1. djb1829

    Social media Facebook WhatsApp etc rare hosting downtime. Today

    Well I can't access whatsapp or Facebook.. And I overheard someone in the supermarket say that social media is down. Well I honestly never thought I'd see the day!
  2. M

    How does VPS hosting differ from shared and dedicated hosting?

    I launch my small business and I require server that meet my needs. there are different offers that make me confused. can anyone help me to answer this questions. Is shared hosting cheaper than dedicated hosting? Is shared hosting safer than dedicated hosting? i find this article but i need...
  3. J

    How do I choose the right Cloud Hosting provider?

    Want to run my website in Cloud Hosting, Is there any data breach while doing this?
  4. C

    Web Hosting features' that should always be standard.

    There are some features I think that should be included in any hosting plan and would be surprised to not find. For example- Availability of Backup. User friendly support website. To start a discussion we can think of a real time support where we don't need to call on toll free numbers or open...
  5. R

    Which features web hosting solutions will impress you?

    Since many web hosting providers which lots of packages, after searching I realized that most of the recommendations are for large companies, but obviously, there are many smaller web providers in this field that have a good service and good performance as well (or even better). I saw this...
  6. Dopani

    What is your current web hosting control panel?

    I am just curious what is your current web hosting control panel? I am just curious about this and want to know your experience on which hosting control panel is best for you and reasons why you chose it?
  7. H

    Is WordPress VIP Hosting is best for Largescale Website?

    Hello Everyone? I owned a website that has 30k+ visitors monthly and now my hosting service is not supported securely. I am thinking to buy WordPress VIP services that allow high-traffic volume with unrivaled performance and security. I am thinking to purchase it but is anyone here using it...
  8. A

    Can anyone please suggest me a better reseller hosting?

    Hello, We have been using a2 host for 3 years but a2 hosting performance is getting poor day by day! Can anyone please suggest me a better reseller hosting than A2 ?
  9. A

    Plesk vs Directadmin for shared hosting company?

    Hi i would like to know which panel you guys prefer. Plesk or Directadmin, knowing plesk doesnt have Exim at the moment.
  10. markoo

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    Reseller hosting means renting storage space and bandwidth from a web hosting company and then selling it to your clients. Reseller hosting is the most effective and affordable way to start your own web hosting business. Nowadays, it’s easy to start a web hosting company. So if you’ve been...
  11. markoo

    Are You Using Free Hosting ?

    Dear All, I know I have Describing Free Hosting What has Already known It. But I think Minimum People did not know about free hosting. If anyone using free hosting their website data will be hake or and the free hosting provider will sell your all data to other companies for leads. So Be...
  12. D

    Question about different hosting options

    Hi there Apologies for repeating any previous queries. The world of hosting has changed somewhat since I first had my business sites hosted on what I imagine was a share of some Microsoft server somewhere. No idea what it was. You don't need to There are 4 subforums here - dedicated, cloud...
  13. D

    Dealing with registrar/reseller if temporarily without hosting

    Hi all I'm in an unusual situation. After 20 or so years problem free web and email hosting my current provider is causing me problems and I may be without web/email hosting for a while. Finding a reliable and trusted replacement is not trivial - few options Can anyone advise what happens with...
  14. S

    Suggest best VPS hosting Provider

    Hello, Currently, I am using one website via Windows shared hosting plan. Increasingly website visitors have been getting "Service Unavailable" messages while trying to browse the website. I find this strange because sometimes the sites will stay up for well over a month and then I may get...
  15. Gohar

    What are the best and cheap web hosting for PBNs?

    Usually, there have been some specific web hosts for various web hosting solutions. So, here I want to know about the best and cheap companies that provide specific web hosting services for PBNs.
  16. Harry P

    Does affiliate marketing for web hosting still work?

    I checked around a few affiliate sites and they are offer affiliate programs from hosting providers. Did they still work for website owners? could they earn money from that?
  17. Chris Worner

    Top 10 Paid Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage VPS?

    Can everyone share me top 10 best paid web hosting control panels to manage an unmanaged VPS? I like to replace cPanel control panel because I have to pay more for it monthly, needing a new hosting control panel. Waiting for your recommendations!
  18. mehrdadali14

    How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting

    Optimizing WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting is very important as WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. enhancement SEO and speed of wordpress site to the two main key factors : Web hosting optimization: Web site optimization Whether you run a high...
  19. G

    List of free VPS hosting.

    Hello. I have collected all free and trial hosting versions for you. For convenience, I have sorted them. Sorry, I can't leave a link. Therefore, you can write to me and I will gladly share with you.