1. S

    Which hosting suits best for my website or application?

    Hey Guys Iam a new enterpreneur. I have a small company about handicrafts and home decoration. I have a website but it doesn't work very well, so I decided to try cloud hosting. As you know Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses resources from multiple remote servers to host websites...
  2. A

    How does Reseller Hosting really help the provider

    Might sound like a really noob level question but how does reseller hosting really help these web hosting providers.
  3. Webexp

    Some recommendation to choose reseller hosting providers?

    I am a web designer and developer and for a while I used the hostinger reseller service, at first everything was fine but then things became critical with my clients' websites, so I decided to cancel the service and acquire a shared hosting service until that I can find the right option to offer...
  4. garbuc

    Hosting my own vps

    Hello! New to the hosting world and IT in general. I have been learning about operating VPS and maintaining them and am at the point where I can pretty sufficiently run them with the help of the provider. I can however see the need to run them in house looming in the near future because of...
  5. Dopani

    Can i change IP address of a hosting server linux?

    Currently my server's ip address is blocked by a mail network so all mails went to spam box. I want to change this IP to another IP address. Is that possible? how can I do that? any suggestions?
  6. Dopani

    Best email hosting providers?

    Hey all, My company have about 50 employees and 250 emails to use for different domains, but the problem is, emails sending to clients, used to spam box or mark as spam on their email. Do we need to use email hosting from other providers? we knew Google workspace (g suite) is good but its price...
  7. techteacherdebashree

    My hosting always shows space problem which hosting is best for 3 blogs?

    I m using green geeks 2nd plan for 2 month . My hosting always shows space problem which hosting is best for 3 blogs?
  8. N

    Looking for VPS hosting with very good support :)

    Looking for VPS hosting with very good support :)
  9. C

    Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting: Which one is Better for my Ecommerce Business?

    I have an eCommerce website and looking to get a better server for it. Let me know which one should I prefer.
  10. bcca

    cheap KVM hosting (servers) for SlickStack

    hello my first post been testing with LEMP stack cloud servers for Wordpress and SlickStack and WordOps, Webinoly the recommend server is Ubuntu LTS and KVM environment-- Vultr, Upcloud, DigitalOcean and Linode are the common providers, I want to know other cheap KVM servers in Asia, Africa...
  11. Saahib

    How do I create direct link to hosting with annual package in hostbill

    Hi, I have hostbill where I want to offer annual and bi-annual discount and I have done that in product page. However, on main site (outside Hostbill) I want to add direct link to product so that when a person uses that link then in Hostbill annual billing is automatically selected. Currently...
  12. smarthoster

    How To Find The Right Shared Hosting?

    Hello FW guys, I'm curious as to how you go about choosing the finest hosting company for you? Using only Google, Bing, or another search engine? What are the decision-making criteria? The price to value ratio is the most clear. But what if you come across two providers who are exactly the...
  13. Business mind

    How to choose best web hosting

    Hey guys, Can someone tell me the things I need to look at before buying a web hosting service
  14. Business mind

    Best web hosting website 2021/2022

    Hey guys can anyone recommend the best web hosting website to use
  15. V

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?
  16. Anubhav

    Looking for a hosting provider

    Where can i get the best hosting provider had a look at many websites but was not satisfied. Is there any place where I can get hosting reviews of all hosting providers and get to know which hosting provider would be cheapest.
  17. lisa dsouza

    What is web hosting ? Why is web hosting necessary? Who Offers Best Web Hosting services?

    I want to start a hosting business, so I want to know about it.
  18. Spyderhost

    Should I Start a Web Hosting Company in a Crowded Market

    This question is asked all the time along with "is web hosting profitable"? The answer to the first question is only if you have a lot of drive and ambition. 20 years ago you could have started a new hosting company and found customers very easily and made money without much effort. However, 20...
  19. D

    What are web hosting affiliate programs. How can one really earn in web hosting affiliate marketing?

    hey, is there anyone who know What are web hosting affiliate programs. How can one really earn in web hosting affiliate marketing? plz tell me.