1. Support@MainVPS

    What specific features do you believe would significantly enhance website speed when considering a hosting provider?

    When it comes to hosting providers, what specific features do you think would make a website lightning-fast? Share your thoughts on the key elements that can amp up website speed.
  2. Cheerag Nundlall

    Taking Control vs. Relying on Hosting Provider for Server Security?

    I'm wrestling with a critical question regarding server security, and I'd love to tap into your knowledge and experiences. Specifically, I'm pondering whether I should actively manage the security of my server or entrust that responsibility entirely to my hosting provider. I'm eager to hear your...
  3. V

    what is VPS hosting?

    What advantages does VPS hosting offer over traditional shared hosting for websites and applications?
  4. bradleynnelson

    Looking for Feedback on White Label Web Design Provider in the UK

    I'm thinking of hiring this white label web design provider for my upcoming project, and I wanted to gather some opinions and feedback before making a final decision. Has anyone here had any experience with them or heard anything about their services? I'm particularly interested in their...
  5. Dopani

    How can you ensure that your domain name is always pointing to the correct website or hosting provider?

    Hi everyone, I've recently moved my website to a new hosting provider, and I want to make sure that my domain name always points to the correct website or my hosting provider. What are some steps I can take to ensure this? I'm using a popular domain registrar and I have access to my domain's...
  6. A

    I want Best shared hosting provider at affordable rates?

    Anyone knows the shared hosting provider which is offering more discounts for coming black Friday? I wanna buy around 3 shared plans for new WordPress sites. Any good recommendation will work
  7. Webexp

    Some recommendation to choose reseller hosting providers?

    I am a web designer and developer and for a while I used the hostinger reseller service, at first everything was fine but then things became critical with my clients' websites, so I decided to cancel the service and acquire a shared hosting service until that I can find the right option to offer...
  8. V

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?

    Where Can I Get best Direct Admin VPS Hosting?
  9. Anubhav

    Looking for a hosting provider

    Where can i get the best hosting provider had a look at many websites but was not satisfied. Is there any place where I can get hosting reviews of all hosting providers and get to know which hosting provider would be cheapest.
  10. N

    VPS provider for my needs

    Hello, I'm looking for a provider that offers: - 1gbps connection (and it's full and not shared with every other node lmao). - unlimited band - under 10$ - can be cloud too (ik for hetzner already so don't suggest that) Thanks <3
  11. hostcomtw

    Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages?

    Will you consider what is the backup type of web hosting provider using for your packages? For the hosting services, backup methods are much important, should be one of the features that need to be considered as well. Backup copies allow you to restore your data in a reliable and secure way...