web hosting

  1. Jahanzaib

    Hey Everyone!!

    I am here to know more about web hosting and to create a community to share knowledge and resolve issues.
  2. Business mind

    How to choose best web hosting

    Hey guys, Can someone tell me the things I need to look at before buying a web hosting service
  3. Business mind

    Best web hosting website 2021/2022

    Hey guys can anyone recommend the best web hosting website to use
  4. lisa dsouza

    What is web hosting ? Why is web hosting necessary? Who Offers Best Web Hosting services?

    I want to start a hosting business, so I want to know about it.
  5. Spyderhost

    Should I Start a Web Hosting Company in a Crowded Market

    This question is asked all the time along with "is web hosting profitable"? The answer to the first question is only if you have a lot of drive and ambition. 20 years ago you could have started a new hosting company and found customers very easily and made money without much effort. However, 20...
  6. D

    What are web hosting affiliate programs. How can one really earn in web hosting affiliate marketing?

    hey, is there anyone who know What are web hosting affiliate programs. How can one really earn in web hosting affiliate marketing? plz tell me.
  7. PakChamp

    Free web hosting control panels

    Top 5 free web hosting control panels. 1. ISPConfig 2. Ajenti 3. CentOS Web Panel 4. Virtualmin 5. webmin
  8. hostcomtw

    Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages?

    Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages? For the hosting services, backup methods are much important, should be one of the features that need to be considered as well. Backup copies allow you to restore your data in a reliable and secure way...
  9. C

    Web Hosting features' that should always be standard.

    There are some features I think that should be included in any hosting plan and would be surprised to not find. For example- Availability of Backup. User friendly support website. To start a discussion we can think of a real time support where we don't need to call on toll free numbers or open...
  10. R

    Which features web hosting solutions will impress you?

    Since many web hosting providers which lots of packages, after searching I realized that most of the recommendations are for large companies, but obviously, there are many smaller web providers in this field that have a good service and good performance as well (or even better). I saw this...
  11. Gohar

    What are the best and cheap web hosting for PBNs?

    Usually, there have been some specific web hosts for various web hosting solutions. So, here I want to know about the best and cheap companies that provide specific web hosting services for PBNs.
  12. Harry P

    Does affiliate marketing for web hosting still work?

    I checked around a few affiliate sites and they are offer affiliate programs from hosting providers. Did they still work for website owners? could they earn money from that?
  13. Chris Worner

    Top 10 Paid Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage VPS?

    Can everyone share me top 10 best paid web hosting control panels to manage an unmanaged VPS? I like to replace cPanel control panel because I have to pay more for it monthly, needing a new hosting control panel. Waiting for your recommendations!
  14. JTexan

    Are affiliate programs still working in web hosting?

    I am wondering affiliate programs still work in web hosting, I saw some good programs with high commissions and wanted to apply on my blogs or websites to earn money from them. Are they still work in 2021?
  15. R

    Web hosting for medical office

    Greetings, I am starting a medical practice and am looking for a web hosting provider. I want offer patient appointment scheduling and bill paying options on the site but understand it needs to be HIPAA-compliant. Can you recommend any web hosting providers that offer HIPPA compliant services at...
  16. anxelita

    Making money on web hosting?

    Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting?
  17. O

    Is Customer Email Displayed Publicly for Web Hosting Account?

    When you sign up for webhosting is your email displayed publicly in any record? I tend to separate some of my websites not only by hosting plans but also by hosting accounts (if from the same provider), because I was always under the impression the hosting account email is displayed publicly...
  18. Harry P

    Best social network for web hosting promotions?

    What is the best social network for web hosting promotions? facebook, twitter, linkedin or others? can you guys share you experience?
  19. DaRecordon

    What to check before purchasing web hosting service?

    Did you check reviews, specs or something else before before purchasing web hosting service from a web hosting provider? or you just buy their service if they fit your requirements?
  20. garethfrominnzone

    How Fast Should a Web Page Load for You?

    Page speed significantly affects users' experience and SEO ranking of your website. The recommended page speed by Google should be under 0.5 second. If your page speed is higher than that, your SEO ranking and users' experience will negatively be affected. So, how do you keep your page speed at...