1. Support@MainVPS

    Is 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth in hosting plans truly limitless?

    Have you ever opted for a hosting plan that advertised 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth? I'm curious to know about your real-world experiences. Did you find these terms to be genuinely limitless, or were there unexpected limitations when your website experienced high traffic or increased...
  2. Support@MainVPS

    What specific features do you believe would significantly enhance website speed when considering a hosting provider?

    When it comes to hosting providers, what specific features do you think would make a website lightning-fast? Share your thoughts on the key elements that can amp up website speed.
  3. Support@MainVPS

    Budget or performance: What matters more in web hosting for businesses?

    When it comes to web hosting for businesses, what should take precedence—choosing budget-friendly options for cost savings or investing in premium services for optimal performance?
  4. Mihai B.

    Tips for comparing Services between Two hosting providers?

    I'm looking to compare the quality of services between two hosting providers. What factors do you consider when evaluating hosting services, such as server uptime, customer support, security features, or website loading speed? Are there any specific experiences or recommendations you can share...
  5. Mihai B.

    Is my hosting server ready for more websites?

    I have a concern regarding my hosting server's capacity to handle multiple websites with decent traffic. Currently, I have several websites hosted, but I am unsure whether the server has enough resources to accommodate them efficiently. I am also looking for ways to assess if it's advisable to...
  6. J

    which Hosting Type is the best for beginners?

    Shared hosting is often the best choice for beginners. It's affordable and user-friendly, making it ideal for those new to web hosting. With shared hosting, multiple websites share a single server, reducing costs and complexity. As your website grows, you can consider upgrading to more advanced...
  7. tomsang

    Searching for the most optimal Reseller Hosting! Budget $30-$40/month

    Greetings to all ForumWeb members! I'm trying to get into the reseller hosting space, and I am looking for the optimal provider. I've done some research online, and come up with a list of features I need; to be part of the package, NOT add-ons, upsells or separately purchased. ✅ 25+ Control...
  8. R

    Understanding Dedicated Server Costs: Budgeting for Your Hosting Needs

    Let's simplify the complexities of dedicated server pricing. Cost Components: Dedicated server costs typically include hardware, software licenses, bandwidth, and any additional services like backups or security features. Factors affecting costs include server specifications and provider...
  9. G

    Starting a VPS hosting service

    Hi all, I own a MSP company and am looking to expanding into the VPS hosting service side. For any of you that do this currently, what hypervisor do you use? Also, what VPS management software do you use? I have looked at a few out there, but want to make sure I pick the right one. I will have...
  10. Cheerag Nundlall

    Taking Control vs. Relying on Hosting Provider for Server Security?

    I'm wrestling with a critical question regarding server security, and I'd love to tap into your knowledge and experiences. Specifically, I'm pondering whether I should actively manage the security of my server or entrust that responsibility entirely to my hosting provider. I'm eager to hear your...
  11. Chris Worner

    Phone support availability among Hosting service Providers?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently exploring hosting service options for my website, and one of my key considerations is customer support. While many hosting providers offer various support channels, I'm particularly interested in phone support. Could anyone please share their experiences or...
  12. V

    what is VPS hosting?

    What advantages does VPS hosting offer over traditional shared hosting for websites and applications?
  13. Auwal

    Am looking For Cheap Cloud Hosting

    is there anyone help me with cheap cloud hosting, but quality one, no downtime, and 24/7 customer support? help please, exclude, hitzner, and contabo...
  14. H

    What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is an online service that stores your website's files and makes them accessible to visitors on the internet.
  15. t.edwards

    Value of VPS vs Shared Hosting

    VPS client now (2 years) now considering saving $ going back to shared. (14g bandwidth, 6 domains). Any suggestions, comments appreciated.
  16. D

    VPS Upgrade Question.

    My current VPS is windows 2022, 6 vCPU Cores , 16 GB RAM and 100 GB NVMe . Its price is €28.78 . I want to install new additional software running on start up. In the same company If I upgrade to: 10 cores 60 GB 400 GB (100% NVMe) 1,000 Mbit/s €90.58 / month But the price is €90.58 /...
  17. t.edwards

    Tips to marketing as a hosting reseller.

    Looking for guidance, protocols, essentials and examples of being an exceptional reseller of web hosting services.
  18. T

    Can google ban my domain on google ads without saying?

    Hi, In May 2023 I had a problem on my WordPress website with malware injection. This was solved right way. But my ad campaigns won't back to be approved. So I did a test on a couple of things involving hosting. Even migrated my site from a shared host to a dedicated one. But the campaigns...
  19. Dr. McKay

    How to install Memcached on Plesk hosting control panel?

    Hello, I want to install Memcached on Plesk hosting control panel to serve for my Wordpress websites. What is the easiest way to setup and config this?
  20. DemoTiger

    How to attract clients from YouTube for your web hosting business?

    1. Create content prospects want to watch: If your potential customer doesn't want to watch the first video, they certainly won't want to watch the second, third, or tenth video. Create content that potential customers will find useful. 2. Just answer the question: Your prospect is looking for...