1. Mujkanovic

    When do I need a reseller hosting plan?

    I check and see that reseller hosting plans have more advantages over shared hosting, even VPS hosting because it has good features like a VPS while still using hosting control panels like a VPS without buying licenses for my hosting. My question is just, when do I need a reseller hosting plan?
  2. D

    Best Hosting Solution? VPS? CDN?

    I have been trying to discover the best hosting solution that offers speed and reliability. I thought I found it with WPX hosting and their WPX Cloud CDN but had a serious outage(The WPX Cloud gave an error for my websites for anyone using CSpire) tonight that got me searching again. Would...
  3. Maxoq

    How to detect a web hosting provider is not an official web hosting provider?

    I mean I want to know a web hosting provider is reselling servers or hosting services but without providing supports or what an official web hosting provider did. How can I check and know that?
  4. Maxoq

    Can reseller hosting replace VPS hosting?

    I see that reseller hosting service is not more different from VPS hosting service, even its price is better than VPS hosting service. Should use reseller hosting service instead VPS services?
  5. omondipeter

    New Member In the House

    Hello All, I'm just delighted to have joined this powerful platform. I'm Peter Omondi from Kenya and very happy as we shall be sharing information here and there concerning Web hosting. Thank you all once again
  6. Mujkanovic

    Should not I buy web hosting services from new hosting companies?

    Recently I got issues with my hosting and I had to move to another hosting companies. When I checked the hosting company I faced issues, I see their website is still new, just a year old, like they just built their hosting company 1 year ago. Should I go with hosting companies that worked in the...
  7. Cheerag Nundlall

    Google cloud or Amazon cloud hosting?

    What is the best cloud hosting service between Google cloud or Amazon cloud hosting? I saw more advertisements for these providers but I don't know their pricing and features. Can anyone tell me more details?
  8. Anjukeer

    How to installed free wordpress hosting?

    The Best Free WordPress Hosting: 1., often confused with the open-source WordPress software, is a for-profit implementation of the open-source software that you find at simplifies the process of creating a WordPress site, letting you...
  9. Anjukeer

    Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

    Best free web hosting of 2020? 1. Infinityfree Best overall free web hosting Disk space: Unlimited | Domain hosting: Unlimited | Monthly traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth | Subdomains: Unlimited | Email accounts: 10 | FTP accounts: 1 | MySQL databases: 400 Unlimited storage/bandwidth 400 MySQL...
  10. Anjukeer

    Best guide provide "WEB HOSTING" tutorial

    Hello, everyone We will tell you about a good WEB HOSTING. you can trust me blindly. WEB HOSTING What is Hosting? Hosting is termed as space or territory that you purchase on a web server to save or store your site documents. Whenever you are buying a hosting, it merely means you are...
  11. F

    What to look for when hosting a static site? (game)

    Hi, I'm developing a game that weights about 120 Mb. Let's say I expect to have more or less 2000 concurrent users per hour, with 4 peak hours per day where there are about 4000players. Game doesn't interact with a database or anything in the likes, pretty much will just serve files. Game...
  12. David Beroff

    How do you advertise your web hosting business?

    Hi guys, How do you advertise your web hosting business? Google? Facebook ads? Forums Radio,tv Other Please share your answers!
  13. W

    Best Email Hosting

    Hi, Currently we are on NetSols, and since 2 weeks ago, they had emails down (supposedly they were upgrading). And since then we have having issues with receive emails, and clients get their replies bounced back saying our IP is blacklisted. Contacting their support is list being on queue for...
  14. Asgard87

    Best hosting provider for WordPress?

    Recommendations would be welcome.. requirements are here- 5GB storage 1TB bandwidth, also CDN if possible? budget is USD 30/month, roughly (INR 2100) Have been suggested BlueHost India. This is for a client.
  15. G

    Uniden Hosting LLC Down - What happened to Uniden Hosting ?

    Hello, My many websites with are down from July 2nd, 2020, and I am unable to contact customer care (website , phone numbers and emails are down) and customer manage area is also down. Do any one here have hosted with them and have the same issue? ......
  16. R

    Is it OK for a NOOB to have a VPS Hosting Websites?

    Hey everyone, I was on Siteground but their renewal fees are expensive so I looked for a cheaper option....I went with a VPS with cyberpanel installed on it. I have no idea how to manage a VPS but my websites are on it and they are running fine. However, I don't feel safe. I paid a...
  17. V

    Free cloud hosting / VPS for beginner

    Hi, I have been following this sub for some time and I am interested in starting to host couple of things such as tt-rss and a cloud storage to begin with. What are some free or very cheap options to host these. I have zero experience with VPSs and web hosting in general. I made very simple...
  18. sanler

    Who can introduce a free hosting management software

    I have two server computers. I want to provide 1GB of free space for bloggers. Who can tell me what management software can realize my idea? To meet some requirements: 1. Users are required to register by themselves, and each user can only apply for one space 2. Be able to view the space...
  19. netedgetech

    Which hosting service is more beneficial?

    Hi, I am researching over the internet. I would like to know which hosting service is more beneficial? Can someone explain me ? I believe cloud hosting is best now a days but still looking for opinion.
  20. Dr. McKay

    Install Windows server on a cloud hosting?

    Can I install Windows server on a cloud hosting? my way is install a windows server on a cloud or dedicated server hosting which support window and I can control it like installing a windows server on a local machine. Is that possible? can I access my windows with remote network connection from...