1. famupsaman

    What are some quick ways to increase my Instagram reels views?

    I want to increase my reels views fast to boost my presence on Instagram. Tell me the fastest ways to increase views
  2. TheCompWiz

    What are the safest ways when buying and selling domain names?

    I have a domain to sell but I am confusing if a person asks to buy it. How to transfer domain name to them and get money from them safely or without scams?
  3. Maxoq

    Best ways to secure your Directadmin?

    I have a hosting using Directadmin control panel. I am curious what are the best ways to secure Directadmin? or Directadmin is already secured itself?
  4. DaRecordon

    Best ways to upload large files?

    I want to send a backup file more than 80GB to a friend but with normal way, it took so much time to upload a file to a web hosting via FTP programs or I could not upload to Google drive because they only accepted 5GB for free space. What is the best way to upload large files quickly?
  5. Pocomaster

    Best ways to promote new Web Hosting Business?

    Hello everyone, I have started a new web hosting business. I want to know some good ways to promote my web hosting business? Trying Google Ads but not getting enough results. Any other ways for the initial boost?
  6. BillEssley

    Tools or ways to check my email server is working correctly or right configurations?

    After removed to a new server, seem my email didn't work right way, sometimes it didn't send as expected. I want to know which ways to help me check my email server on new server is working correctly or right configurations?
  7. BillEssley

    3 simple ways to improve your website security

    The security of sales is one of the most important factors for electronic commerce. The owners of an online store that do not put in place the appropriate protocols not only put their customers in danger, but also their own business. I list the most common methods of preventing violations of...
  8. BillEssley

    3 easy ways to protect your brand on the internet

    Having a brand name involves a lot of work: create a logo, choose the key colors, design the bags, set up an appropriate website...But the effort is worth it when the customers come to identify us and place us with respect to the competition. However, a brand resembles a person's reputation for...
  9. Cort Ammon

    Different ways to shutdown or restart Ubuntu

    I'm not going to discover something essential, but surely some will not know any of these different ways to turn off system. In the background, it is not only valid to turn it off or restart it, it also serves to close the session, block the screen, change user, suspend or hibernate the system...
  10. David Beroff

    What are the best ways to protect your websites from malware?

    Can you guys tell me what are the best ways to protect your websites from malware? I would like to know both ways including manual ways and using tools to scan, remove malware from websites. Thanks!
  11. Maxoq

    Ways to hide IP address of my web hosting server?

    I want to hide IP address of my web hosting server? I used Cloudflare for my websites but when I check tutorials on the internet, they are still having ways to reveal real IP from a website. My question is, is there a way to hide IP address that tools can not find out?
  12. gifthoy

    Ways to write Topics to get SEO

    :rolleyes2: Most people don't know tricks or how to write topics to bring more traffics to their sites.. Gifthoy is willing to be of help let's start 1. Choose an interesting topic, make your topic attractive to users, make use of nice English like Ultimate, Executive , etc depending on the...
  13. DaRecordon

    Best ways to build a real estate website?

    I am planning in building a real estate website, the problem is how to choose a platform for it. I have 2 ideas to start with as follows - Buy a real estate theme from themeforest and install it on Wordpress cms. - Buy a forum platform and using a mod/addon to build from there. What is...
  14. Dr. McKay

    Best ways to advertise a hosting company?

    What are the best free ways to advertise your hosting company? Does anyone have a good list of methods you often use to advertise your hosting company?
  15. JoeTaxpayer

    Fastest ways to download a very large file from Google Drive to my PC?

    I have a file 14GB and uploaded to Google Drive account and now I am needing to download it to another PC but I can not use any download tool or using web browser to download it is very slow. What is the fastest way to download a very large file from Google Drive to my PC? Thanks in advance Joe
  16. JixHost

    Top 10, mostly free ways I got thousands of clients for the last 9 years for JixHost.

    These are the top 10 ways I got web hosting clients without spending a dime. 1. Posting on forums like this one 2. Participating a blogs that are related to hosting. 3. Helping people online that have problems that are looking for resolutions, ie: scripting 4. Offering promos on Facebook 5...
  17. khateebz

    Fastest ways to backup and restore websites in Plesk?

    I have several websites in a VPS with Plesk panel, I would move to a new VPS, what is fastest way to backup and restore websites in Plesk? I don't want to re-create databases and importing them on new Plesk, is there a way faster than this way?
  18. energizedit

    Number of Ways to Authenticate

    In the latest versions of WHM/cPanel you can add a number of external authentication types for account login. How many types are you allowing on your servers?
  19. Dr. McKay

    Fastest ways to move a website from a cPanel to cPanel?

    What are the fastest ways to move a site from a cPanel to a cPanel ( old hosting to new hosting ). Normally I used to backup files and databases and moving them manually to new hosting, re-configures somethings and have them done, but I want to know other ways that faster than my way.
  20. EditName

    [Need] New Ways to do Hosting

    Hello, I have been doing web hosting for quite some time. I have seen many types of web-hosting come and go and I am looking for a new way to give out hosting. What I have done in the past.. Post2Host Advertisement Paid Footer Link (might count as advertisement) Totally Free Anyone have...