Are Youtube Ads Effective?


Feb 6, 2015
I have uploaded my video to Youtube and I am submitting an youtube ad campaign but I don't know it is effective or not to increase conversations/sales on my site?
which type I should try, in-stream ad or in-display ad?
and I'm going to spend some $$ for this campaign but I need your advice fist, should or shouldn't go with youtube video ad?

Thanks in advanced


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Dec 23, 2013
Internet marketing/online ads are getting better response day by day. We will online ads mainly to get more traffic to our website, to improve our website/company branding and to increase business sales.

YouTube ads are effective if you follow the strategic steps/methods regularly the following:

- Create a proper ad format with right keywords which suites to your business.
- You should first understand you ad content
- Create intersting/creative thumbnail icons which attracts users in their first sight.
- First impression is the best impression, create first few seconds innovative and grab audience attention.
- Include Contact Us options like Website, Phone Number, Address etc.,

These YouTube ads are two types:
In-Display and In-stream. In-display means ad will appear in YouTube search results. In-stream means while video streaming your add will appear.
With my experience I can say that In-display ads are the best ways to get good R O I (return on investment) why because user don't like to see ads in the middle of video playing.


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Jan 13, 2014
In some cases they are.
Also depends on what you plan to do. I tried banners, the results where predictable just like on any other web-site on the internet.
Pre-rolls are not as predictable as in this case a lot depends on the way you do this kind of video ad.


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Mar 14, 2015
I haven't ever watched a youtube ad and neither has my wife. I'm a webmaster though, so I know not to bother with them. She's not, and she still doesn't watch the ads.

I would see those ads being more beneficial to big companies like pepsi, toyota, etc - people looking to blast some branding.

Of course, trial and error and good targeting may tell you otherwise.


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Mar 19, 2015
The only way to find out is to try. If you ask half a dozen people you will get half a dozen opinions.

Things that work well for one marketer may not work for others, and just because someone tells you that a particular method doesn't work, doesn't make that true.

If you look round the internet you will find people making a success of almost every technique imaginable. The important thing is to choose one method then track and test it, tweak it track it test it and on and on until you get the results you want.

Personally I've run successful ads and unsuccessful ones. I can't even give you any reasons for the success or failure. All I can tell you is that what you think is a good ad and what people respond to can be very different. The only thing is to test test and test again. I remember one headline on a squeeze page where changing "Learn the secrets of..." to "Discover the secrets of.." tripled the opt in rate. One word! Why? I have theories, but they could be as easily wrong as right.

Nobody can give you advice that is foolproof. Go to your library and look at magazines. Look for direct response ads that have been running for years and make a swipe of the headlines because they will have been tested to death!

Always be aware of your target market. For example years ago direct marketers discovered that in the USA addressing the envelope in red ink increased response, trying the same technique in the UK killed the campaign.
Even the fonts you use will make a measurable difference, as can the color of the font, the background, the graphics etc, etc.

I'm going to say it again because it's so important. Track it test it tweak it and do it all again until nothing beats your control.
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