1. ssdgrow

    Explore High-Performance Linux VPS Solutions with SSD Grow 2024-04-30

    SSD Grow’s Linux VPS hosting is crafted for businesses that require robust and flexible digital solutions. Whether you are hosting a complex database, running intensive applications, or developing scalable multi-platform services, our VPS hosting can be tailored to meet your unique needs. With...
  2. Hivelocity

    Hivelocity VPS | Plans Starting at $4/mo | 15% off Code Inside 2024-02-06

    Explore lightning-fast speeds and the best price-to-performance with Hivelocity's VPS Hosting - plans starting at just $4 per month. Use code WEB15 at checkout for 15% off your VPS purchase. Blazing fast 2+ Tbps Network: We route your traffic across multiple Tier-1 transit carriers for the...
  3. D

    Looking for Storage VPS With Servers In NL Or RO??

    I am looking for a storage VPS for my 3 sites one is a adult forum next is a images host linked to the forum last is a site for my internet radio station Phat Beats Radio. Here are the specs of the VPS server I am looking for 6tb to 8tb space 8gb to 12gb ram 1Gbit connection Server location NL...
  4. Support@MainVPS

    SSL on VPS: Necessary or overkill?

    SSL on VPS: Essential security or potential overkill? Any noticeable benefits in terms of user trust or SEO? Share your thoughts!
  5. Hivelocity

    Hivelocity | Black Friday Deals - Up to 50% off VPS 2023-11-09

    Hivelocity's Black Friday Sale is Live! Save up to 50% off on all VPS Plans. Take advantage of this limited-time offer using code FWBF50 at checkout, which applies to all payment terms. The more you pre-pay the bigger your savings will be. Act now for peak performance at unbeatable prices...
  6. Hivelocity

    Hivelocity | VPS starting at $4/mo! 2023-10-16

    VPS Hosting at Hivelocity has arrived! Experience lightning-fast speeds and the best price-to-performance, all starting at just $4/mo. Blazing fast 2+ Tbps Network: We route your traffic across multiple Tier-1 transit carriers for the least congested path. No Setup Fees, No Commitments: Say...
  7. A

    Do virtual machines on the host server get corrupted that often which means a VPS user can't logon to their VPS?

    My apologies for my questions as I'm a newbie with regards to web hosting via a VPS. Just wanted to ask when using a VPS which relies on a Virtual Machine (VM) on the host server, do these VMs get corrupted that often i.e., once a week, once a month, once every 6 months or once every 2-3 years...
  8. G

    Starting a VPS hosting service

    Hi all, I own a MSP company and am looking to expanding into the VPS hosting service side. For any of you that do this currently, what hypervisor do you use? Also, what VPS management software do you use? I have looked at a few out there, but want to make sure I pick the right one. I will have...
  9. V

    what is VPS hosting?

    What advantages does VPS hosting offer over traditional shared hosting for websites and applications?
  10. D

    VPS Upgrade Question.

    My current VPS is windows 2022, 6 vCPU Cores , 16 GB RAM and 100 GB NVMe . Its price is €28.78 . I want to install new additional software running on start up. In the same company If I upgrade to: 10 cores 60 GB 400 GB (100% NVMe) 1,000 Mbit/s €90.58 / month But the price is €90.58 /...
  11. virtualdesktopc

    Where can I get Free IPv6 VPS?

    Hi, Anyone using free IPv6 vps server, Is it available on the Internet for free of cost?
  12. B

    Custom VPN on a VPS side business project - need advice!

    Hello everybody. I've been looking over at a possibility of doing some small scale side hustle, by setting up VPN tunnels for regular people over in the countries with restrictive internet access, such as China, Turkmenistan, Russia and so on. The idea is not new, and I've seen some...
  13. J

    VPS Server for streaming

    Hello, May we know that which VPS will be good for streaming website, SSD VPS or cloud VPS? Also if we have more videos data, SSD will be good or Cloud vps will give better performance?
  14. Dopani

    How do I set up email hosting on my VPS hosting?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up email hosting on my VPS (Virtual Private Server). Can anyone recommend a good email server software and walk me through the basic steps to get it up and running? I'm using a Linux-based VPS with a control panel, if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Dopani

    How do I optimize my VPS for better performance?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for ways to optimize the performance of my VPS, and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to achieve this. Specifically, I'm interested in learning more about: Best practices for configuring my VPS for optimal performance? Tips for optimizing...
  16. Dopani

    How do I troubleshoot email delivery issues on my VPS?

    Hello everyone, I am experiencing some email delivery issues on my Virtual Private Server (VPS) and would like to get some advice on troubleshooting the problem such as: Checked my email server settings and verified that the SMTP and IMAP/POP3 settings are correct? Verified that my email...
  17. Dopani

    How do I manage and monitor website traffic on my VPS?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice on how to manage and monitor website traffic on my VPS. Specifically, I'm interested in learning how to track visitor activity, identify traffic sources, and optimize server performance based on traffic patterns. If anyone has experience with this and could...
  18. Dopani

    How do I monitor and manage server resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space on my VPS?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering how to monitor and manage server resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. What tools do you recommend for monitoring and managing these resources? Is there a particular software or command line tool that you use to check the usage of these resources? Also, what...
  19. Kaz Wolfe

    Steps to install CSF in your VPS hosting server

    Installing a firewall like CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) on your VPS (Virtual Private Server) is essential to ensure the security of your server and the data stored on it. A firewall like CSF can protect your server from network-based attacks, such as port scans, brute-force attacks...
  20. Kaz Wolfe

    How to test your disk speed (I/O) for your VPS server

    Testing the disk speed (I/O) for your VPS server is important for a few reasons. Firstly, the disk speed is a crucial factor in determining the overall performance of your VPS server. If your disk I/O is slow, it can significantly impact the performance of your applications, resulting in slow...