POP and SMTP Settings Showing 'domain.com' Instead of Hostname. How to Correct?

Chris Worner

Well-known member
Apr 15, 2016

I've encountered an issue with my cPanel email settings, specifically related to the POP and SMTP configuration. Currently, when I check my email account's connected devices, both the POP and SMTP settings display 'domain.com' instead of the expected hostname or servername like 'server.mydomain.com'.

I believe this discrepancy might be causing some email-related problems, and I'd like to correct it. However, I'm not entirely sure how to go about it.

Could someone please provide guidance on how to correct the POP and SMTP settings in connected devices when configuring an email account in cPanel? Is there a specific configuration file I should modify or a step-by-step procedure to follow?

Your insights and expertise would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to resolve this issue and ensure that my email configuration is set up correctly for optimal performance and security.

Thank you in advance for your help!

David Beroff

Well-known member
Jun 14, 2016
I see, you want to correct the POP and SMTP settings at the server level using WHM (Web Host Manager) or SSH, right?. Here's how you can achieve this:

Using WHM (Web Host Manager):
  1. Log in to WHM: Access WHM using your server's IP address or domain name with port 2087 (e.g., https://your-server-ip:2087) and enter your WHM username and password.

  2. Search for "Service Configuration": In WHM's search bar, type "Service Configuration" to quickly find the related section.

  3. Edit "Service Configuration" Settings:
    • Click on "Service Configuration," and then select "Mailserver Configuration" or something similar depending on your WHM version.
    • In the Mailserver Configuration section, you should find options for setting the default POP and SMTP server. Look for fields labeled "POP3 Server" and "SMTP Server."
    • Update these fields to reflect the correct hostname or servername like 'server.mydomain.com.'
    • Save your changes.
  4. Restart Mail Services:
    • After updating the POP and SMTP server settings, it's a good practice to restart the mail services to apply the changes. You can usually find a "Restart Mail Server" or "Restart Mail Services" option in the Mailserver Configuration section.
Using SSH (Secure Shell):

If you prefer to make these changes via SSH, follow these steps:

  1. SSH into Your Server: Open a terminal or SSH client and connect to your server using SSH. Use the following command, replacing your-server-ip with your server's IP address and your-ssh-username with your SSH username:
    ssh your-ssh-username@your-server-ip
  2. Edit Configuration Files:
    • To change the POP and SMTP server settings, you'll need to edit the mail server configuration files. These files might vary depending on your server's mail server software (e.g., Exim, Postfix).
    • For Exim, you can edit the /etc/exim.conf file:
      sudo nano /etc/exim.conf
    • For Postfix, you can edit the /etc/postfix/main.cf file:
      sudo nano /etc/postfix/main.cf
  3. Update Server Settings: Within the configuration file, locate the settings related to the POP and SMTP servers and update them to use the correct hostname (e.g., 'server.mydomain.com').

  4. Save and Exit: Save your changes and exit the text editor.

  5. Restart Mail Services: To apply the changes, restart the mail server services:
    • For Exim:
      sudo service exim restart
    • For Postfix:
      sudo service postfix restart
After making these changes either through WHM or SSH, your server should now correctly use the specified hostname for POP and SMTP settings, which should help resolve any email-related issues caused by incorrect configurations.

Hope it helps!

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