Connecting to Windows Server for the first time?


May 16, 2014
After purchasing a Windows VPS, the Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) facility won't be available by default. You need to enable it by resetting the default password via VNC. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Login to your VPS control panel using the login details you got in the VPS activation email and press the 'Manage' option of the server you need to manage.

  2. Select the VNC option from the panel:
  3. Select the option HTML5 VNC Client SSL:
  4. It will open a new window and there you will see the windows screen. Now press 'Send CtrlAltDel' option on the top to get the login screen:
  5. Now you will get the login screen and you need to type the default Administrator password you got from the welcome email and press enter. Please note that copy-paste won't work inside VNC.
  6. Then you will be asked to change the password, press ok.
  7. There you will be asked to provide a new password and confirm the same. Make sure you are using a complex password including capital letters, symbols, and numbers.
  8. Now, you will get a message showing that the password has been changed. Once it is done, you will be able to access the server via RDP normally using the new password you have set.
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