1. S

    Hostslick Review

    Hey, I thought to drop a quick review for anyone whose looking for a good hosting solution to check them out. Some of the things I liked about Hostslick -Support is quick and friendly. -Prices especially of VPS are good. If you manage to follow and get their discount offers, as seen in their FB...
  2. omondipeter

    New Member In the House

    Hello All, I'm just delighted to have joined this powerful platform. I'm Peter Omondi from Kenya and very happy as we shall be sharing information here and there concerning Web hosting. Thank you all once again
  3. HostingORA

    Webhosting review

    Would like to get reviews on this website. Web hosting reseller. Thanks
  4. Fusion Arc Hosting

    Review (Fusion Arc Hosting)

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great day or night. :) I have been advertising for some time on google ads and unfortunately am not getting the result I wanted. However, I wanted to ask the many of you if you could take a look around my web hosting company website and let me know what...
  5. Malcolmjr96

    CodeForum.ORG - Review my website, and tell me what you think!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some reviews & feedback on my website and how I can improve it! The site is for developers to get help, share and build with others.
  6. Kieran2001

    Review Our Brand New Website (2019)

    Hello, I previously asked for reviews of my website and I’m opening a new thread as I’ve completely redesigned the website for 2019 and was looking for reviews of the current design. Please review and provide feedback of the website design. Thanks, Kieran
  7. euro-space

    EURO-SPACE.NET - Would you review our site please?

    Any of your opinion much appreciated :)
  8. technbyte

    Review the updated Design of our Website - Tech N Byte

    Hello Folks, We've recently redesigned our Official Website. Leave us review regarding the new design. Suggest us to bring improvements. Any suggestion will be cordially appreciated. Regards Miskat Mahmud Tech N Byte
  9. M

    Review our website design

    Hi, We have recently upgraded our website so kindly review its design and the functions and readability ..
  10. Kieran2001

    Review's New Website & Clients Area Theme

    I've finally finished the final major face lift for the new VimlyHost website, for a while. I've also merged the knowledge base into the clients area and applied a WHMCS Copycat theme. Please view both websites and leave feedback, thanks. Main Website Clients Area
  11. l3ta

    Alien Babble Review Requested

    It is my pleasure to submit my site for your consideration. We are primarily an alien-ufo discussion forum, but we also address various subjects as well. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! ALIENBABBLE.COM
  12. mobin

    Please review our new website

    At OpsShield, we have been working in past 2 months on our new website. Yesterday we have gone live with it; its all done except some final touches here and there. Our team would love to hear feedback from the forum community. We welcome all your suggestion/comments :) Thanks in advance!
  13. Brad P

    Site Review F1GRID

    Hello lovely members, Please allow me to introduce my site F1GRID it’s a Formula1 forum that hopefully will attract some F1 fans along, please give me as much feedback as possible, I love new ideas so please let me know.
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    GoDaddy web hosting review?

    Is anyone here using web hosting from Godaddy? is that good? I have a college who is wanting to try web hosting service from Godaddy. He is curious about what is hosting control panel being used by Godaddy hosting and how about its speed?
  15. manoaratefy

    Review for a review website

    Good morning, How do you think about this new website? It is managed by one of our support agent as his side project. URL:
  16. Kieran2001

    Please Review Our New Website for 2018

    Hello, We have recently gotten a completely new website, to the one we used from October till Early February. Therfore, any feedback on the new website at , good or bad, would be appreciated. The old website, which was the one I requested for feedback on last year can be...
  17. fwh

    Please review our smartphone forum!

    Today I have just opened a new smartphone forum, it is here Although it is still being developing some modules and there are some parts need to improve but it is ready for members to share their posts/comments/thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on...
  18. hynds


    Hi all, thanks in advance for your reading and replying. I created this site 2 years ago. Now I mainly focus on domain & hosting coupons sharing. Besides of that, I also provide high quality articles on SEO, MMO, Blogging, Domain & Hosting industry,...I built it based on WordPress platform...
  19. HostColor

    HC - Infrastructure & DEDICATED SERVERS - in U.S. & Europe - IMPORTANT - Must Review!

    HostColor submitted a new resource: HC - Servers & Infrastructure - IMPORTANT - Read Carefully - HC - Servers & Infrastructure - IMPORTANT - Read Carefully Read more about this resource...
  20. Laurence Flynn

    Review service like TrustPilot

    Looking for something like TrustPilot that doesn't cost $200-$300/mo. Looking for something cheap and cheerful with a widget we can display on our site. Found, starts around $100/mo. Prefer something cheaper. Can't find anything.