Top 7 Social Media Marketing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid


Jan 24, 2015
More companies are still relying increasingly on social media marketing, whose main characteristic is to put the consumer at the center of corporate communication activities, as an active partner and not as passive receiver of persuasive information. The intent is to promote and strengthen the brand concept while developing relationships with users and allow you to interact with the brand and the company in general. Transforms communication, conversation is made, interaction, social intercourse.

Although it is a sector in continuous growth and widespread, many companies still continue getting basic errors on their social media marketing strategy. The most common mistakes are:

1. Not have a plan
Marketing campaign planning means: can not start without a strategy or not integrate with the overall strategy of the company and with offline campaigns. In this case it is an editorial plan, which defines the type and frequency of publications and our objectives in relation to the public that we are headed.

2. Subscribe to any network
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are not the same. Each platform has its specific characteristics and features that the company must know to exploit them in the best way. You have to analyze what networks are more suitable to our goals and what type of user (and client) uses a network over another. Therefore a common mistake is to create universal content and post them interchangeably on any network. You have to adapt the post in relation to the channel in which we share and the audience that will read it.

3. Creating many different profiles and no updates
As we have said, no sense be present in any network. To plan the presence of the brand in digital media, you have to choose the most appropriate networks in relation to our demands and care for open profiles. For example no amount of published information, or frequency, but the quality and regularity of contributions.

4. Do not pay attention to the visual aspect
Properly manage profiles also means attention to detail 'graphics'. The image of the company in the networks must be defined and consistent with the rest of corporate communications and brand identity in general. The personality of our brand is unique, whether online or offline.

5. Advertising
The purpose of a strategy of social media marketing is to reach a wider audience and sell more, but we must not forget that our users do not want a product advertising, which can be found in any other medium. In networks promoted products providing new information and generating a dialogue with users. The content must be of quality and focused on the needs and expectations of our customers.

6. Spamming
Social media marketing is not just about increasing the number of contacts, but to create a relationship with them, a conversation. Send newsletter to all our supporters is a serious mistake, because a mass email marketing no loyalty, but annoying.

7. Do not measure results
Plan a strategy makes no sense if the results are not measured. It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of our campaign (eg measuring the ROI / RSI) and correct any errors.

It is not easy to properly manage our presence in networks: planning strategy is essential to avoid those errors that may compromise our customer relations and our online reputation.

In your point of view, which things need to consider to avoid in social media marketing strategies??
Please share your thought.


Jan 25, 2015
Nice post sir!

Another big mistake people make with social media is not setting up their website/blog with social metadata.

Social metadata will give you control on how your shared content looks on the social sites.

I wrote a short post yesterday regarding this, you can read it here if you wish.

Oh, and have you considered entering the blog post competition on this forum? It has a $50 prize. You could write an article on social media tips similar to this post.


Feb 13, 2015
Nice post!!
Here is another few mistakes that should be avoidable in social networking:
  • Not having an engagement strategy.
  • Inconsistency
  • Using too many channels.
  • Being non responsive.
  • Sending out the wrong links.
  • Forgetting the purpose of each network.
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