web hosting

  1. JTexan

    Are affiliate programs still working in web hosting?

    I am wondering affiliate programs still work in web hosting, I saw some good programs with high commissions and wanted to apply on my blogs or websites to earn money from them. Are they still work in 2021?
  2. R

    Web hosting for medical office

    Greetings, I am starting a medical practice and am looking for a web hosting provider. I want offer patient appointment scheduling and bill paying options on the site but understand it needs to be HIPAA-compliant. Can you recommend any web hosting providers that offer HIPPA compliant services at...
  3. anxelita

    Making money on web hosting?

    Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting?
  4. O

    Is Customer Email Displayed Publicly for Web Hosting Account?

    When you sign up for webhosting is your email displayed publicly in any record? I tend to separate some of my websites not only by hosting plans but also by hosting accounts (if from the same provider), because I was always under the impression the hosting account email is displayed publicly...
  5. Harry P

    Best social network for web hosting promotions?

    What is the best social network for web hosting promotions? facebook, twitter, linkedin or others? can you guys share you experience?
  6. DaRecordon

    What to check before purchasing web hosting service?

    Did you check reviews, specs or something else before before purchasing web hosting service from a web hosting provider? or you just buy their service if they fit your requirements?
  7. garethfrominnzone

    How Fast Should a Web Page Load for You?

    Page speed significantly affects users' experience and SEO ranking of your website. The recommended page speed by Google should be under 0.5 second. If your page speed is higher than that, your SEO ranking and users' experience will negatively be affected. So, how do you keep your page speed at...
  8. Kaz Wolfe

    Does web hosting cost reduce over time?

    A few years ago, I need about 250 to $300 / month for a dedicated server but now its price around $80 to $150. Does web hosting cost reduce over time? or am I wrong?
  9. Pocomaster

    What is the best Traffic Source for web hosting site ?

    I want to know what is your best traffic Source for the web hosting site?
  10. MooseLucifer

    Difference between a small and big web hosting company?

    What is the difference between a small and big web hosting company? its by number of technical supporters, servers or something else? any opinions?
  11. Lampard

    Limitless Hosting - Anniversary Sale - From $3/year - Premium SSD Web Hosting - Instant Setup

    Limitless Hosting celebrates its 4th anniversary by providing the best discount every year. Starting from $3/year All discounts are recurring Also awesome addons for your shared/reseller account with WISECP Owned License at an extremely discounted price! Check addons section.
  12. fiz

    cPanel Hosting from $0.69 2020-09-22

    5 - 25 GB Storage 1 Domain 1 - 5 FTP 2 - 10 Emails 1 - 5 Databases FREE SSL Certificates Daily Backups Daily Backups on remote server (for $12 / a year ) FREE Softaculous Servers Secured with ImunifyAV
  13. Maxoq

    How to detect a web hosting provider is not an official web hosting provider?

    I mean I want to know a web hosting provider is reselling servers or hosting services but without providing supports or what an official web hosting provider did. How can I check and know that?
  14. Mujkanovic

    Should not I buy web hosting services from new hosting companies?

    Recently I got issues with my hosting and I had to move to another hosting companies. When I checked the hosting company I faced issues, I see their website is still new, just a year old, like they just built their hosting company 1 year ago. Should I go with hosting companies that worked in the...
  15. Anjukeer

    Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

    Best free web hosting of 2020? 1. Infinityfree Best overall free web hosting Disk space: Unlimited | Domain hosting: Unlimited | Monthly traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth | Subdomains: Unlimited | Email accounts: 10 | FTP accounts: 1 | MySQL databases: 400 Unlimited storage/bandwidth 400 MySQL...
  16. Anjukeer

    Best guide provide "WEB HOSTING" tutorial

    Hello, everyone We will tell you about a good WEB HOSTING. you can trust me blindly. WEB HOSTING What is Hosting? Hosting is termed as space or territory that you purchase on a web server to save or store your site documents. Whenever you are buying a hosting, it merely means you are...
  17. David Beroff

    How do you advertise your web hosting business?

    Hi guys, How do you advertise your web hosting business? Google? Facebook ads? Forums Radio,tv Other Please share your answers!
  18. JoivHost

    [JoivHost] Shared Web Hosting from $1.50/mo 2020-07-06

    Built on Cloud platform with CloudLinux, cPanel and JoivHost HIGH PERFORMANCE web server our hosting guarantees unbelievable stability and speed. It is suitable for small projects and for sites with thousands of visits.
  19. David Beroff

    Memcached vs Redis, Which One to install for my web hosting?

    I am using PHP 7.2 and interested to install a caching for my websites or speed up webpages. I am considering to install one of two these caching, Memcached or Redis, or can i install both? can you recommend me which one is better and why?
  20. ikalf

    TheMothHost - from $0.75 per month cPanel SSD Shared USA hosting 2020-05-06

    Use MAYDAY2020 at checkout to get 30% off on all yearly hosting prices! The Moth Host