Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting

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Feb 3, 2015
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a form of server created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server. , which runs as a resource share from the original physical server. Unlike Hosting that uses management software (Hosting control panel) to initialize and manage Hosting packages, VPS is created thanks to virtualization technology. The number of VPSs is always many times lower than the number of Hosting if installed on the same Server system, so the stability and performance of VPS resources are always superior to Hosting. A VPS can contain hundreds of different Hosting.

Everything you need to know about VPS
Each virtual VPS is a separate system, with its own CPU - RAM - HDD - IP address - operating system. Anytime needed, VPS buyers/tenants can root or restart the system without affecting other tenants.

VPS is suitable for building Mail Server, Web Server, Backup/Storage Server systems... for private use or for transferring data files between branches quickly, conveniently and securely; easily upgrade resources and regenerate the operating system when experiencing system problems with very fast execution time without reinstalling from scratch.

VPS as a compromise solution between Hosting and a dedicated server (Dedicated Server) in terms of both cost and operation. Therefore, this is the right solution for individuals or businesses who want a separate server system, full management with low cost.

Advantages of Virtual Server
  • Full control with features like a standalone server.
  • High stability and security.
  • Easily upgrade resources without disrupting service.
  • Remote administration, install software and applications on demand.
  • Reinstall the operating system quickly, only from 5-10 minutes.
  • Save on server investment costs.
Parameters to note


The more RAM the better because most types of RAM are the same in terms of performance. However, it is only true for physical RAM, so you should consider using VPS as real (physical) RAM or virtual RAM. In computers, RAM is the main type of memory, the more RAM your VPS server has, the better the ability to access data, because when using VPS you will need RAM to handle problems such as processing segments. PHP code with PHP software, processing import and export queries of the database with MySQL, accompanying small applications, support for reading and writing data, etc., so this parameter is very important.

In addition, you should also choose more or less RAM depending on the amount of website traffic. For the need to use WordPress, 5000 visitors / day and 100 users online at the same time, you need at least 1GB of RAM.

SWAP is virtual memory to save old processing actions if RAM memory is full. SWAP itself is a storage space on the hard drive, not a standalone memory.

Not all VPSs support SWAP memory, but only XEN VPSs support SWAP.

- Hard drive (Disk)
Is no storage will be used to save the installation files of the operating system and the files of the website source code you save on it.

Current drives are divided into 2 types: HDD and SSD:

HDD (Hard Disk Drive): Is the most common type of drive still used on computers.
SSD (Solid State Drive): SSD or semiconductor hard drive, is a type of hard drive used to store data but data access speed is 300 times faster than HDD. For example, the HDD test has an access speed of only about 80mb/s, but the SSD has a speed of more than 400mb/s.
SSD type hard drive will usually cost more than HDD type.

- CPU Core
For CPU, you need to pay attention to 2 important criteria: Core number, clock speed. Usually, the higher the number of cores, the better the data processing ability. In VPS packages, on average, you will be able to choose from 1 core to 3 cores.

- Bandwidth
Bandwidth is like a road, if the bandwidth is large, similar to a wide road, many people can pass through, congestion is unlikely and vice versa.

Bandwidth providers usually provide a minimum amount of 10 - 20 Mbps bandwidth.

- Up-time
VPS uptime is usually estimated from its uptime. VPS uptime from 99.95 to 99.9%, you can accept to buy.

- IP
IP stands for Internet Protocol which is the number of IP addresses that the VPS service provider will give you. The IP address ranges will be chosen at random by the provider.
Normally, if you choose to buy more different IPs, those IP ranges will share the same class A and B. For example,

- Operating system of virtual server
There are two popular operating systems for virtual servers: Linux and Windows. Linux is more user-friendly and costs less than Windows. However, if you work with Dot Net or Visual Studio, you should choose Window's virtual server.


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Nov 13, 2019
Thanks for sharing information about VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting is the acknowledged middle weight in the world of web hosting. Extra robust than shared hosting, and more flexible than a Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers are quickly rising in approval amongst even business clientele in the form of Cloud VPS. With High Ease of use choices, VPS Hosting has prolonged into the mainstream and can satisfy the requirements of any webmaster.

VPS make sure that all your valuable data is securely placed on the virtual server and can be restored whenever required. VPS has a choice to arrange automatic backups on local server as well as remote places. Backup confirm that nothing is missing if some mishap occurs.

With a VPS, you can effortlessly manage and update multiple websites. It permits you full control and root access to accomplish websites and install tweaks and custom applications to boost the performance of you websites.

In a nut shell, VPS offers abundant hosting options for all sorts of websites, particularly high-traffic websites. Virtual servers have made it likely to enjoy much more resources deprived of bearing high expenses of having a dedicated server.
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