1. webaika

    Good Day Everyone!

    My name is Peter. I’m a web developer and owner of a small company Web Aika. I’ve been building and managing websites for over 10 years, hosting on a small server. Now taking a bigger step forward and actually launching my very own hosting platform. You probably know how it goes – no weekends...
  2. BillEssley

    Caching Plugins to Speed Up Wordpress Website?

    Can you recommend which caching plugins to speed up Wordpress website? I am using W3 Total Cache but still looking for better other options. Any suggestions?
  3. Cheerag Nundlall

    How to disable Gutenberg and keep the Classic Editor in WordPress

    I updated to Wordpress 5.0 but I feel difficult when usign new editor Gutenberg hence I would get old Editor that I used it in the past. How can I do this?
  4. BillEssley

    Delete Batches of Post Revisions in Wordpress?

    How can I delete batches of post revisions in Wordpress? My WP created more post revisions and I would like to delete them, it is making me annoy when reading post revisions on font end.
  5. BillEssley

    Did anyone use WordPress 5.0?

    Did anyone use WordPress 5.0? I heard that they are changing post editor to a new editor, it is Gutenberg editor which can cause complex for our use. Is that real? what are pros and cons of WordPress 5.0?
  6. BillEssley

    How to disable automatic updates in WordPress?

    All my websites are using Wordpress but I don't like the feature auto updates in Wordpress because some my plugins can not work with new version of Wordpress, I need to make sure that we will work with new version before updating to new version. Does any one know how to Disable Automatic Updates...
  7. hostingmzd

    Web Hosting with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Just in $1.99 Per Month 2018-11-28

    LINUX WEB HOSTING Best web hosting with optimal performance and security We understand that web hosting is not only by providing Storage and FTP access. We aim to provide individuals and businesses everything to be online around the globe to show their identity whether it's personal or...
  8. truongap

    [HostNewbie Xmas Sales] UP to 70% OFF Cloud Web Hosting - SSD + LiteSpeed Cache + DDOS Protection 2018-12-24

    To celebrate Christmas, we have a really BIG PROMOTION for all old and new customers. Use FHXMAS18O to get 70% OFF first payment (annually) or get 50% OFF LIFETIME (quarterly, annually) with this code FHXMAS18L. Do NOT miss it. Sales will end in Dec 26. NEWBIE ($2/month) 10 GB Storage 1...
  9. macfais

    Can I Put Javascript Code in Wordpress?

    Hello. I just want to ask if Javascript Code can be put in Wordpress. Thank you,
  10. macfais

    Is it Possible to Create a Drop down menu in Wordpress?

    Hello. In my website (which I made using wrodpress), I am planning to have a multiple-choice-type of examination at the end of my post. However, it seems that a lot of things has to be studied by doing it. Thus, I decided to do it but I will hide the answer of my examination like a dropdown...
  11. Chris Worner

    What to do after installing WordPress

    I installed WordPress on my web hosting plan, and now what should I do? What are the next steps to have a website that is actually visible in the online world? These are the most common questions who just installed this famous CMS and don't know where to start to set it up. If you also have...
  12. garryneville

    Tutorial: How to fix some final WordPress SSL settings

    After installing an SSL certificate and having the plugin Really Simple SSL on WordPress, there are still some errors (some things stay "disabled"). To fix them all, do this: 1. Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Open your .htaccess file in your root directory and add this: Header...
  13. Chris Worner

    Easyapache 4 is best for Wordpress sites?

    I am using Easyapache 3 on WHM/cpanel and there is a notice reminding me to upgrade to Easyapache 4, I run this server for Wordpress sites. It is better to upgrade to Easyapache 4 and it is best version for Wordpress? Any help?
  14. DaRecordon

    How to find out which images my Wordpress blog didn't use?

    I have a Wordpress blog and it is duplicated from an existed site, after that I changed more things on it but when site is pusblished for a long time I remembered that I did not delete images on old sites. Now number of images in "uploads" folder in my new wordpress blog is very much, it has GBs...
  15. AECHostingNet

    Free month on all Wordpress hosting plans

    AECHostingNet submitted a new product: Free month on all Wordpress hosting plans - Reliable and affordable Wordpress hosting. Don't pay for what you don't need. Read more about this product...
  16. H

    Joomla and WordPress Issue

    Joomla and WordPress sites causing continuous inbound spamming through contact forms by the qq.com domain. Please suggest...
  17. satopeng4

    How to put some tables in a Wordpress website?

    I'm a newbie in Wordpress, I made a website for a ship container securing company in Japan and I have done in it Wordpress. But, I failed to put the data tables for the products. Is there any website that provides free advance tutorials with Wordpress? I am not very familiar on how to connect...
  18. Chris Worner

    Godaddy wordpress hosting vs Regular hosting

    It is worth trying Godaddy Wordpress hosting for new websites or should we find a regular hosting? I had a look on basic Godaddy wordpress hosting and they are offering $3.99/mo and $8.99/mo when you renew for 1 website, 10 GB Storage, ~25,000 monthly visitors and sFTP. Are there any hosting...
  19. NameGervin

    Cheap Wordpress hosting?

    Hello I am thinking to start my own blog wordpress. But the problem is I can't find a cheap web host. Most of the host I find online have very expensive renewal (e.g. $2/mon on first year then $8/mon on renewal.) I will only make 1 wordpress site, nothing too special I do not need large storage...
  20. DaRecordon

    What are the best plugins for tracking links in WordPress?

    I am using Wordpress for my blogs and I want to setup a tracking link for my blog post so that I can know how many clicks, impressions or views will come from other sites that I putted links on them. Does it have a plugin for this task? if yes then what are the best plugins for tracking links in...