1. Mihai B.

    Tips for comparing Services between Two hosting providers?

    I'm looking to compare the quality of services between two hosting providers. What factors do you consider when evaluating hosting services, such as server uptime, customer support, security features, or website loading speed? Are there any specific experiences or recommendations you can share...
  2. Mihai B.

    Tips to Avoid WordPress Hacks?

    Hello everyone, I am reaching out to seek your expertise regarding WordPress security. Lately, I have been concerned about the rising instances of WordPress hacks, and I want to make sure my website is secure. What are some effective strategies and best practices to avoid WordPress hacks? Are...
  3. t.edwards

    Tips to marketing as a hosting reseller.

    Looking for guidance, protocols, essentials and examples of being an exceptional reseller of web hosting services.
  4. T

    Tips on the VPS/Dedi Server???

    Can anybody recommend good quality budget shared hosting with 99.9% uptime? To be frank I am not satisfied with the current hosting company. The sites are going offline often. I can't afford VPS or dedicated servers as traffic per site will be pretty low. I am currently using one of the cheap...
  5. I

    Does anyone know any tips for promoting a new WordPress plugin?

    Hi, We released a WordPress backup plugin, WPvivid Backup/Restore. It is available to download from WordPress plugin directory ( Currently, we face a situation that a few weeks passed since the first release and the active installations...
  6. Chris Worner

    SEO tips for using h1 and h2 tags on your website?

    Do you hear about SEO benefits of using h1 and h2 tags on a website? If yes, how to use them on our website effectively for SEO?
  7. Danalana

    For newbies just starting out in online business, what are your tips and tricks for success?

    As a newbie, I am not really sure where to start out. I do not even know which websites to find jobs at. I also am not sure how to advertise myself. Can anyone recommend good websites to start out as a newbie? How should I present myself? What key tricks and tips do you offer?
  8. raffido08

    Can you give me tips on how to become artistic in designing?

    Hello to all professional graphic designers out there. I really want you to share some tips on how to become more artistic in your works and also how to become a professional like you? I know how to use Photoshop (Lol) for serveral years but little knowledge in Illustrator. When it comes in...
  9. David Beroff

    Tips to speed up websites loading on a Directadmin control panel?

    I am having a few websites hosting on a Directadmin, my hosting privder offered it with low price and I decided to try. But to be honest, it is pretty complicated to use and I have no experience with Directadmin. My website is running pretty slow now and I need to install somethings for...
  10. Maxoq

    Tips to choose a good server management provider?

    I could setup control panels and running websites on them but to configure things further then I am feeling really difficult, I thought to hiring a server management provider but how to choose a good one, I have no experience to that. Can you guys share me some tips to choose a good server...
  11. coredump

    Top security tips for your VPS

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are not dedicated servers. You are not responsible for a complete physical equipment, but a VPS is needed a certain tightening of the same security that can be expected from a complete server. The following are some security tips to secure your linux VPS Secure...
  12. Cheerag Nundlall

    Effective Tips for choosing The Best VPS Hosting?

    What are effective tips for choosing the best VPS hosting? the preferred OS is linux and centos with a hosting control panel. Your answers would be appreciated.
  13. Life Sayings

    Best tips to choose a dedicated server from OVH?

    What are the best tips to choose a dedicated server from OVH? I read many recommendations to this hosting company and would give them a go. Needing your tips to have a good dedicated server.
  14. Hugo E.

    Best tips to choose a fast shared hosting

    What are the best tips to choose a fast shared hosting plan? things to consider for a fast shared hosting? OS web server SSD or HDD Hosting control panel What is your advice?
  15. Moebuntu

    VPS Security Tips

    Do you know any tips to secure my VPS? VPS security is a complex task with many different variables to learn and I want to know what are main techniques to secure a VPS. Thanks!
  16. Paparazzi

    Tips to choose a good VPS hosting company

    I had a look at VPS offer section and there has so many VPS offers with good price, specs, features they are making me confused on choosing a good one. Can you guys here share me any tips how to choose a good VPS hosting company? What should I consider when choosing a VPS plan?
  17. Maxoq

    8 tips to help you choose the right domain name for your website

    A domain name is a name that defines on the internet. So, it is very important to find the best domain name. Once you found the best domain for yourself and registered it then your domain name is registered in the DNS (domain name system). By choosing the perfect domain name for your company...
  18. MooseLucifer

    .htaccess securiy tips for your Wordpress site

    Currently WordPress is the most widely used today with many websites built on this platform. Because it is easy to use and install, also for this reason that the security for WordPress sites are made becomes more difficult. However, through this post, I will share with you 3 easy tips to help...
  19. Cort Ammon

    Tips to install vsftpd on CentOS 6

    To be able to use the common FTP programs on a CentOS server, you need to install additional programs vsftp. Vs here means "very secure" :) Install vsfptd Run the following command sudo yum install vsftpd Also we need to install the FTP client sudo yum install ftp Once...
  20. A

    Any tips for securing a dedicated server?

    Hi all, new customer here with a dedicated server. I want this to be as hardened as possible. Anyone have any particular tips for security? I googled for checklists and did everything I could, and I also made adjustments so I have a perfect score on the firewall configuration check, but I...