1. Skynet-Hosting

    Uncovering Risks in Android-Powered PAX POS Devices.

    Even though in managing a hosting company we often deal with electronic transactions, I believe it would be wise to consider that the new technologies being implemented more frequently can introduce certain vulnerabilities in running a business. In a major transition, global banking companies...
  2. Skynet-Hosting

    Alert: WHMCSServices Hacked - Implications for Hosting Providers

    Greetings, Recent Hack of WHMCSServices In December 2023, a notable incident occurred involving WHMCSServices, a popular provider of WHMCS modules. It was discovered that their modules were compromised with malicious code. Broader Impact and Coincidental Breaches The hack's ramifications...
  3. MichVasi

    WordPress Security tool

    Hey, got a headache with scripts sneaking into my WordPress PHP files. Need something that stops this without slowing my server. Any tools you guys swear by for this?
  4. Cheerag Nundlall

    Taking Control vs. Relying on Hosting Provider for Server Security?

    I'm wrestling with a critical question regarding server security, and I'd love to tap into your knowledge and experiences. Specifically, I'm pondering whether I should actively manage the security of my server or entrust that responsibility entirely to my hosting provider. I'm eager to hear your...
  5. AlbaHost

    GoDaddy discloses recent security breach that exposed 1.2 million accounts

    Well, this isn't great. Probably not impacting people here, but still newsworthy. In disclosures to the...
  6. G

    Transferring my domain to a new registrar--WHOIS security

    Hi, so I want to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Ionos, but in the process I found I have to turn off my WHOIS privacy on Goddady before I can do so (which would create a brief time of exposure of my name, address, etc.). I'm surprised there's not a secure procedure for transfer. I guess my...
  7. Rahul_A

    Do Wordpress based sites are week in security, in compare to custom built sites?

    I use wordpress blogs. I am curious to know when it comes to security which sites are best Wordpress or any other CMS.. If Wordpress is week in security how I can make it more Secure.
  8. Kaz Wolfe

    How to upgrade ConfigServer Security & Firewall?

    Seem I am using an old version of ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), its version is csf v14.01, I don't know now what is its current version? and especially how can I upgrade ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) to the lastest version via SSH? many thanks!
  9. Gabriellovee

    How can we save our sites from being hacked?

    Is really hard these days to protect a website with confidential information. There are a lot of hackers targeting websites today. I would really love to know the best steps to take in protecting a website from being hacked. It would be really be helpful.
  10. BillEssley

    3 simple ways to improve your website security

    The security of sales is one of the most important factors for electronic commerce. The owners of an online store that do not put in place the appropriate protocols not only put their customers in danger, but also their own business. I list the most common methods of preventing violations of...
  11. bountysite

    Website Bug Bounty Security pricing suggestions

    I have been going back and forth on how to provide Bug Bounty program for Hosting. Bounty Program is a reward program where security researchers get paid for discovering and reporting software bugs. So, the idea is to get paid for every severe threat/new malware in site. The site is backed up...
  12. Malware.Expert

    Best Security system's for hostings ?

    Anyone can suggest good solotions to protect server's or missing something and needed something that cannot find in market ? 1) bitninja 2) Immunify 360 3) atomicorp 4) cPGuard 4) CXS & CFS 5) Maldet Any comment's, what you are using, good, bad or missing something ? How about Price ?
  13. Maxoq

    What is the level of security required?

    Although any site needs at least a minimum level of security, some types of sites need enhanced protection. For example, they can process bank card data or store personal information of users. What is the level of security required on your hosting?
  14. H

    Joomla and WordPress Issue

    Joomla and WordPress sites causing continuous inbound spamming through contact forms by the domain. Please suggest...
  15. H

    HitBegin Dedicated Server | VPS | Hosting | Security | Consulting

    hitbegin submitted a new product: HitBegin Dedicated Server | VPS | Hosting | Security | Consulting - HitBegin | Dedicated Server,VPS,Hosting,Security,Consulting Read more about this product...
  16. H

    HitBegin Dedicated Server | VPS | Hosting | Security | Consulting 2018-06-11

    Whether it is about networking, systems, security or software, HitBegin IT consultancy services offer a broad range of helpful tips and advice. Our aim is to give practical and reliable solutions to match our customer’s needs. HitBegin provides it's costumer’s wide knowledge and experience...
  17. MilesWeb

    [MilesWeb] Cloudbric: Website Security Solution with WAF & DDoS Protection | Starts @ $9/mo [Paid]

    MilesWeb submitted a new product: [MilesWeb] Cloudbric: Website Security Solution with WAF & DDoS Protection | Starts @ $9/mo - Cloudbric – The Finest Integrated Website Security Solution Read more about this product...
  18. mobin

    Best and cheapest security solution for cPanel Servers || cPGuard version 1.82 is released [Paid]

    mobin submitted a new resource: Best and cheapest security solution for cPanel Servers || cPGuard version 1.82 is released - cpanel antivirus, cpanel anti-malware, wordpress brute-force protection, Spam control Read more about this resource...
  19. Chris Worner

    VestaCP has a serious security flaw that causes your server to be exploited for DDoS

    Currently, VestaCP is having an extremely serious and zero-day vulnerability that could cause your server to become a tool for denial of service attacks (DDoS). Information about this security bug appeared on the forum of VestaCP and is interested by more people because of its severity. If you...
  20. Server_Wala

    Endless Linux/Windows Server Support and Security |

    Support Wala helps all those who searching the best administration, support, and management services of server/Cpanel as well as use firewall security of your server. When you need to install a new module in Apache, then Support Wala available for support. We provide affordable and reliable...