1. ytviewsusa

    How to buy YouTube comments?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to increase my YouTube channel engagement and enhance my YouTube channel. So I wanted to know how I buy comments for my videos. Please guys tell me how to buy YouTube comments?
  2. ytviewsusa

    Which is the best site to buy YouTube Comments?

    Iam looking for a site which I buy YouTube Comments easily and cheaply. I want to Enhance my YouTube channel engagement by buy YouTube comments and boost interaction and credibility with genuine comments. Please Recommend me best site to buy comments.
  3. DemoTiger

    How to attract clients from YouTube for your web hosting business?

    1. Create content prospects want to watch: If your potential customer doesn't want to watch the first video, they certainly won't want to watch the second, third, or tenth video. Create content that potential customers will find useful. 2. Just answer the question: Your prospect is looking for...
  4. famupsaman

    How to get more views on my YouTube channel?

    I have a YouTube channel and want to get views fast so that i can monetize my channel. Tell me some fast ways to increase my views
  5. famupsaman

    how to increase my views on YouTube?

    Tell me quick and fast ways to grow my YouTube channel. What are some fastest ways to get views so that I can monetize my channel..
  6. famupsaman

    How to increase YouTube subscribers?

    I want quick way to increase my subscribers count. Suggest me fast ways to get them????
  7. famupsaman

    What are some best sites to buy YouTube views?

    I have a YouTube channel and I regularly upload videos on it but still my views are not increasing and it is demotivating for me. I want some best sites to buy high retention YouTube views to increase my channel growth and make my videos popular. Please suggest some high quality websites.
  8. TheCompWiz

    Best software to create videos for Youtube?

    I want to create quality videos for Youtube. Can you suggest me what is the best software to create videos for Youtube?
  9. TheGodfather

    How to watch blocked youtube videos?

    I am living in a country where a lot of YouTube videos are blocked and I have no access to them. It is really annoying since I want to watch some games, listen music but I am unable to as it says ''This video is blocked in your country''. I used Tor for that before, but sometimes had the same...
  10. Danalana

    How do I gain more views, watch-time and subscribers on my youtube channel?

    I have a youtube channel and it has around 300 subscribers. I been a youtuber for around a year now. I am very disappointed in my subscriber count, watch-time amount and lack of views. How do I get more people to be interested in my videos? What sort of content attracts views and clicks? How do...
  11. Dictator20

    Posting my videos/vlogs on facebook or in youtube?

    I just want to know if what site are better when it comes on posting my vlogs. I heard that both of this sites pays. thats why please help me which site should I post. and if there is a tips you can give me I will be greatful for it.
  12. HannaMN

    How can I get more views on YouTube?

    Hi! I'm a newbie and I want to make a YouTube channel and try to earn from it. But honestly, I don't know how to start. I have read a lot about earning through YouTube but i also want to read some opinions and advices from you guys. Any tips on how to gain views? I think it has something to do...
  13. Chris Holman

    How to start a decent YouTube channel to support affiliate marketing?

    Hey guys, So my question is basically have any of you created a successful affiliate marketing program? I was just thinking of starting a program via Amazon, ext. I've found one website called . I'm not in anyway promoting this site but this is just what I am wanting to use...
  14. JohnASimpleWorld

    Is It Legal to Post YouTube Videos on My Website?

    Hey all!!! So now is in 2017, is it legal to embed Youtube Videos on your blogs IF you don't own the video or you are NOT using the videos to sell anything? I mean videos are not mine, will it be considered legal or illegal? Or, even if you are selling any products but you don't have...
  15. Harry P

    Best ways to place affiliate links in Youtube videos?

    I have just created a video for Youtube, in order to promote my an Amazon affiliate product. I am going to place my affiliate links down in the description box of the video to direct potential customers to my site if they want to buy the product. But I don't know whether to place the link...
  16. Julzwriter

    Is it worth it to direct paid traffic to my Youtube channel?

    Is it worth it to direct paid traffic to my Youtube videos? I am thinking of maybe starting with Facebook ads for $ 20 and see how that works out before I invest more money. What do you think? Is it worth it? Will it translate to more traffic to my site?
  17. Julzwriter

    Can I use Michael Jackson song on my YouTube videos?

    If I am a making a video, which I want to post on Youtube, is it ok if I use copyrighted songs? e.g if I was to add a song by Michael Jackson to play in the background. Will this be ok or will I be violating copyright laws. I am asking because I want to make a video promoting my...
  18. BillEssley

    Vimeo vs YouTube Media Player?

    Which media player do you think is better? Personally, I prefer the YouTube video player. However, a lot of people I know prefer the Vimeo player.
  19. Alex July

    Review my YouTube channel about making money online :)

    Hi, I see, a lot of people here are asking to review their websites and blogs. Can I ask you to review my video? I am not a native english speaker, and I am not sure whether you, the native speakers, and you, the guys from non English speaking countries, understand me well. You don't have to...
  20. ericplotz1

    Make Money With YouTube EASY!!!!!!

    This is a method I've been making money with YouTube with for quite some time now. I make $1k-$2k a month on autopilot with videos and affiliate offers reviewing the products. This method is pretty straight forward and doesn't need much knowledge. First part is to understand why users search...