5 First RULES of Internet Marketing


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Feb 3, 2013
Have you ever thought you will do marketing online and get more profits with it

Just mentioned 5 first RULES of Internet Marketing, hope it works

1. Select a niche you like and you have good skills with it. If you do something you didn't know, you will never succeed.

2. Pick a unique domain, keep it short and easy to remember. It will help you make your brand name popular later.

3. Buying a web hosting package and start building a Blog/Website

4. Grow you Email List by building opt-in box on your blog/site. You also offer free giveaways to your visitors and ask them to subcribe

5. Increase traffic for you site by promotion on social networks or forums. It's best way at this time that I realized. If you have a good budget, go with paid advertising to get fast leads.

This is basic steps to "LOG IN" to the Marketing Online World. I hope I can get extra information from you on this post.

Share me if you have better RULES :cool:
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