3 simple ways to improve your website security


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Feb 19, 2013
The security of sales is one of the most important factors for electronic commerce. The owners of an online store that do not put in place the appropriate protocols not only put their customers in danger, but also their own business.

I list the most common methods of preventing violations of personal data

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts confidential information that is sent between users to safeguard it from potential spies and thieves. Basically, the certificate makes all sensitive data (such as passwords, card numbers or user names) unreadable to everyone except the recipient's server. Security certificate for your website

Obtaining an SSL certificate is especially useful if online transactions are made on our website, both for "real" security reasons and for the general image of trust that it conveys, since, in order to acquire it, a company must certify that it is who it claims to be and that visiting your page is safe.

In this sense, the process to buy an SSL certificate is to acquire it, possibly from a reputable supplier such as Digicert, Comodo or Symantec (which includes brands such as Thawte, VeriSign or GeoTrust), after which it must be verified before the authority to the one that was purchased that we actually managed that page. Once this step has been carried out, the certificate is validated and we can implement it on our website.

How to install the SSL certificate on the web page will depend on the type of server you are having. In the case you buy from a hosting provider, and you want to install their SSL certificate in your e-commerce site, just have to call them and they can do it for free.

Once this is done, they can apply additional measures, such as using HTTPS.


HTTPS is the protocol that should be used in all the pages where personal data is generated. With the HTTP protocol, which has been used since the internet was created, the information is not encrypted; On the contrary, it is sent in simple text, so if someone intercepts it, it could be read without further problems.

It should also be noted that from the new version of Google's browser, all pages that do not have HTTPS will suffer a deterioration in the positioning of its website in a way that the visibility of your online commerce can be greatly affected. For this reason e-commerce has enabled the possibility of installing an SSL certificate for all sections of the online store (so far only the payment gateway was certified).


A firewall or firewall is a software or hardware system that serves as a gateway between two or more networks, allowing access to authorized traffic and blocking access to what seems suspicious.

There are many types of firewalls, but one of the most effective for e-commerce are the proxies, which function as intermediary programs between the networks, so incoming traffic does not connect directly to the network of our online store.

However, for a firewall to work properly, it is important that it is well configured: by themselves, these systems do not know what traffic is harmful, so it must be programmed by a specialist in the field.
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