1. Chris Worner

    How to secure wp-admin in Wordpress?

    I tried to use a password protect for wp-admin and it works but when I am back to my font page and trying to search my products on my Wordpress, it promoted for a password to continue because search function worked via wp-admin or there is something connected to wp-admin thus I must remove...
  2. J

    How do you choose a WordPress theme?

    Hi, everyone! :) It seems to me that most of the people find it difficult to choose the perfect theme for their WordPress-based website. It was hard for me, too. I found an interesting article which explains why it is important to choose the right WordPress theme and gives some useful tips on...
  3. Maxoq

    How to find out a media file is being used by which posts in Wordpress?

    Are there any ways to plugins to help me to to find out a media file is being used by which posts in Wordpress? when I clicked on a media file in my Wordpress blog, I could see all details about it, excluding the link of the posts are using it in post content. Can you guys help me?
  4. David Beroff

    What is the fastest way to remove malware or virus from your Wordpress site?

    Recently one of my WP site got infected by malware codes and it redirected to a strange domain name, I did more things to remove it from my site and although it was successful but it consumed pretty more my time. What is the fastest way to remove malware or virus from your Wordpress site...
  5. SwiftModders

    SwiftModders - New Website & WHMCS Theme

    Hi All, I've been working on a new website design for what feels like "forever" and I'm happy it's finally done! As always, I could use some help with finding any aspects of the new site that doesn't work right or needs to be adjusted in some way. Your feedback would be awesome so please be as...
  6. Cort Ammon

    Alternatives to Woocommerce Wordpress?

    What are the alternatives to Woocommerce in Wordpress? I found that Woocommerce but it is still limited by performance and customization. is there any plugins that build an ecommerce store better than Woocommerce in Wordpress?
  7. djsmiley2k

    Where to find the best WordPress developers?

    I have several Wordpress sites and needing to develop some new modules for them hence I need to find some coders. According to you, where is the best place to find WordPress developers? please suggest me.
  8. DiamondIM

    How to Monitor, Check, Remove, and Prevent Malware from Your WordPress Site?

    Recently my website is infected by malware and as I read some articles then it can be through an issues from a Wordpress plugin. I have to clean my Wordpress site but not sure it may be back or not. My quesion is, how to monitor, check, remove, and prevent malware from my WordPress Site?
  9. D

    How to do WordPress blog Integration on Magento

    I am a bit new to Magento and I have been following this blog on Magento integration with WordPress but still confused, need help
  10. anilkvm85

    WordPress 5.1 Released (Many WordPress Theme Crashed) - What to do?

    Hi friends, This post is for informational purposes only. Many of us are using WordPress CMS and using free or paid themes. On 21st Feb 2019, WordPress 5.1 “Betty” Released and many themes backward compatibility break in WordPress 5.1. WordPress themes providers have already reported it to...
  11. I

    Does anyone know any tips for promoting a new WordPress plugin?

    Hi, We released a WordPress backup plugin, WPvivid Backup/Restore. It is available to download from WordPress plugin directory (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpvivid-backuprestore/). Currently, we face a situation that a few weeks passed since the first release and the active installations...
  12. Reyansh

    How do I convert an HTML website with hundreds of articles into a website of WordPress articles?

    I have an HTML website with roughly 750 articles. I want to convert them to WordPress because WordPress has features that I want to use with the existing articles and new articles going forward. My hosting provider says I can do it manually. I have too many articles for that. What should I...
  13. Cheerag Nundlall

    Show IP address with Wordpress plugin?

    I have a Wordpress blog and more people contacted me via forms but I don't know where they come from. How can I check their real IP address? does it have a plugin to do this task?
  14. I

    [Free] Need feedback for WPvivid Backup/Restore (a free WordPress backup plugin)

    Hi guys, I am from WPvivid team and recently we released a new free WordPress backup plugin, WPvivid Backup/Restore, which is available to download from WordPress plugin directory now. It is a fully featured plugin including one–click backup and restore, both manual and scheduled backups, cloud...
  15. YoustableIND

    Blogger vs WordPress which one is better for making money online.

    For making a new website which platform is best Blogger or WordPress?
  16. webaika

    Good Day Everyone!

    My name is Peter. I’m a web developer and owner of a small company Web Aika. I’ve been building and managing websites for over 10 years, hosting on a small server. Now taking a bigger step forward and actually launching my very own hosting platform. You probably know how it goes – no weekends...
  17. BillEssley

    Caching Plugins to Speed Up Wordpress Website?

    Can you recommend which caching plugins to speed up Wordpress website? I am using W3 Total Cache but still looking for better other options. Any suggestions?
  18. Cheerag Nundlall

    How to disable Gutenberg and keep the Classic Editor in WordPress

    I updated to Wordpress 5.0 but I feel difficult when usign new editor Gutenberg hence I would get old Editor that I used it in the past. How can I do this?
  19. BillEssley

    Delete Batches of Post Revisions in Wordpress?

    How can I delete batches of post revisions in Wordpress? My WP created more post revisions and I would like to delete them, it is making me annoy when reading post revisions on font end.
  20. BillEssley

    Did anyone use WordPress 5.0?

    Did anyone use WordPress 5.0? I heard that they are changing post editor to a new editor, it is Gutenberg editor which can cause complex for our use. Is that real? what are pros and cons of WordPress 5.0?