5 Tips For Perfecting Mobile Marketing

Jan 23, 2015
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Are you going to run a mobile marketing campaign and you do not want to lose leads and conversions for your mobile marketing campaign has not been properly optimized, I can present 5 tips that will help you design the perfect campaign.

1. Responsive Design
In case you have not heard of this, you should know that the responsive web design is essential right now. This is the design of your website or online store, fits the size of any device, so the experience of Users will be much better . In the last four years, the use of mobile devices has increased exponentially, and according to comScore, 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop. This means that unless you have a responsive website, you could be losing customers because 85% of smartphone users believe that a mobile website should be as good, or even better, than the dashboard site. Do not disappointment!

2. Call to action
Calls to action are one of the most important tools of marketing It is your way of telling the client with a word or phrase, the specific action you want to perform within your website. Go to the store, buy your new product, fill out a form, subscribe to your newsletter, complete a survey, etc. The button call to action must be well designed and be attractive and appealing, but when it comes to mobile marketing, you must take into account their size. You have to make sure it is large enough to touch with your thumb. According Smashing Magazine, the perfect size is between 44 and 57 pixels.

3. Adwords call extension
Have you ever wanted to include your phone number in an AdWords ad? It is entirely possible if you use extension called Google AdWords. This is a great choice if you own a local business, and users can search for a restaurant to make a reservation, or order takeout. Moreover, these additional telephone calls counted as conversions and increased the ratio of 6-8% clicks.

4. easy reading emails on mobile
Currently 48% of emails are opened from a mobile device. But despite that nearly half of all emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet, a study has found that 89% of online businesses, send emails that are not optimized for mobile. This means a loss of customers and opportunities. If you want to reach your potential customers you need to make your experience better!

5. Campaign 360
We live in a world where we are almost always connected and not only from one device. This has become such a common fact that Google and Facebook have conducted research using multiple devices.

A 2013 study by Google found that "90% of people use different devices according to their purpose," while Facebook says that in 2014, more than "60% of adults in the US use at least two devices each day."

And why is this so important? Because you could conduct a marketing campaign stunning 360 degrees. This means that your ad on Facebook or Twitter, could be directed to a mobile device and a desktop. In short, if you want to reach your target audience, you need to force yourself to marketing campaigns for all devices. This way you will increase your sales and customer base.

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Apr 9, 2015
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Yes thanks really a nice post and also mentioned some key points that some business owners are not recognize as there sending emails for marketing that are not optimized for mobile device. So need to be aware about this. Also some use sms market strategy that also successful way for mobile marketing providing by sms companies as experttexting.
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