works properly if we did not change/update OS? Thanks
  2. M

    Trailing Slash added to my url on CPanel

    Good day, I have no clue about CPanel, but I need to fix something about it. The problem is this... if I for instance type this URL: xxx/safari For a brief moment it adds a trailing slash, like this: xxx/safaris/ Before it redirects (301) This causes issues with SEO How can I fix this? I use...
  3. Cheerag Nundlall

    Sub domain point to another cPanel server?

    Hello I am wanting to point o sub domain to another cPanel server while main domain is on a different server. -> server 1 -> server 2 How can I do this? please guide. Thanks
  4. Chris Worner

    Fastest way to restore a cPanel website?

    Hello, I have just moved my server hosting to a new server hosting, also using WHM/cpanel. I backed up websites on old server and now I want to restore them on new server by a fastest way, how can I do that? any guide?
  5. Dr. McKay

    Cpanel backup website data to Google drive?

    Did anyone try to use Cpanel backup website data to Google drive? I tried to configure google drive with WHM/cpanel but it is very complex and not sure it will work or not. Does it have a better option than using Google drive for store website data to it?
  6. Harry P

    How to find the source of spam emails in cPanel?

    Is there a way to find the source of spam emails in cPanel? when I checked with mxtoolbox, my server IP is in email blacklist, it is UCEPROTECTL3 but I don't know why my server ip or my mail was marked as spam. Can anyone shoot me where to check or how to solve this problem?
  7. Mujkanovic

    Backup data from cPanel to Google drive?

    Normally I used to backup my website data to my PC by configuring any in cpanel but i see that downloading backups to my PC is very slow speed, i would like to backup data to Google drive on onedrive? is that possible with cpanel or other hosting control panels?
  8. V

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?
  9. Kaz Wolfe

    Adding extra cpanel user for a domain name?

    Hey guys, In WHM cpanel, I want to create a new second user cpanel account for an existed domain name and this new account only can manage emails features. How can I do that?
  10. djb1829

    Should I setup vps node or use as Cpanel web server

    32 core server Intel Xeon 64gb DDR4 RAM 8TB hard drive 10gbit port for my own server I think these sort of specs would be better for running virtual servers than a Cpanel web server right? The reason I didn't set it up on the server before, Was because someone who i know in the hosting...
  11. mehrdadali14

    Introducing Glass: A New Style For Paper Lantern for Cpanel

    Glass, a clean and elegant take on our classic style, strips away the clutter and leaves only what you need to manage your website. Starting in cPanel & WHM® version 96, Glass is the default style for all new cPanel users. What Inspired Glass? For a product with an incredible amount of depth...
  12. mehrdadali14

    How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting

    Optimizing WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting is very important as WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. enhancement SEO and speed of wordpress site to the two main key factors : Web hosting optimization: Web site optimization Whether you run a high...
  13. T

    Is backup to a different server using cPanel is possible?

    Hello guys, I'd like to make an automated backup of our cPanel server's files and databases. I'm aware that a single tar.gz file can contain both file and database backups. In addition, I'd like to take the website file and database and store them separately on our server. Can you guys please...
  14. T

    Is backup to a different server using cPanel is possible?

    Hello guys, I want to take automatic backup of file and database from our cPanel server. I know that there is an option for taking file and database backup in a single tar.gz file. Furthermore, I want to take the website file and database separately and want to store it in our server. Can you...
  15. T

    Is that safe to transfer a domain name from a provider to another provider?

    Hi guys, I have a doubt about transferring a domain name from one provider to another. For example, I have a domain name at GoDaddy, and it's expiring within 3 days. Is it possible to transfer a domain from one provide to another within 3 days. While transferring will my domain got expired? I...
  16. T

    Cpanel Or Plesk

    Hi guys, I had been using Cpanel for a long time.... and with the recent changes in pricing, I decided to give Plesk a try. I must admit that I am impressed, as it seems to be easier to use and navigate for users. Is there anybody else who has an opinion? Are you going to stick with Cpanel and...
  17. T

    How to Install CloudFlare plugin on cPanel server

    Hii, How can i install cloudflare plugin on cpanel server, any please help with your thoughts.
  18. T

    How To Install ClamAV On A CPanel Server

    Hi guys, did anyone have any idea about the installation of ClamAV on a Cpanel
  19. JTexan

    Are you using cPanel or Plesk?

    I am going to move my hosting from cPanel to Plesk to use for websites because I see Plesk is easier to setup and control things on it. What about you? Are you using cPanel or Plesk? why? any shares?
  20. T

    How can I Migrate CPanel To DirectAdmin

    Hiii guys, Is there anyone aware of migrating datas from Cpanel to DirectAdmin. I have linked to several websites, but I have not found a satisfactory answer to my query.