mobile marketing

  1. Knowing Roger

    Tip for Mobile Marketing Success

    Hi How good and short should be a mobile marketing message to attract the attention of a prospective buyer? Say, if I am selling a weight loss product, what should we have?
  2. Knowing Roger

    Tips for a successful mobile marketing campaign

    Hi all Anyone up for sharing tips, which can lead to a successful mobile marketing campaign. These tips might help newbies on this side of the world as well :) .
  3. Knowing Roger

    Any light on why one should choose mobile marketing?

    Hello, I just wanted to know your viewpoint over the fact that why would you choose mobile marketing over others? I mean there is online marketing, advertising through hoards and television/paper means. Why to choose it over them?
  4. Knowing Roger

    Is it good to use mobile marketing for book launch?

    I wanna know if mobile marketing, through MMS and SMS, is the way to go for a book launch. Have you ever used it for similar things as what I wanna use it for? I wanna know the success rate, as even though it looks cheap, but it requires good enough investment.
  5. G

    Can Mobile marketing assist you reach Your Mobile advertising campaign?

    Many people currently use mobile devices. By exploitation mobile marketing, you'll be able to get to those customers, however you wish to know specifically what you are doing. Review this text to find specifically however you'll be able to effectively build use of mobile advertising to induce...
  6. Andre

    Tips for Mobile Marketing to engage customers

    Tips for Mobile Marketing to engage customers - Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly - Give Mobile Customers What They Need - Invite List Sign-ups via Text Message and Quick-Response Codes - Build Your Fan Base via Facebook or Twitter app loaded on their smartphones - Tap Location-Based...
  7. Andre

    Mobile Marketing Trends of the Future ?

    Hello, Do you think that Mobile Marketing is trend for marketing in Future ? Any thoughts ?
  8. Marc0

    What is Mobile Marketing ?

    Hi, Anyone here can clarify what is Mobile Marketing ?