1. macfais

    Is it Possible to Create a Drop down menu in Wordpress?

    Hello. In my website (which I made using wrodpress), I am planning to have a multiple-choice-type of examination at the end of my post. However, it seems that a lot of things has to be studied by doing it. Thus, I decided to do it but I will hide the answer of my examination like a dropdown...
  2. Chris Worner

    What to do after installing WordPress

    I installed WordPress on my web hosting plan, and now what should I do? What are the next steps to have a website that is actually visible in the online world? These are the most common questions who just installed this famous CMS and don't know where to start to set it up. If you also have...
  3. garryneville

    Tutorial: How to fix some final WordPress SSL settings

    After installing an SSL certificate and having the plugin Really Simple SSL on WordPress, there are still some errors (some things stay "disabled"). To fix them all, do this: 1. Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Open your .htaccess file in your root directory and add this: Header...
  4. H

    Joomla and WordPress Issue

    Joomla and WordPress sites causing continuous inbound spamming through contact forms by the qq.com domain. Please suggest...
  5. satopeng4

    How to put some tables in a Wordpress website?

    I'm a newbie in Wordpress, I made a website for a ship container securing company in Japan and I have done in it Wordpress. But, I failed to put the data tables for the products. Is there any website that provides free advance tutorials with Wordpress? I am not very familiar on how to connect...
  6. exa-edward

    WordPress Hosting $3.49 2018-05-31

    1 website 10 GB SSD storage 25,000 monthly visitors SFTP access Free backup to keep your data safe Free domain with annual plan SSL Certificate to secure visitor data
  7. Blizbox

    BlizBox.com | 40% Off Recurring | SSD | Unlimited BW | LiteSpeed

    Fed up with constant downtimes? Feel like your host is not listening to you? Then it’s time for change. We are not a massive corporation where customers are treated as numbers. We believe in providing the best possible service we can to our customers. Which is why, we build all our servers with...
  8. jitendrasurve

    Top Indian and U.S. Bloggers who makes good money! Inspiration to All!

    Today I want to give some idea of Indian bloggers who earns good from their blogs. All the statistics are true and real. I salute this blogger who made blogs bigger like an full fledge one man army company. Enjoy the earnings of the bloggers. Check it below. Name: Amit Agarwal Blog...
  9. Marc0

    Joomla vs. Wordpress: Which is the better CMS?

    Greetings to all, CMS stands for Content Management System. With the help of this great tool, building and maintaining websites has become a lot easier than before. If you are planning to build your website now, with the use of CMS, you will most likely encounter the two titans in this...