1. Kaz Wolfe

    How to test your disk speed (I/O) for your VPS server

    Testing the disk speed (I/O) for your VPS server is important for a few reasons. Firstly, the disk speed is a crucial factor in determining the overall performance of your VPS server. If your disk I/O is slow, it can significantly impact the performance of your applications, resulting in slow...
  2. Kaz Wolfe

    How to install OpenVPN on Ubuntu VPS

    OpenVPN is a popular open-source virtual private network (VPN) software that enables secure communication over the internet by creating a private network connection between two devices. Installing OpenVPN on an Ubuntu VPS can provide many benefits as providing strong encryption to protect your...
  3. Kaz Wolfe

    How to check the speed of your VPS server

    Checking the speed of your VPS server can be important for several reasons. Firstly, it can help you determine whether the server is running slowly or experiencing performance issues. Secondly, regular speed tests can help you monitor the server's performance and detect any issues before they...
  4. W

    For Vultr vps users, how do their credits/balance system work?

    We're new to them so we just wanted to try their servers first using their free $250 credits. However, their credits/balance system is displayed in a very confusing way. 1) Why is there a negative "account balance?" but highlighted in color green. 2) Then there's red color (which we assume...
  5. A

    Move from shared hosting to vps hosting

    Hi everyone I have a WordPress website with content. I hosted it with Namecheap shared hosting and I want to transfer my website to Vultr VPS hosting with the same domain name. How can I do it? And thanks
  6. A

    Cheap KVM NVME VPS Offers in USA, Germany , and Canada - UltaHost 1

    Rapidly scale up your managed Germany virtual private servers as needed. And benefit from our fast NVMe storage, and more traffic than you will ever need. 24/7/365 Support Team Management BitNinja Security Staging Environment SSH and SFTP Access Unlimited Bandwidth Free Daily Backups Free...
  7. L

    Please Suggest Windows VPS Hosting

    Hello all, Currently, I am using one website via Windows-shared hosting plan. Increasingly website visitors have been getting "Service Unavailable" messages while trying to browse the website. I find this strange because sometimes the sites will stay up for well over a month and then I may get...
  8. W

    Home based VPS question.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to have a VPS, including for the purpose of higher anonymity/privacy over the internet. I heard having the server in a different country than your own, increases it. I read this: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Other option is to rent a...
  9. GuerillaRadioAL

    How to make a tool keep running even though the SSH session is closed?

    Good day or night everyone, super noob question here I have a VPS that I SSH into, and say run a very long NMAP scan against an IP. I want to be able to disconnect from that SSH session but still have the scan running on the server and whenever I get back on it, I can see the finished results...
  10. interpro

    Hi Guys from Interpro

    I have over a decade experience in web hosting and provide website services, am new here and glad to be part of this forum.
  11. upadhyayjyoti

    Can you get a VPS for free? What VPS can do?

    A VPS can be amazing if you know its use cases. Here are some: Host your high-traffic website Create websites for others and host them Create a gaming server Develop and test code Encrypt your wireless connection by hosting a VPN Setting Up A Mail Server External Backup Server Use VPS as an RDP...
  12. Webexp

    Some recommendation to choose reseller hosting providers?

    I am a web designer and developer and for a while I used the hostinger reseller service, at first everything was fine but then things became critical with my clients' websites, so I decided to cancel the service and acquire a shared hosting service until that I can find the right option to offer...
  13. Hamer Bao

    How to choose between LightNode VPS and HostGator VPS?

    Guys, I had a tough choice to make. I'm looking for a VPS for my small business. Now I find out two providers, LightNode and HostGator. I've seen so many ads for HostGator on Google which make me impressed. But I checked their configuration. The recommended configuration is 2 cores 4GB RAM...
  14. IPv4Vinny

    Have you had to make any changes because of IPv4 depletion?

    It's been interesting to watch the worldwide scramble to try to adopt IPv6 because of IPv4 depletion. Has your company or organization had to make any changes? Some early adopters have found some benefits, like better security and performance. I'm curious to hear about your experience.
  15. garbuc

    Hosting my own vps

    Hello! New to the hosting world and IT in general. I have been learning about operating VPS and maintaining them and am at the point where I can pretty sufficiently run them with the help of the provider. I can however see the need to run them in house looming in the near future because of...
  16. N

    Looking for VPS hosting with very good support :)

    Looking for VPS hosting with very good support :)
  17. F

    WooCommerce - Is it time for VPS now?

    Hello, this is first time to use this forum. Glad to be here. Our company is operating one WooCommerce website, and because of slow speed we changed hosting company several times ( at least 7 times within 2 years ) The last change was at December 2021, so now we are using custom plan of...
  18. C

    Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting: Which one is Better for my Ecommerce Business?

    I have an eCommerce website and looking to get a better server for it. Let me know which one should I prefer.
  19. bcca

    cheap KVM hosting (servers) for SlickStack

    hello my first post been testing with LEMP stack cloud servers for Wordpress and SlickStack and WordOps, Webinoly the recommend server is Ubuntu LTS and KVM environment-- Vultr, Upcloud, DigitalOcean and Linode are the common providers, I want to know other cheap KVM servers in Asia, Africa...