1. aussielunix

    Best ways to get 20 hosting clients per month?

    Hi everyone, I want to know on how you get 20 hosting clients per month? it is possible? and if yes, what are the best ways to get more customers when you have less budget for advertising? Regards Scott
  2. Maxoq

    The fastest ways to setup a Wordpress website?

    Hi web hosts, I am confused now. I know how to setup a website including custom script or wordpress. What I need is upload my files and images to my VPS via FTP client and create databases for it But it still consume me more time which I am thinking to is have a tool or addon to allow me setup...
  3. Aaron Lavers

    Best ways to move all data from a old VPS to a new VPS?

    As title mentioned, I want to move all my data (email accounts, files...etc) from a old VPS to a new VPS. How to do solve this problem without re-configure any thing? Please answer with your experience. Thank you!
  4. Harry P

    Best ways to place affiliate links in Youtube videos?

    I have just created a video for Youtube, in order to promote my an Amazon affiliate product. I am going to place my affiliate links down in the description box of the video to direct potential customers to my site if they want to buy the product. But I don't know whether to place the link...
  5. CyberAlchemist

    Best ways to improve your web hosting skills

    I want to improve my level on web hosting field by setting up a web hosting from scratch, installing os system, software on it and run websites as well. I mean I will start with unmanaged VPS What are the best ways to improve my web hosting skills? please share your best advice!!
  6. Marc0

    Best ways to upload very large files?

    Traditional way of transferring files to web hosting is use FTP programs but I feel it's pretty slow.Are there any ways to upload very large files to a shared or a VPS fastest as possible...i.e 5GB or 10GB?
  7. Harry P

    Favourite Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

    Hey there, What are your favourite ways to drive traffic and attracting visitors to your site? if you have any creative ways both low cost and also organic methods, I would like to hear your guides! for me I love attracting traffic is by submitting to social media, article submission and...
  8. Marc0

    Are daily blog posts good ways to get traffic?

    I have a good blog up, for about 10 months now, but It doesn't have a lot of traffic, just 50 visitors a day. I currently post about once a month, as I'm working on making my own product currently. Would it be worth my time to try to post several times a week in order to gain more traffic and...
  9. bob

    Ways of promoting websites?

    We have built a site for selling premium WordPress themes and also we develop free themes to promote our site. For now we have a SEO guy working for us and of course we are trying to be active in all social networks but for now we need more traffic to our site beside SEO method. What should we...
  10. Danlucy

    Best ways to generate leads?

    Hi marketers, I have a quick question here. What are the best ways to generate leads for a site selling themes and web hosting packages/affiliates with around $1000 fund? I am currently running pop and banner traffic. Any other suggestions? How much do I need to spend if I wanted to advertise...
  11. Developer

    8 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Sales

    I'm in the process of writing a small report which I will be selling on one of my websites, and I figured I would offer you guys an "abridged" version of the report as it contains some information I feel may be useful. The report will be titled "8 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Sales" and the gist...
  12. roggy

    Best ways to learn affiliate marketing?

    Hello Webmasters, I want to learn affiliate marketing and maybe make some money in the future. I am not looking for a get rich in a week kind of program. I am looking for something legit and worth learning. From your experience, what important things should I learn to succeed with...
  13. brettek

    Top 3 ways to market a website

    Hi everyone! Just wondering, if you had to say the best 3 ways in your opinion for marketing your website, what would they be? What do you get the most success from? Whether it be traffic, which traffic is the best for sales?
  14. aceofadsense

    Best ways to earning money from home?

    Hey Guys, Please suggest me any better ways to earning money from home, Here are my ways to make money online but some need more effort - Sponsored post - Freelance writing service. - Affiliate program - Paid guest post - Google Adsense What are your ways?
  15. trustdnb

    4 Ways to use Google+ to improve SEO for website

    I am using 4 these ways to improve my site SEO, is it exact for a SEO campaign or do I need to add some extra point to them? - Get more followers, increase direct traffic but direct SEO scores to your site. - Directly Connect Your Page, must have and it's a present for your website on Google+...
  16. Harry P

    Tools or Ways to convert HTML template to Wordpress

    Hello Guys, Do you guys know of some tools or ways that they allow me to convert HTML template into Wordpress theme? I've heard of Theme framework before but never used it. I was wondering if someone had successfully converted sites using such tools. Your help would be appreciated.
  17. Gustav

    Best ways to promote affiliates on your site?

    I want to know what are the best ways to promote affiliates on your site? Are there in follow ways: Email promotions to the list Text links or banner ads on high quality traffic sites Guest Posting or what are the effective ways?
  18. jasonquey

    What are some good ways to earn from web hosting affiliate programs?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a way to start offering web hosting affiliate programs and earning money from big web hosting companies. I should start a blog design or web hosting review blogs and adding affiliate links under each blog post or do promotions on social networks as facebook...
  19. Hugo E.

    Best ways to monetize your games site?

    Hello webmastersun members, For a few years now I ran a flash game site that has around 6000 visitors each month with 11000 flash games on it. The revenue from Adsense with 300x250 and 468x60 banners from this site is very low and it didn't generate a lot of income. I decided to sell the site...
  20. Emilio

    Which ways will you choose to get traffic?

    Hello Guys, Please let me know which are the best ways to get traffic to my website as following tips? Your content has to be very high quality. It must give value, entertain, stimulate and educate. Avoid copied or re-written content. optimize your site for search engines promoting your...