Impacts Of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities On Businesses


May 16, 2014
Zero-day vulnerabilities have grown into one of the biggest concerns in cybersecurity in the last few years. These attacks target large enterprises, individuals, or any business organization irrespective of its size and nature.

What Is Zero-Day Vulnerability?
Zero-day exploits or vulnerabilities are flaws or weaknesses in software applications, hardware, computer network, firmware, or operating system that is not known to security vendors. As these flaws are not known to security vendors, no patch will be available to fix them. Hackers make use of these vulnerabilities and write malicious code to exploit the security gap. Cybercriminals can make use of a spear-phishing email with attachments, phishing techniques, spam emails, etc to launch these attacks.

Impacts Of Zero-Day Attacks On Businesses
Some of the common impacts of zero-day attacks on businesses are:

Data Theft
Cybercriminals can make use of zero-day vulnerability to steal critical data of your business, buyers, or staff. This data can be used by the attackers to steal money, commit identity theft, etc.

Account Takeover
Attackers can make use of the vulnerability to get unauthorized access to the computer network of your business, server, website, etc. Hackers may also install a malware or phishing program to send malicious messages to your contacts.

Productivity Loss
Zero-day exploits can help attackers take control of your machinery, electronic communication, etc.

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