1. S

    Which is the best server management panel for managing a VPS/Dedicated Server?

    Hi Friends, I'm looking for a suggestion for server management panels. I have couple of servers that run Node and PHP applications, What I'm looking is to manage SSL, Automatic Backups, Application Monitoring, etc.
  2. Maxoq

    Can I find a dedicated server at price $25/month?

    Currently i am using a server at price $39/month and going to cut cost for hosting so that would find a new server at price $25/month or $28/moth. Does it have a good dedicated server with SSD disk and other good specifications at this price?
  3. David Beroff

    What need to delete on my server after a long time?

    Hi everyone, What need to delete on my server after a long time? for example temporary files, folders, tickets, logs data files...etc to save memmory and speed up for server or websites? please share your experience?
  4. J

    How do I choose the right Cloud Hosting provider?

    Want to run my website in Cloud Hosting, Is there any data breach while doing this?
  5. djb1829

    Should I setup vps node or use as Cpanel web server

    32 core server Intel Xeon 64gb DDR4 RAM 8TB hard drive 10gbit port for my own server I think these sort of specs would be better for running virtual servers than a Cpanel web server right? The reason I didn't set it up on the server before, Was because someone who i know in the hosting...
  6. Cheerag Nundlall

    Directadmin and Cloudflare - Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

    I am getting this error Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error randomly after click or visit some web pages, if I disable Cloudflare then no error but I don't want to disable cloudlafre because I am using SSL from Clouflare. I read some topics. Does anyone have same problem, which...
  7. Dr. McKay

    How to Install CloudLinux OS on CentOS Server

    If you are using a CentOS server and want to install CloudLinux for management, just a few simple commands and the server will automatically make the switch. The condition to use CloudLinux is that you need to have a license. After registering the license for the server successfully, you need...
  8. G

    Scenario For Separate Streaming Server And Web Server

    Hi. I am planning to launch a web site (dedicated server) that provides players for a series of live streamed feeds (from a separate dedicated server). I need to understand how resources are used before I jump into the hardware purchases. I envision a dedicated server with nginx installed. It...
  9. Cookie123

    500 Internal Server Error when enabling friendly urls

    So I enabled Friendly URLs for my XF forum, and it worked fine, but all of a sudden it said this: I use cPanel, and when I try to access the error logs it gives a 403 error. Anyways, it was working fine for like 15 min.. I didn't change anything in my htaccess This was the htaccess I was...
  10. Maxoq

    How to avoid email blacklist for my server?

    Today I can not send email to a person through my outlook, I checked my server IP with mxtoolbox and it got 1 blacklist on a network. My question is, How to avoid email blacklist for my server? and how to detect where sent email spam from my server to fix this issue for next time?
  11. F

    best domain and server name?

    hello, you can help me, to select the best server and domain ????????
  12. T

    Is backup to a different server using cPanel is possible?

    Hello guys, I'd like to make an automated backup of our cPanel server's files and databases. I'm aware that a single tar.gz file can contain both file and database backups. In addition, I'd like to take the website file and database and store them separately on our server. Can you guys please...
  13. T

    Is backup to a different server using cPanel is possible?

    Hello guys, I want to take automatic backup of file and database from our cPanel server. I know that there is an option for taking file and database backup in a single tar.gz file. Furthermore, I want to take the website file and database separately and want to store it in our server. Can you...
  14. T

    Is that safe to transfer a domain name from a provider to another provider?

    Hi guys, I have a doubt about transferring a domain name from one provider to another. For example, I have a domain name at GoDaddy, and it's expiring within 3 days. Is it possible to transfer a domain from one provide to another within 3 days. While transferring will my domain got expired? I...
  15. T

    looking for a cost-effective method of managing our server?

    Hi Everyone, I have 3 websites and I would like to know which server management company is best. is anyone can help me to get the best?
  16. T

    How to Install CloudFlare plugin on cPanel server

    Hii, How can i install cloudflare plugin on cpanel server, any please help with your thoughts.
  17. T

    Best dedicated server team

    hello guys, Any one aware of the best dedicated server plans??? i'm familiar with one of the team that serversupportz, and may i know some other teams that proove their quality
  18. T

    How To Install ClamAV On A CPanel Server

    Hi guys, did anyone have any idea about the installation of ClamAV on a Cpanel
  19. T

    Dedicated server plans?

    Hello guys, Please share some suggestions about dedicated server and its new plans from experienced platform
  20. T

    Please suggest best dedicated server hosting company?

    Hi guys, Anyone please give me a feedback about your experience and the the best service providers in webhosting