1. V

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?
  2. radwebhosting

    Save 50-70% off KVM VPS Servers-100% SSD-USA-RadWebHosting.com 2021-12-22

    For a limited time, fulfill your server requirements and save up to 70% off KVM VPS Clients taking advantage of this promotion will receive discounted pricing AND also lock in the promotional pricing indefinitely**. Enter the promo code at checkout to activate discounts!
  3. cloudytechi147

    Connect VPS with domain

    I have a website with the frontend and backend hosted with different hosting providers. The frontend of the app is in Vercel while the backend is in Linode. I also bought a domain in Cheapname, namely example.com. Right now both example dot com and example.com redirect to the Vercel frontend...
  4. N

    VPS provider for my needs

    Hello, I'm looking for a provider that offers: - 1gbps connection (and it's full and not shared with every other node lmao). - unlimited band - under 10$ - can be cloud too (ik for hetzner already so don't suggest that) Thanks <3
  5. Harry P

    Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a form of server created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server. , which runs as a resource share from the original physical server. Unlike Hosting that uses management software...
  6. U

    VPS Recommendation

    can anyone recommend a vps hosting that has a module for WHMCS? I am starting with VPS hosting and I need your help to continue, I appreciate all the help possible
  7. mason.jr8

    Why Should I You Need Skrill VPS?

    Some vps pproviders offer vps servers with low low price but the only payment method is skrill . Is it possible that this services have low efficiency or payments methods must have not effect service quality ?
  8. M

    How does VPS hosting differ from shared and dedicated hosting?

    I launch my small business and I require server that meet my needs. there are different offers that make me confused. can anyone help me to answer this questions. Is shared hosting cheaper than dedicated hosting? Is shared hosting safer than dedicated hosting? i find this article but i need...
  9. djb1829

    Should I setup vps node or use as Cpanel web server

    32 core server Intel Xeon 64gb DDR4 RAM 8TB hard drive 10gbit port for my own server I think these sort of specs would be better for running virtual servers than a Cpanel web server right? The reason I didn't set it up on the server before, Was because someone who i know in the hosting...
  10. S

    Suggest best VPS hosting Provider

    Hello, Currently, I am using one website via Windows shared hosting plan. Increasingly website visitors have been getting "Service Unavailable" messages while trying to browse the website. I find this strange because sometimes the sites will stay up for well over a month and then I may get...
  11. guiareymar

    please let me know if you know some good and cheap vps

    hello I am looking for a vps that offers 4 cores 8gb with 5 to 7usd budget per month. I did find contabo but they have this setup fee.
  12. DatabaseMart

    What's your acceptable Windows VPS price?

    Hello, What factors do you consider when purchasing a VPS? Pricing? Configuration? Tech Support? Or other? Database Mart is committed to delivering professional and reliable hosting services at the most reasonable price.
  13. Chris Worner

    Top 10 Paid Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage VPS?

    Can everyone share me top 10 best paid web hosting control panels to manage an unmanaged VPS? I like to replace cPanel control panel because I have to pay more for it monthly, needing a new hosting control panel. Waiting for your recommendations!
  14. T

    VPS Hosting Services

    How Cheap VPS Servers Help Your Organization? You can use cheap VPS hosting services if you have a small or medium-sized organization
  15. G

    List of free VPS hosting.

    Hello. I have collected all free and trial hosting versions for you. For convenience, I have sorted them. Sorry, I can't leave a link. Therefore, you can write to me and I will gladly share with you.
  16. T

    Searching for VPS hosting service for my friend

    Hello guys, Can anyone share you information regards VPS hosting providers with night ship can be much attractive, please suggest a good provider for this. Also, please suggest should I consider a linux server for this ?
  17. mramino

    Large Linux VPS Plan ?

    Hey, I'm looking for some large plans like 64 GB or something Linux VPS. Does anyone know any affordable plans and companies for it?
  18. E

    Require XEN VPS Host

    Folks, Check here: contabo.DOTCOM/?show=vps (No affiliate link. Not affiliated with them). I like their packs. Had my eyes on the 3rd, 4th & 5th row packs starting from the left. Unfortunately, their architecture is KVM. Need XEN. KVM will be too slow for my requirements so say many people...
  19. E

    Linux or Windows VPS For Me ?

    Hello Experienced VPS Hosting Advisers, I don't have experience with Unix apart from running websites on Shared Hosting like in the past. Never really dealt with Linux. Only WHM & cPanel. Hostings were on Unix OS ofcourse. MY CURRENT PROBLEMS & REQUIREMENTS I use Windows on my home laptops and...
  20. B

    VPS or Dedicated Server for this pack ?

    Hello , I want to start a hosting company business with some experience in this field and i want to offer this pack , - Starter Plan : 150GB space , 10 Email & database , 300,000 Inodes - Small Plan : 300GB space , 50 Email & database , 600,000 Inodes - Business Plan : 500GB space , 200...