1. Chris Worner

    How to make your web hosting understand <? as <?php

    I am using PHP 5.6 and in my PHP code (from a PHP deveoper) he wrote <? instead of <?php hence some codes didn't work until I changed <? to <?php for examples: <? include ROOT."templates".DS."left-menu.php" ?> changed to <?php include ROOT."tmpl".DS."left-menu.php" ?> What configs to do...
  2. hostingmzd

    Web Hosting with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Just in $1.99 Per Month 2018-11-28

    LINUX WEB HOSTING Best web hosting with optimal performance and security We understand that web hosting is not only by providing Storage and FTP access. We aim to provide individuals and businesses everything to be online around the globe to show their identity whether it's personal or...
  3. Bravosi

    The best web hosting service?

    Good evening dear community. I almost finished my personal website, and I'm looking for a suitable web hosting service. I know that "bluehost" and "godaddy" received top rating on several websites, but I would still like to hear your opinion and get your recommendation. The reason I like...
  4. Kaz Wolfe

    What is the best traffic source to sell a hosting service?

    I recently launched a hosting service which reselling from some providers. I am thinking to get traffic from Google but it is pretty hard hence I'm looking for another right traffic source to use to boost my sales. What do you have in mind?
  5. gutzman

    Paid website hosting service, is it worth it or a gamble?

    For those who are just new and want to start a website for the goal to be successful, getting a website hosting service is kind of hesitating. Some people think that having a monthly or yearly paid service is fix but the income of the website itself is uncertain. How would you then explain the...
  6. exa-edward

    Is having free hosting that important?

    Just a random thought in my mind, although a lot of people is looking for free hosting but do you really want a free hosting for your business or personal use and expect it to be giving you return? Let me know your thoughts. ;)
  7. Unisecure

    What Are The Other Important Services Provided By The Hosting Provider?

    Hosting refers to a practice of hosting a site on a web server which can be accessed from the network and can be viewed online. There are millions of web hosting providers in the world who own web hosting and allows the website to get space with characteristics like CPU, RAM, Disk space...
  8. Comics0026

    Good and Easy to use Web Hosting for a Small Business?

    Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for an easy to use web hosting service for a small business, preferably at a low price. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, just a place to display our products and services (board games and board game designing) and allow people to contact us. Thank you!
  9. Pusya

    Is it a profitable business to run a web hosting platform?

    Hi everyone! Many people want to start a personal web hosting business sitting in the confinements of their home; while some of them feel that it's not a very realistic idea, however, others even manage to generate thousands of dollars. In your opinion, is it worth to give a try? Because I'm...
  10. Cort Ammon

    What is better for your hosting?

    At the time of managing the hosting, as with everything, we can choose the platform to work with. We will see the difference between two of the main ones, such as Windows and Linux, based on your need. Starting with Linux, this is optimal due to its reliability and effectiveness. If what you...
  11. Joseph_Hill

    Move 5 websites on a cPanel hosting to a new host?

    How to move 5 websites on a cPanel hosting to a new host? I am planning to move these websites from my current hosting to a new host, they are running on WHM/cPanel, on a decent VPS. Which way or options to check to download and easily move 5 websites' data without any risks as downtime or lose...
  12. TheBoss

    Fast SSD cPanel Hosting

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  13. HostPace

    One of the Web Hosting Company on Sell

    Hello Guys, We have one client who wants to sell his web hosting company, readymade site, whmcs everything is working. Please send us a PM to know more. Thanks, - HostPace.
  14. ITivan80

    Los Angeles Colocation starting @ $75! 2018-10-23

    COLOCATION AMERICA ( is the industry leader in enterprise level colocation hosting providing top quality services and features to our clients at very competitive prices. We operate out of 22 data centers around the United States, located in five major cities: Los...
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  16. technbyte

    Best Hosting Providers from Bangladesh?

    Hello, We're an IT StartUp from Bangladesh. Our wide range of digital services include web hosting services too. I need to know that what are the best hosting providers from Bangladesh so that we can follow them. Thanks
  17. Ender

    Fusion Arc Hosting | WEB HOSTING $0.50/mo | Free SSL | 30 DAY MONEY BACK! 2018-08-11

    Our web hosting packages are perfect for businesses requiring high uptime web hosting with 24x7 support and individuals & bloggers that require a reliable web hosting platform. Whether you're starting your first web site or need a solution for your business, our web hosting packages are designed...
  18. exa-edward

    Cheapest Startup Web Hosting $0.42/month ( 1 year above ) 2018-07-23

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  19. Lucian Hodoboc

    Any hosting companies that provide software installation services?

    Can you recommend me any hosting companies that provide their clients with free software installation services? For example, do you know any hosting company that will install Wordpress or phpBB or XenForo (or any such script that takes a few minutes to install) for free when you purchase a...
  20. cheapestwebhosting Only $1.98 // Cheapest but Reliable // Fast 1Gbps // White label, Overselling 2018-07-09

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