mobile marketing

  1. johnyplex

    5 Tips For Perfecting Mobile Marketing

    Are you going to run a mobile marketing campaign and you do not want to lose leads and conversions for your mobile marketing campaign has not been properly optimized, I can present 5 tips that will help you design the perfect campaign. 1. Responsive Design In case you have not heard of this...
  2. margarita

    Where should I learn about Mobile Marketing?

    Hello, I'm newbie with Mobile Marketing and I would like to hear your ideas on my following questions: Which resources will you recommend me to learn about Mobile Marketing? or where do I start from? waiting for valuable answers
  3. JoshThomas

    The many faces of mobile marketing

    I am not going to claim to be an absolute genius at mobile marketing. What I am is someone who battles through issues long enough until I make things work and get the results I want. It is not always pretty, but it works. I see many people talk about mobile marketing, but in most cases, they...
  4. Marc0

    How to use mobile marketing to achieve your customers?

    Mobile phones are everywhere these days and individuals almost always have their mobile mobile phones with them. Has anyone used mobile marketing to achieve your customers? What do you think should be the aspects to consider when using mobile marketing? What will work and what will not work --...
  5. Marc0

    Which mobile marketing service to choose?

    Hi dude, I strategy to use mobile marketing for my restaurant in LA and don't know which company to use. I read a lot about and stopped by ProTexting and YepText systems. Anyway will be very thankful to listen to your experience if you already have with these or any other suppliers. Thanks
  6. Marc0

    What software is required order to start a SMS mobile marketing?

    I need to know the software required to start text marketing, allowing companies to contact their customer databases via text through our system. There are many softwares in the marketing. Any one have idea?
  7. Marc0

    Is there money to be made in mobile marketing?

    I come across website that is run by a 1 man group. He is promoting all types like e-books and a program for mobile there money to be created in mobile promotion from a program like this. also he offers kindle there any money to be made from this website ? It is possible...
  8. Marc0

    How efficient has mobile marketing been for you?

    Mobile marketing is the process of using an program to set up strategies based on census of clients. Delivering out marketing, popular and competitors sms information to the appropriate people. What do you think about mobile marketing and it's been efficient for you ? Thanks
  9. Marc0

    How much should I pay for mobile marketing?

    How much would you expect to pay for mobile marketing solutions if you have a cafe and want to provide discount rates to your clients through mobile marketing.Also allowing them to know about activities. How much would a company charge on regular and what would they offer? Thanks
  10. Marc0

    Mobile marketing in developing counties

    Greetings everyone! This post is about mobile marketing and its condition in some developing countries. Although there has been a tremendous growth rate in this industry in most parts of America and Europe, it seems the tide is different in some developing countries. Yes, the use of internet...
  11. Marc0

    Ways and means used in mobile marketing

    Greetings to all! My post is about mobile marketing. Many businesses today engage in mobile marketing and it intrigues me. I understand a basic things about it, but still want to dig more. There are few questions that I want to ask. 1. How can you profit from mobile marketing? 2. What...
  12. Marc0

    What are the things I need to start mobile marketing?

    Hi everyone, I've heard that mobile marketing is in total hype nowadays. I searched over the internet about it, and learned about its potential, both at present and future. It just really awaken my interest to venture in it. However, I just lack all the knowledge needed to start. So I have...
  13. Marc0

    Incorporating mobile marketing with mobile games

    Hello people, Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become part of people's everyday life. It is very popular that almost every person, if not all, is owning and using one or two devices of this kind. And as we speak of mobile devices' widespread use, we cannot discount...
  14. Marc0

    Mobile Marketing: The bad and ugly side

    Hello everyone, It seems to me that mobile marketing has been getting a lot of attention lately. I checked from around the internet and found a good number of talks about mobile marketing, including this site. Reading all those good feeds, it sounds very promising. People are saying that it's...
  15. Marc0

    What’s the average cost of a mobile site?

    He Friend, Can you Suggest me What's the average cost of a mobile site? Thanks for your respond
  16. Marc0

    How we can do Mobile Marketing?

    Currently in a market many companies doing a Mobile Marketing. I would like to start one online shopping website for business. So please guide me how i can do best M-commerce marketing for business promotion with good Mobile Marketing?
  17. RobertClive

    Mobile Marketing: Role of You in the campaign

    Hi How much effort do we need to give ourselves to make sure that we have a successful mobile marketing campaign? Cant we leave it all on the advertiser?
  18. RobertClive

    How much did your mobile marketing venture cost you?

    Hi One of my friends was drained from his bank account after his mobile marketing venture. He thought that the provider was scamming him at the end, as the cost should have been low. How much did it cost you for a mobile marketing venture? Even if you have idea from others' venture would...
  19. RobertClive

    Mobile marketing: Present and Future

    Heya How do you people see the present of mobile marketing and its role in developing your business? Again, what role will it play in the time to come?
  20. Knowing Roger

    Can we use new mobile msging applications for mobile marketing?

    Hi all There are a lot of mobile applications available on the web, which include whatsapp, viber and BBM. Can we use dem for mobile marketing?