Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages?


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Sep 6, 2021
Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages?

For the hosting services, backup methods are much important, should be one of the features that need to be considered as well. Backup copies allow you to restore your data in a reliable and secure way. There are 3 basic backup types: full, incremental, and differential backup.

Full backup: it’s the full copy of your all data that have been done once a week, it means taking a lot of time-consuming and is the least flexible backup method.
Incremental backup: it will copy all the files that were changed after finishing the last backup. The incremental backup method takes a shorter retore window since it copied files fewer than a full backup, so can save up storage space and increase backup speed. However, this way will take more time-consuming to carry out the complete restore.
Differential backup: the principle of this backup is the files have changed since the last full backup. The advantage is shorter restore time over incremental backup. Besides, the amounts of backup data will increase with each copy until the next full backup.

How about hosting provider using JetBackup? JetBackup is software that allows you to backup your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote. It is also called “point-in-time incremental backup”.
Impressive features:
1. Full account backup
2. Restore MySQL Database backups
3. Restore File Backups

What backup method do you expect?
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