1. mehrdadali14

    How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting

    Optimizing WordPress for Better Performance in Cpanel Hosting is very important as WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. enhancement SEO and speed of wordpress site to the two main key factors : Web hosting optimization: Web site optimization Whether you run a high...
  2. G

    List of free VPS hosting.

    Hello. I have collected all free and trial hosting versions for you. For convenience, I have sorted them. Sorry, I can't leave a link. Therefore, you can write to me and I will gladly share with you.
  3. T

    What is the best control panel solution for self hosting platform?

    Hello all, I am looking to have a hosting solution for my company and our client sites (as well as our own). The biggest issue I have is speed. I want the fastest load times and shortest server response times possible. For the purposes of this, the platform and server I am going with is: AWS...
  4. supercanuck

    Email hosting setup

    Domain is registered with is hosted with is hosted with hover. Outgoing email works fine as sent from hover. Cannot receive email. How and where do i configure incoming email settings?
  5. JTexan

    Are affiliate programs still working in web hosting?

    I am wondering affiliate programs still work in web hosting, I saw some good programs with high commissions and wanted to apply on my blogs or websites to earn money from them. Are they still work in 2021?
  6. T

    Please suggest best dedicated server hosting company?

    Hi guys, Anyone please give me a feedback about your experience and the the best service providers in webhosting
  7. B

    Suggestion for Existing hosting

    Hello Everybody, I have two websites. I have lost my data from the server due to the carelessness of the hosting company. I would like to know which hosting company is best. Another question is better between these? Cloud Hosting or Shared linux hosting? Thanks in Advance
  8. T

    Searching for VPS hosting service for my friend

    Hello guys, Can anyone share you information regards VPS hosting providers with night ship can be much attractive, please suggest a good provider for this. Also, please suggest should I consider a linux server for this ?
  9. Dr. McKay

    When a hosting server is out of date and should upgrade or change it?

    I have a dedicated server that used 2 years, if comparing with servers at this time then its specifications is not good because it is used pretty long time, should I buy a new server and move websites to new server to have better configs at same price?
  10. S

    Looking for a reasonably priced managed dedicated hosting

    Goodmorning, I'm looking for a reasonably priced managed dedicated hosting solution for my client, he has a small browser-based game site. Better with good processing speeds and lots of storage if possible at least 4 TB, but don't need a lot of RAM, thank you all!
  11. S

    Affortable cloud hosting small business

    Hello, my client has a small business and looking for reliable and affortable cloud hosting. Thank you for your support in advance
  12. R

    Web hosting for medical office

    Greetings, I am starting a medical practice and am looking for a web hosting provider. I want offer patient appointment scheduling and bill paying options on the site but understand it needs to be HIPAA-compliant. Can you recommend any web hosting providers that offer HIPPA compliant services at...
  13. mramino

    choosing new RDP hosting

    I have recently purchased the Operavps services, the RDP hosting. I am not really satisfied because of their support. is there anyother web hostings I can get a solid RDP server with reliable support?
  14. anxelita

    Making money on web hosting?

    Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting?
  15. Rahul_A

    How much it costs to buy hosting? This info I got is this currect? add ur opinions

    After search i found Hosting cost varies depending upon the plan and your requirements. Cost can be from $2.49/mon to $729, and even in some premium plans it goes higher. For website, basically there are 5 types of hosting which can provide web solution and these are: Cloud hosting: Cloud...
  16. O

    Which cloud hosting provider is best?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me a good cloud hosting provider? :)
  17. O

    Is Customer Email Displayed Publicly for Web Hosting Account?

    When you sign up for webhosting is your email displayed publicly in any record? I tend to separate some of my websites not only by hosting plans but also by hosting accounts (if from the same provider), because I was always under the impression the hosting account email is displayed publicly...
  18. Harry P

    Best social network for web hosting promotions?

    What is the best social network for web hosting promotions? facebook, twitter, linkedin or others? can you guys share you experience?
  19. klegut

    SSD hosting - do I need it?

    I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites?
  20. Maxoq

    Find hosting provider from a website?

    How can I identify or find web hosting provider name from a website domain? I checked a few websites and they have great load speed, im wondering which hosting providers they used. Is there a way to find hosting provider from a website?