1. S

    Dedicated hosting

    Goodmorning, I'm looking for a reasonably priced managed dedicated hosting solution for my client, he has a small browser-based game site. Better with good processing speeds and lots of storage if possible at least 4 TB, but don't need a lot of RAM, thank you all!
  2. S

    Affortable cloud hosting small business

    Hello, my client has a small business and looking for reliable and affortable cloud hosting. Thank you for your support in advance
  3. R

    Web hosting for medical office

    Greetings, I am starting a medical practice and am looking for a web hosting provider. I want offer patient appointment scheduling and bill paying options on the site but understand it needs to be HIPAA-compliant. Can you recommend any web hosting providers that offer HIPPA compliant services at...
  4. mramino

    choosing new RDP hosting

    I have recently purchased the Operavps services, the RDP hosting. I am not really satisfied because of their support. is there anyother web hostings I can get a solid RDP server with reliable support?
  5. anxelita

    Making money on web hosting?

    Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting?
  6. Rahul_A

    How much it costs to buy hosting? This info I got is this currect? add ur opinions

    After search i found Hosting cost varies depending upon the plan and your requirements. Cost can be from $2.49/mon to $729, and even in some premium plans it goes higher. For website, basically there are 5 types of hosting which can provide web solution and these are: Cloud hosting: Cloud...
  7. O

    Which cloud hosting provider is best?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me a good cloud hosting provider? :)
  8. O

    Is Customer Email Displayed Publicly for Web Hosting Account?

    When you sign up for webhosting is your email displayed publicly in any record? I tend to separate some of my websites not only by hosting plans but also by hosting accounts (if from the same provider), because I was always under the impression the hosting account email is displayed publicly...
  9. Harry P

    Best social network for web hosting promotions?

    What is the best social network for web hosting promotions? facebook, twitter, linkedin or others? can you guys share you experience?
  10. klegut

    SSD hosting - do I need it?

    I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites?
  11. Maxoq

    Find hosting provider from a website?

    How can I identify or find web hosting provider name from a website domain? I checked a few websites and they have great load speed, im wondering which hosting providers they used. Is there a way to find hosting provider from a website?
  12. Mujkanovic

    How to Unzip file .tar.gz on hosting?

    After backup my website on cpanel, i got this file type, filename.tar.gz . How to unzip this file in SSH? I can not use Unzip command in ssh to unzip .gz file.
  13. Vishnu

    [LIMITED STOCK] Unlimited Reseller Hosting + WHMCS Starter License 69$ Per Year 1

    We are introducing an Startup Reseller Programs which comes with very affordable Pricing comes with an Bundle to kick start your Webhosting Business,Our Startup Reseller Plans starts from 69$ Per Year (5200 INR For indian Users) Reseller - ST Unlimited SSD Space Unlimited Bandwidth 50 cPanel...
  14. Cheerag Nundlall

    What type of hosting for Streaming Video Live?

    I read this offer but really don't understand what is streaming Video Live and why need a hosting for that? can anyone explain for me?
  15. DaRecordon

    What to check before purchasing web hosting service?

    Did you check reviews, specs or something else before before purchasing web hosting service from a web hosting provider? or you just buy their service if they fit your requirements?
  16. OnaDavney

    What to do if your hosting is becoming bad?

    As title, what to do if your hosting is becoming bad? in first months your hosting service is good but its becoming bad because your hosting provider is changing rules or suspend your service without any reasons? I moved 4 times to new hosting provider after faced same problem. What bout you...
  17. E

    Dot com domains for hosting business

    Before starting an international hosting business, I would love to have your feedback on the best option, from the following domain list My top preferences - from host + linux, without L - with suffix -iac, like maniac, paradisiac Secondary list -...
  18. Kaz Wolfe

    Does web hosting cost reduce over time?

    A few years ago, I need about 250 to $300 / month for a dedicated server but now its price around $80 to $150. Does web hosting cost reduce over time? or am I wrong?
  19. David Beroff

    DMCA Ignored Hosting?

    What is DMCA Ignored Hosting provider? when I do need this type of hosting or what should I follow when go with them?
  20. Pocomaster

    What is the best Traffic Source for web hosting site ?

    I want to know what is your best traffic Source for the web hosting site?