1. C

    Is daily backup required in WordPress Hosting?

    If the site is hosted on WordPress hosting, is it really necessary to backup the data daily? If so, how often should it be?
  2. HostSailor

    Wordpress installation via command line

    WordPress is a famous Content Management System(CMS) running with PHP and MySQL. We can setup WordPress in different ways. The most used method is by using a tool such as Softaculous and install it graphically. Here we are describing the steps to do the WordPress installation via command line...
  3. Chris Worner

    Should I buy Redis Object Cache Pro WordPress plugin?

    I am using free version of Redis Object Cache free plugin but I see that they are offering paid version of this plugin, not sure it is better than free or not. Did anyone use Redis Object Cache Pro WordPress plugin, pls give me any advice?
  4. Hyperactive35

    Hello Everyone! I am new here :)

    Looking to learn more about web hosting and WordPress here:)
  5. Mujkanovic

    Do you know about AMP WordPress Plugin?

    Do we need to install AMP WordPress Plugin? is it necessary to install this plugin? I read that it help to improve loading speed on mobile website but I am having this iusse when it auto added to url of my Wordpress post like this example.com/this-is-post-title/?amp=1 this make it duplicated...
  6. H

    Is WordPress VIP Hosting is best for Largescale Website?

    Hello Everyone? I owned a website that has 30k+ visitors monthly and now my hosting service is not supported securely. I am thinking to buy WordPress VIP services that allow high-traffic volume with unrivaled performance and security. I am thinking to purchase it but is anyone here using it...
  7. Maxoq

    WooCommerce Vulnerability Affects Millions of WordPress Sites

    A new article on Search Engine Journal here reports that WooCommerece just announced a patch for a critical vulnerability that is rolling out as a forced update. Publishers have been urged to check if they're updated. If you have a WooCommerce store, automatic software updates began rolling...
  8. Harry P

    What is WordPress Excerpt Length?

    I am wanting to trimming text in post description on my Wordpressb blog, I searched and found this command my_excerpt_length and don't know how to use it. Can anyone help me a guide?
  9. glideher

    Help with Wordpress Menu Link please

    hello everyone i have a WP question maybe someone can help. on a friends WP, when i click on one of the pages, the top buttons instead of linking back to the homepage with its correct #ID since its a one page theme, the buttons shows the URL of the page i am in, how can this be fixed. i have...
  10. mehrdadali14

    How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting

    Optimizing WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting is very important as WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. enhancement SEO and speed of wordpress site to the two main key factors : Web hosting optimization: Web site optimization Whether you run a high...
  11. M

    Moving from Strato to wordpress

    Hi, I have a website that is very old on the Strato-hosting site. This is a Church website that was not set up by me, although I do have the login details. Because it is so old and very limited with what we can do I want to create a brand new website on a more up to date hosting website but keep...
  12. T

    How to Install CloudFlare plugin on cPanel server

    Hii, How can i install cloudflare plugin on cpanel server, any please help with your thoughts.
  13. Rahul_A

    Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?

    I use wordpress blogs. I am curious to know when it comes to security which sites are best Wordpress or any other CMS.. If Wordpress is week in security how I can make it more Secure.
  14. G

    How to migrate joomla to wordpress?

    how to migrate the Joomla website into WordPress website kindly tell us what is the best methods?
  15. klegut

    Website migration

    Is it possible to migrate multiple WordPress websites from one provider to another? Do any providers do this?
  16. garethfrominnzone

    How Fast Should a Web Page Load for You?

    Page speed significantly affects users' experience and SEO ranking of your website. The recommended page speed by Google should be under 0.5 second. If your page speed is higher than that, your SEO ranking and users' experience will negatively be affected. So, how do you keep your page speed at...
  17. DaRecordon

    Emails not being delivered to Gmail Inbox

    I created forms from contact 7, wpforms, ninja forms plugins on my Worpress website but all were not delivered to Gmail INBOX, I used also wpform smtp mail but not succeed, email went to spam or promotion tab on Gmail. Why and how to get emails into INBOX of GMAIL?
  18. David Beroff

    Backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin?

    How can I backup whole Wordpress website from Wp-admin? normally I must do this from my hosting control panel as backup mysql database, backup files and folders from public_html. Is there a way to do all those tasks from wordpress admin?
  19. MooseLucifer

    Disable lazy loading of WordPress default images

    WordPress 5.5 is officially released to users with many notable improvements. In particular, the outstanding feature is lazy loading images to help your website load faster. Despite Google's native lazy load support, according to our research, the default WordPress image lazy loading feature is...
  20. Anjukeer

    How to installed free wordpress hosting?

    The Best Free WordPress Hosting: 1. WordPress.com WordPress.com, often confused with the open-source WordPress software, is a for-profit implementation of the open-source software that you find at WordPress.org. WordPress.com simplifies the process of creating a WordPress site, letting you...