1. Chris Worner

    POP and SMTP Settings Showing '' Instead of Hostname. How to Correct?

    Hello, I've encountered an issue with my cPanel email settings, specifically related to the POP and SMTP configuration. Currently, when I check my email account's connected devices, both the POP and SMTP settings display '' instead of the expected hostname or servername like...
  2. Harry P

    Keep hostname pointing to an IP address and other records will pointing to another IP address?

    Hi everyone, I have a domain being used as hostname and it has these records in DNS management on Cloudflare A server ( using as hostname ) A www A Now I want to move...
  3. Kaz Wolfe

    How to change hostname for a running server?

    I have a server running directadmin and having 5 domain name on it. Now I want to change the domain that using to create hostname and dns for this server but I am afraid that websites running under this server will have downtimes. I don't want that, how to change hostname for a running server...
  4. Chris Worner

    Chang hostname for a running hosting server?

    I want to change hostname for a running hosting server? it is being used for sereral websites running under it, but the issue that I am guessing if I don't do right way when changing hostname then websites are running on this server will not work any more. for example: my hostname is...