1. Mihai B.

    Is Google Shopping Tab a Genuine Opportunity or Google Ads Push?

    Google sent me this email indicating that a significant number of my products aren't listed on the Shopping tab, suggesting it could boost traffic to my online store. Has anyone had experience with adding products to the Google Shopping tab? Did you notice a significant increase in traffic and...

    Where can I buy banner ads for my project in order to have a views from site owners?

    I need to sale this for sites that have a lot of pages and long visitors ways, for example small social networks/forums/internet shops/... Language is not important. I think it will be okay to locate this banner in hosting-sale sites or something such.
  3. S

    facebook ads and google ads

    Hello, I have a question, the principles to use Facebook ads from the BM and Google ads are the same? the algorithm and the sets up are the same? because i know to use Facebook ads but never used Google ads, thank you
  4. john-mth

    how to do Mobile ads?

    Hello, Suppose I am from india and I want to target only one specific state so how can we do mobile advertising?
  5. ForwardWeb - Branden

    Update to rules Regarding Promotions, Ads and Special Offers

    Hi everyone this is just notice to let you all know that we have made some slight but very meaningful adjustments regarding advertising and overall content permitted by the team Promotions, Ads and Special Offers has been updated in the document...
  6. Webhost_Allie

    Blog and Ads Customization Tools Suggestions

    I'm just starting out on a new blog catering to a particular niche who are mostly mobile users. So I'm looking for some tips or tools for blogs and ads customization for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. What tools can you recommend for starters? How was your experience using...
  7. lingfart

    How Many Adsense Ads do you Put in a Page?

    Adsense was a bit strict the past couple of years. They had a lot of policies that limited what website and blog owners could do. Like for instance setting a maximum limit of 3 Adsense ads per page. Back then, I made sure that I only had 3 ads on each of my posts and pages in fear that I might...
  8. Jack_Dan

    How to use Facebook Ads for CPA offers ?

    As you know there are lot changes on Facebook ad campaigns and now it's better to reach targeted audience. I just want to know about CPA offers on Facebook ads. Did anyone tried it? If you did then what was your experience and is it profitable as an affiliate marketeer? Or should I choose...
  9. Kaz Wolfe

    is Google ads good for leads?

    I got an email from Google adwords, get $150 when you spend $150 and I want to spend money for Google adwords. I want to promote my business at local online market, but confused about leads, is google ads good for sales, or ads for just promotion and increasing traffic?
  10. norled

    Bing/yahoo ads & cpc Ads

    Hey, anyone would like to share their experience's advertising a web hosting business on bing/yahoo or other reputable cpc ad networks? So far my experience with google is not so good. Conversions are way less compared to amount spent.
  11. Luxin Host

    rank 3rd in google or buy ads

    What do you guys think? Would you say its better to spend 10k $ plus on SEO and rank 3rd+ for very good keywords or spend the same and buy website ads
  12. bobrock4

    Ads on groups/pages?

    I read it is possibile to target ads for interests and not for users of single groups/pages except when I'm the owner/administrator of these ones. Is it correct? Thanks to all
  13. JoeHamilton

    Does anyone actually break even with solo ads?

    Hey, I have not ever bought solos in the past but so I have no experience with it. I don't know I can get any sales from it or not. If I get less sales then it wasn't enough to cover the solo ads cost. I want to know, does anyone use solo ads and break even with it? How to find good solo sellers...
  14. lkovnih226

    Banner ads or links for affiliate products?

    When it comes to marketing affiliate products on your own blogs, which type of advertising do you like to use on your blogs, banner ads or links? why? My ways are write a review and link to the products with a shorten link instead of using many banners. What about you? Which methods are...
  15. Princety

    Who's your top 5 best solo ads provider?

    Anyone may recommend their top 5 best solo ads seller, IM list. Sellers who you generated sales with.:)
  16. roggy

    WTB Looking to buy banner ads on Web Hosting / Marketing Websites

    roggy submitted a new resource: Looking to buy banner ads on Web Hosting / Marketing Websites - Looking to buy banner ads on Web Hosting / Marketing Websites Read more about this resource...
  17. roggy

    WTB Banner Ads on PR2+ Blogs

    roggy submitted a new resource: Banner Ads on PR2+ Blogs - Banner Ads on PR2+ Blogs Read more about this resource...
  18. Emilio

    How to get traffic from Facebook without using Facebook ads?

    Can you share any tips on how to get traffic from Facebook without using Facebook ads? I tried FB ads but it is not effective for me and I am thinking about ways to promote my site with free methods As I researched then it is giving better traffic if we share funny images/videos, that gave...
  19. BillEssley

    Solo ads vs. Forum marketing

    I want to drive visitors to my squeeze page and when they signup they go through my followup sequence. I am thinking about 2 these methods, they are solo ads and forum marketing but not sure which works better, any experience on it?
  20. alexport

    How to get more likes using Facebook Ads

    I want to invest to increase likes for my Facebook fan page using Facebook ads, what are the best methods to get maximum likes using Facebook advertising? All your suggestions would be appreciated!