1. OnaDavney

    Should I upgrade my forum XenForo 1.5 to Xenforo 2?

    As I know then XenForo 1.5 is no longer supported while I am having a Xenforo forum using 1.5.x, I think I should upgrade it to Xenforo 2 but not sure it is better than Xenforo 1.5 or not. Can you guys give me any advice?
  2. fwh

    We are changing template of our forum homepage

    Hello All, I am changing the template of our forum homepage, this current theme will be moved to forums and will have a new template with cool layouts and navigate information on it easier. Thanks all!
  3. SBH

    New to the forum. :)

    Hello! I'm new to the forum. Presuming this is a good place to get familiar with the web-hosting community, I am excited to be here.
  4. Ash Blog/Forum For Sale

    I am open to offers for The domain will be expiring next month (14th of August 2019) and is registered with NameCheap. I have included some screenshots below of Analytics and all-time AdSense earnings. Keep in mind that this is with almost no promotion other than simply...
  5. Kaz Wolfe

    Should I change from nofollow to dofollow links on my forum?

    I have developed a forum, it has 1000+ members and 8500 posts, all links from members are set as nofollow and I going to change from nofollow to dofollow to attract new members come to post on my forums and having dofollow links in their signature, i think it is one of benefits for members. But...
  6. TehParadox

    TehParadox Forum is Back with No Alternative?

    TehParadox Forum is Back with No Alternatives - Signups are Open no need to invitations :) Amazing Pick from reddit. source:
  7. JoyFreak

    SEO for Gaming Forum?

    Any SEO tips for gaming forums? Would love to increase my SEO for my gaming forum. Many thanks!
  8. JoyFreak

    Gaming Forum -

    Gaming Forum Please review my gaming forum and let me know what you like, dislike and what I could change? All feedback is appreciated! Many thanks!
  9. Kaz Wolfe

    Forum or Forums in URL?

    I want to move my forum running at root domain to sub folder like this to or but i don't know which one is better name, forum or forums? which one is suitable to you and correct?
  10. Malcolmjr96

    Help me out with CodeForum.ORG! A programming/coding forum.

    Modified February 24, 2020 meet Hello, I would like to showcase the community that I built. I built Code Forum with intentions of helping myself and others learn to code. Without the feeling that you are asking a stupid question and or even feel...
  11. David Beroff

    When is your forum most active?

    I'm interested in seeing what days and hours other forums are most active. Mine is around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday around evening time. Which was a shock to me as I wouldn't have put the start of the week as the most popular or on Saturday or Sunday.
  12. Arnorth24

    Hello, I am new on this forum!

    I hope I can learn how to build a website here which is secured and effective. I've learned some basics in building a website but it's been a long time already. My brains play tricks on me. So I need to learn it again but not for a year. So I hope there are some shortcuts to it.
  13. ivysharonx28

    I'm new to this forum

    Hello everyone!
  14. A

    For a newbie hosting a forum site, what is the best disk size?

    Hey Folks, I am going to start with my forum website. I have already purchased a domain name and a hosting plan. The thing that I am not sure about is, how much disk size one will need to accommodate for 100 users? Currently my plan has some 500 MB of disk space, will it be good to start with...
  15. Mihai B.

    What attracts people to a forum?

    Is it the activity, the appearance or both? For me, I would say both but I think the activity and content that members sharing will decide success of a forum. What about you? What attracts you or people to a forum? Any thoughts?
  16. David Beroff

    Is it worth adding a chat box to your forum?

    I see on a lot of forums that are basically set up a chatbox for their members on their forums. I am also having a small forums with a few members online daily. I am thinking of this idea but not sure it will work for my forum or not. In your opinion, Is it worth adding a chat box to your forum?
  17. TopSilver

    Would like some reviews on my new Xenforo 2 General Discussion Forum

    Hey please review my general discussion forum. It's got topics for all kinds of things including gaming. I wanted to broaden the topic base on this one and make it easy to post about by making multiple areas for discussion. The style we use is completely custom and I made and coded it myself...
  18. zuhamit

    Hello and Thanks for this forum!

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  19. fwh

    Our forum is moving to a new platform!

    Hello all, I am moving Forum Web to a new platform, that can take around 3 to 4 days. To avoid losing your new posts at this time, I closed forum posting on groups Don't forget to check out our forum next days with better features are coming. Thanks and regards,
  20. fwh

    Please review our smartphone forum!

    Today I have just opened a new smartphone forum, it is here Although it is still being developing some modules and there are some parts need to improve but it is ready for members to share their posts/comments/thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on...