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Jun 6, 2012
Hi guys, I am new to the webmastersun.

If you're a business looking for local clients, it's very important to adapt your website to be mobile friendly.

Many times when people use mobile search, they are out and about and looking for something locally. That's why it's crucial for any nearby company to make sure their website has a appropriate cellular edition for cellular guests.

Even if you're not using the web to find local clients, a mobile version of your website can help increase sales.

The only type of websites that won't advantage much from mobile version for are Adsense websites or online websites that need guests to just click through ads.

Most mobile customers are looking for convenience and too many ads, large design, etc will not offer them on your website.

But local businesses like dining places, specialty shops, expert services, etc can really gain a lot from having a mobile version of their website.

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