1. cindercloud

    Hello from hosting

    Hello All We are a cloud hosting company from Wrocław, Poland. We offer cost-effective Cloud VPS servers with high performance, 100% enterprise NVMe, scalability on the fly, unlimited traffic, no setup fees, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We also provide OpenStack remote services like...
  2. R

    Which is the best hosting for tech blog?

    I am already using Digital Ocean. I am starting a new blog and want to try a new host. Which is the best alternative to Digital Ocean
  3. DemoTiger

    How plans of big giants affect web hosting providers like you.

    Recently I found a 100 year domain registration plan by WordPress while searching about WordPress regarding my new release of video tutorials on WordPress. I was looking how WordPress related videos can bring viewers for hosting companies as WordPress has over billions of websites on it and I...
  4. viseo

    Anyone for free WordPress hosting?

    I need of place for free one blog?
  5. K

    starting a shared web hosting business

    i want to buy a hetzner dedicated server and start reselling it the server specs will be AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D 128 GB DDR5 ECC 4x 1.92 TB NVMe SSD (Gen4) so i calculated that in the worst case scenario if all my clients buy the smallest plan i offer which will be around 4 GB of space, i will have...
  6. ManagedCpanel

    Need hosting? I am here to help!

    Hello all, I am offering hosting for free for 1 domain to users to message me and are in need of Managed cPanel/WHM hosting for development and or a live starter website. This is hosting in the US and will provide you with full cPanel features that will support your project. Thank you!
  7. Skynet-Hosting

    Alert: WHMCSServices Hacked - Implications for Hosting Providers

    Greetings, Recent Hack of WHMCSServices In December 2023, a notable incident occurred involving WHMCSServices, a popular provider of WHMCS modules. It was discovered that their modules were compromised with malicious code. Broader Impact and Coincidental Breaches The hack's ramifications...
  8. EtaCloudTech Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server | -10% off 0.0.1

    Shared Hosting Linux Shared Hosting Perfect for smaller websites and blogs. Comes with cPanel, PHP, Apache and more Windows Shared Hosting Perfect for smaller websites, blogs, etc. Comes with Plesk, ASP, IIS and more WordPress Hosting A secure, reliable and powerful platform crafted for...
  9. Support@MainVPS

    What backup and recovery options do you consider essential for your hosting needs?

    When it comes to hosting, what backup strategies do you prioritize for resilience and security? Do you lean towards automated backups, incremental saves, or focus on offsite storage and encryption? How do you ensure backup integrity, and does scalability factor into your choice? Share your best...
  10. Support@MainVPS

    How is control and support different between managed and unmanaged hosting?

    For individuals who have experience with both managed and unmanaged hosting, what notable differences have you observed in terms of control and support between the two hosting environments?
  11. Support@MainVPS

    What challenges have you faced, if any, during website migrations between hosting providers?

    What hurdles or obstacles did you encounter when migrating your website between hosting providers? Share your experiences and insights regarding the challenges faced during this process.
  12. Support@MainVPS

    How do you monitor and manage server resources on your hosting platform?

    For those managing a hosting platform, what suggestions do you have for monitoring and managing server resources effectively? How do you optimize performance, ensure security, and handle resource scaling on your hosting infrastructure?
  13. Support@MainVPS

    Is 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth in hosting plans truly limitless?

    Have you ever opted for a hosting plan that advertised 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth? I'm curious to know about your real-world experiences. Did you find these terms to be genuinely limitless, or were there unexpected limitations when your website experienced high traffic or increased...
  14. Support@MainVPS

    What specific features do you believe would significantly enhance website speed when considering a hosting provider?

    When it comes to hosting providers, what specific features do you think would make a website lightning-fast? Share your thoughts on the key elements that can amp up website speed.
  15. Support@MainVPS

    Budget or performance: What matters more in web hosting for businesses?

    When it comes to web hosting for businesses, what should take precedence—choosing budget-friendly options for cost savings or investing in premium services for optimal performance?
  16. Mihai B.

    Tips for comparing Services between Two hosting providers?

    I'm looking to compare the quality of services between two hosting providers. What factors do you consider when evaluating hosting services, such as server uptime, customer support, security features, or website loading speed? Are there any specific experiences or recommendations you can share...
  17. Mihai B.

    Is my hosting server ready for more websites?

    I have a concern regarding my hosting server's capacity to handle multiple websites with decent traffic. Currently, I have several websites hosted, but I am unsure whether the server has enough resources to accommodate them efficiently. I am also looking for ways to assess if it's advisable to...
  18. J

    which Hosting Type is the best for beginners?

    Shared hosting is often the best choice for beginners. It's affordable and user-friendly, making it ideal for those new to web hosting. With shared hosting, multiple websites share a single server, reducing costs and complexity. As your website grows, you can consider upgrading to more advanced...
  19. tomsang

    Searching for the most optimal Reseller Hosting! Budget $30-$40/month

    Greetings to all ForumWeb members! I'm trying to get into the reseller hosting space, and I am looking for the optimal provider. I've done some research online, and come up with a list of features I need; to be part of the package, NOT add-ons, upsells or separately purchased. ✅ 25+ Control...
  20. R

    Understanding Dedicated Server Costs: Budgeting for Your Hosting Needs

    Let's simplify the complexities of dedicated server pricing. Cost Components: Dedicated server costs typically include hardware, software licenses, bandwidth, and any additional services like backups or security features. Factors affecting costs include server specifications and provider...