windows server

  1. spinhigh

    Linux server vs a Windows

    What is the difference between web hosting on a Linux server versus a Windows server and what are the implications for the type of web applications or software that can be used on each?
  2. HostSailor

    Connecting to Windows Server for the first time?

    After purchasing a Windows VPS, the Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) facility won't be available by default. You need to enable it by resetting the default password via VNC. Here are the steps to follow: Login to your VPS control panel using the login details you got in the VPS activation email...
  3. HostSailor

    How to add IPv6 address on Windows Server?

    We can add the IPv6 address on a Windows server via the graphical user interface itself. The process is very similar to how we are adding the IPv4 addresses. Here I am providing the steps to do it from the Windows interface: Login to Windows OS via RDP. Right-click on the network icon in the...
  4. E

    I Want to Run A Business Only For Me - I Need 20 Windows Server VPS

    Hello, boys, I have a plan and I need around 20 Windows VPS, basically, I need only the windows environment, I will be the only one that would use this so basically my personal pc computer can act as a server too? I will install windows 2012 server but don't know how to create this 20 VPS from...
  5. DaRecordon

    Learning Windows Server?

    Should I learn Windows Server today? it is still useful for companies need to manage a local network?
  6. Dr. McKay

    Install Windows server on a cloud hosting?

    Can I install Windows server on a cloud hosting? my way is install a windows server on a cloud or dedicated server hosting which support window and I can control it like installing a windows server on a local machine. Is that possible? can I access my windows with remote network connection from...
  7. Edward

    Cheap and Powerful VPS in Europe / Windows RDP, Linux / USD,BTC 2020-03-31

    A new generation of virtual servers, our own development, to which we have been going for a long time! Starting March 31, the first customers will receive their VSP. Now the number of VPS is limited, only 20-30 VPS 1vDedicated CPU (4.2 GHz) / 2 GB DDR4 / 25 GB NVMe SSD / 200 Mbps -...
  8. Edward

    Powerful and cheap dedicated servers. i7,Xeon,Ryzen. Anti-DDoS. Payment USD, BTC - ABCD.HOST 2020-03-17

    All dedicated servers in the price list Server installation fee - 0$. Linux/Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016/2019(install for free) Suitable for most tasks. And also for game servers Counter-Strike, Minecraft, RUST, GTA, etc. [1 Gbps] / Unlimited traffic / Hot deals DE / i7-7700K [4c-8t]...
  9. hostingmzd

    Dedicated Servers Starting from $20 Per Month with Hosting Mzd (No Setup or Additional Fee) 2018-11-25

    Hosting Mzd provides the best Dedicated Servers. Hosting Mzd's Pre-built Servers are made for those users who need an instant server and don’t want to wait to have Custom Built Server. Our Servers are most competitive in pricing and economical. We maintain high quality enterprise hardware at...
  10. Bryan McClure

    Windows Server 2003 iso?

    What is the best way to create windows server 2003 iso file and install it on a VPS? or it is better to use from some sources on the internet?
  11. Maxoq

    Best antivirus for windows server 2012 r2?

    I am being offered a windows server 2012 r2 with low price and I am going to take one but I need to make sure it is clean for virus and malware. I would like to hear your experience what is the best antivirus for windows server 2012 r2?
  12. HosterDaddy

    OFFER [25% OFF] | ANTIDDOS | Windows Server 2016/2019 VPS | KVM | RDP Access | $9.99

    HosterDaddy submitted a new resource: [20% OFF] | ANTIDDOS | Windows Server 2008/2012 VPS | KVM | RDP Access | $9.95 - [20% OFF] | ANTIDDOS | Windows Server 2008/2012 VPS | KVM | RDP Access | $9.95 Read more about this resource...
  13. Little Alien

    Ubuntu vs CentOS vs Debian vs FreeBSD vs CoreOS vs Mint vs Fedora vs Windows Server?

    Choosing an OS for your VPS or dedicated server is not an easy task. You're aware that it's important to choose a stable OS, and you may be confused by the different available operating systems and their features when starting or choosing a new server hosting. My question is, what are the key...
  14. DDSvpsHost

    Is a Plesk Panel Necessary for a Windows Server Hosting Service

    Hi to everyone. A friend sent me this question below and i will love to get more ideas on the subject matter. "I have had a couple discussions with some friends about the "non-necessity" of a Plesk or cPanel to manage a VPS Server operating on Windows OS Server. They keep insisting on the...