How to set up Permalinks in WordPress


Jul 12, 2016
Permanent links refer to all addresses that will be part of our site in WordPress: items, categories, tags ... Something like the ID of each of the items we publish on our site.

Every time something is published in WordPress, by default a URL formed by the unique ID of the page, this style is created: That is a permanent link that can be used to share our publication, but it is unattractive to the eye, gives no hints about its content and does not help our SEO.

Permalinks in WordPress.png

We are interested more attractive link like this: So we have to activate the permalink on our site before starting to publish content, since once you do the search engines will begin to position our urls, and if they are changed we run the risk of losing all the positioning achieved, unless make use of 301 redirects to indicate that the old addresses have changed to new ones.

How to set up Permalinks in WordPress.png

WordPress offers several types of permanent links, and we can even do them in a personalized way through their settings. Just go to wp-admin and click on Settings >> Permalinks to do customization as wanted.

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