1. john-mth

    Social marketing

    Hello, How to do social marketing without paid ads? Please provide me brief answer, thanks
  2. bountysite

    How does affiliate marketing programs work?

    Hi, I run a security startup, BountySite, a cloud platform which backups websites and performs offline security scans. How do I benefit from affiliate marketing? How does it work? How do you quantify landing and conversions? Cheers!
  3. djsmiley2k

    Email marketing services?

    Can you suggest me some Email marketing services that allow me to send email newsletters to my subscribers? I have a huge list but I am afraid if I send it from my hosting, it will be failed. I need a good service for this. Please suggest me. Many thanks!
  4. bienn05

    Methods of Video Marketing?

    Hi, I just wanted to seek help on your ways of doing your video marketing. I am planning to have a Youtube channel and I just want to know how can I gain audiences and subscribers. What videos should I make to market my self in the Youtube world. Creating video is fun, especially when you know...
  5. Nancy G

    Native advertising vs. Content marketing

    Native advertising is reported to be one of the dominating trends in online marketing for 2017 and often used interchangeably with content marketing. Is native advertising and content marketing the same? If not the same, how do you differentiate one from the other?
  6. Ericka Francisco

    Search Engine Marketing?

    It is a great marketing medium and a very efficient way for you to grow your business and increase profit.This involves the process of purchasing ads on search engines to gain website traffic. It includes administering an online marketing strategy to ensure that your website can be easily found...
  7. kyanperl

    How do companies earn in Affiliate Marketing?

    My friends are trying to convince me to join their growing business. I am curious if this business is legit and how could this be profitable? Everything seems so odd when i ask them and they never showed proofs. So basically, how do affiliate marketing earn? How legit are these companies?
  8. Geoffrey09

    How to Earn in Affiliated Marketing?

    As technology grew faster day by day so thus marketing. Most of the time when we hear the word marketing a thing that come in our mind is money. So technology has been a great help to everyone specially for those people who rely on the internet to make a living. One mean to earn money using the...
  9. Heatman

    Facebook lite and Original Facebook; which is more effective in marketing?

    I am having a difficult in deciding between Facebook Lite and the original Facebook, which one would be more effective in carrying out ones social media marketing? The main original Facebook affords more features that might be of added advantage to the marketing project while the Lite...
  10. Heatman

    Is there any limitations to marketing on Facebook group?

    I have known quite well that a lot social media marketing is carried out on Facebook but I seriously want to know if there is any limitations as to what kind of marketing one could do on a Facebook group page. Any suggestions would be a useful help to me.
  11. Heatman

    Best social media for marketing

    I really want to take on the social media to market my newly started business of perfume and body sprays. I have a hard time choosing the best social media platform that would best help me increase products demand and high sales. I am considering between Facebook and Instagram, which do you...
  12. gifthoy

    If you are to use one strategy on internet marketing what will that be

    They are so many strategies in the INTERNET MARKET right now and so many of us have lots of them that they apply to their businesses that works for them... Now the question asks if you are allowed to use one out of your multiple strategies, which one of them will you choose to be using...
  13. Chris Holman

    How to start a decent YouTube channel to support affiliate marketing?

    Hey guys, So my question is basically have any of you created a successful affiliate marketing program? I was just thinking of starting a program via Amazon, ext. I've found one website called . I'm not in anyway promoting this site but this is just what I am wanting to use...
  14. A

    How Much To Spend On Online Marketing?

    How much should I spend on my websites or online marketing? I am confusing about these problems too. How much budget should go into marketing? Which factors can answer this questions, I can give some examples as follows: You annual revenue Your Industry What your competitors are doing? What are...
  15. thart

    4 trends that can increase sales when it comes to your online marketing efforts

    Online marketing is always evolving into a new monster and we all need to stay on top of it in order to keep the sales coming in. We all know that search engine optimization and email marketing through opt in lists will always produce sales in the long run, but what trends are you not taking...
  16. energizedit

    Do you use eBay for marketing your company?

    Does anyone here use eBay to market their company and if so how? I saw on a forum someone listed eBay as one of the cheapest ways to advertise/market along with Adsense.
  17. Nixtree

    NEW Nixtree Solutions - Affiliate Marketing, earn up to 75% affiliate commission

    Nixtree submitted a new resource: Nixtree Solutions - Affiliate Marketing, earn up to 75% affiliate commission - Nixtree Solutions - Affiliate Marketing, earn up to 75% affiliate commission Read more about this resource...
  18. Kaz Wolfe

    How can I generate website traffic with $100 marketing budget?

    My budget for advertising to increase sales for my eCommerce site is being limited and I have around $100 to spend for marketing for 2 months. I don't think this amount can run marketing campaigns that bring traffic to my site. Does any one here give me any ideas to generate website traffic...
  19. P

    SEO or only Inbound Marketing?

    I'm new here in the forum, contribute a little to my knowledge in three posts here, but I want to use this space to ask about SEO opinion. Since 2010 working with website optimization in Brazil. The agency where I work is full service, it offers all solutions of digital marketing, but aims to...
  20. AliGibbs

    SEO or Online Marketing, which is better for your hosting company?

    SEO requires time and patience while online marketing as forum marketing, banner ads, content marketing, video marketing..can help you archive fast results and get customers to your hosting site immediately? if you only have the opportunity to choose one, which one will you choose to market your...