How to drive targeted traffic to Amazon review sites?


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Dec 13, 2014
I would like to know how do you drive targeted traffic to your Amazon review sites?
Is it the same way like driving traffic to squeeze pages or Clickbank review sites?


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Feb 10, 2015
Traffic is something that eludes many marketers but driving traffic works almost the same for every niche. First off your reviews need to be well written with the proper keywords in them for the products you are trying to sell. You want to tell enough to get the prospect interested but not so much they don't click over to the Amazon sales page.

I know there are traffic experts here on this forum and they should give you some great answers on how to drive the traffic. I'm a writer, not a traffic expert, but I know that many Amazon affiliates are doing quite well, so keep learning as you go. You are in a great forum to learn.

Marx Melencio

Feb 7, 2015
Heads Up a Long Post! :D


You should verify that your target audience is indeed searching and sharing and talking about things that are directly and laterally relevant to the headlines, topics, sub topics, tags and exact match keywords of your onsite and offsite content ... ;)

:D You should then accurately pinpoint the online and offline places and publication platforms where your target audience searches these things in, hangss out and expects to find relevant content, solutions, products, services and others who share the same interests, problems and needs in your industries / niches ...

To generate traffic-pulling ideas for your onsite and offsite content -- You can use Google Trends, Youtube Trends Map, BuzzSumo, SpyFu, Twitter Search, Social Mention, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Bing Keyword Tool and so on ... ;)

:) Next, use the data from the steps above to think of creative ways for effectively ensuring that your onsite and offsite content can grab the attention of your target audience, can keep them interested in viewing more of your content, can entice them to engage with your content, and can compel them to do whatever you want (yeah, sounds like mind control) ...

Also use the data from the steps above to strategically position your offsite content and ad materials over your competitors in those online / offline places and publications ... ;)

:D Then, actively participate and initiate relevant discussions in those heavily trafficked niche-related blogs, Web forums, Facebook groups and so on. Do this by contributing valuable insights, creative commentaries and thought-provoking perspectives. This can increase the responsiveness of the owners / admins of those online places when you contact them for possible guest posting offers, content syndication deals, advert / ad banner / mailing list / text link placement arrangements and other strategic affiliate partnership oppurtunities, since you'd most likely be a familiar name to them by the time that you contact them ... ;)

:eek: ... HOWEVER ...

Before you start driving targeted traffic to your Amazon review site -- I think it would be wise to try and convert that traffic into subscribers. And, this allows you to advertise something in online places where your target audience hangs out (Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, niche blogs, Web forums and so on), which can lure more targeted traffic to your site ... ;)

:D This means for an opt-in offer -- Think of something that can serve as a beneficial solution for the specific niche-related needs and problems of your target audience ...

For example -- If your Amazon review site is for the latest PC gaming video cards, then that something could be a comprehensive guide with the title "17 Things You Probably Don't Know About the Latest PC Gaming Video Cards This 2015" or so. However, don't take my word for this. Doing this right requires extensive industry, competition and market research ... ;)

:) And, to verify if there is indeed significant interest and demand in that something you thought of (and to also generate other more viable ideas for your opt-in offer) -- You can again use Google Trends, Youtube Trends Map, BuzzSumo, SpyFu, Twitter Search, Social Mention, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the Bing Keyword Tool and so on ...

You can also use offline media sources like TV news and publications in your target locations, such as top selling niche magazines, since despite the Internet, if these are selling good, then they may be doing something right in terms of their cover headlines and graphics, feature stories and so on ... ;)

And, keep in mind that your opt-in offer (and opt-in copy among other content materials in your site) should be able to effectively grab the attention of your target audience, keep them interested in reading the rest of your copies and content materials, entice them to engage and share your content, and successfully compel them to do what you want (that may be to give their first names, emails, mobile numbers and other details in exchange for your opt-in offer, or to share your content with their peers in their social networks and so on) ...

Also, you can make use of invisible opt-ins by integrating Facebook retargeting and Bing remarketing code into the pages of your site -- This way, you can continue to advertise your opt-in offer to people who have already visited your site (but have yet to grab your opt-in offer) whenever they're in Facebook, whenever they're searching for relevant terms in Bing, and whenever they're browsing relevant sites with Bing ads. Your ads will be displayed to these users when they're in these online places ... ;)

And, creating newsjacked onsite and offsite content is one way to drive traffic from organic search, and to also funnel traffic from significant online places that are most relevant to your target audience ...

For example, if you're promoting the latest PC gaming video cards, then you can keep an eye out for breaking news, viral feature stories and so on about newly launched PC games, the latest PC gaming hardware equipment, tweaks / hacks / tricks and other topics that your target audience would most likely be interested in viewing and sharing across their social networks. You can then create videos, written content with photos / images and so on about these hot topics, post it in your site and social networks, and syndicate it in significant offsite locations ...

That's it for now. Cheers! :)
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