What is Google my business and how to register your company

Cort Ammon

Jul 8, 2016
Google my business, also known as Google My Business, is a tool that can be used to report your company and attract new customers. It is an alternative to stand out in the midst of so much information available on line and mainly in the search engines. With this tool your business is more likely to be found on the web and earn the trust of users.

Surely you've noticed that when displaying search results, Google presents results of text that we all know; and also some options with map (local search by geolocation). Appear here for free is a great advantage that will not only increase the visibility of your physical business, but also it will help to position your website in the organic results.

5 advantages of using Google my business
One of the main advantages of registering your company on Google my business is to create an approximation with your customers. You can decide what will be displayed on your business and interact directly with the public, this is a very big advantage since organic searches, it is hardly possible to display traffic information, but you may not interfere with the way such as presented the results.

1. Disclose your company for free
Complete the information about your company in my Google business is very easy. Indicates the address and the phone number correctly so that people find you effectively. You can insert operating times (even on holidays or commemorative dates). Take advantage to disclose your website and attract new visitors to your page.

2. Attract new customers
Google my business is also possible to Add pictures and videos, both your company and products. As stated in the famous saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" therefore, take this opportunity to attract new customers. The tool even allows you to add a virtual tour. Use it to draw the attention of your visitors!

3. Interact with customers
Another important advantage of Google my business is the opportunity to interact directly with those looking for about your company. The tool sends notifications of new comments, and you can respond directly, by setting the conversation with your audience. Please note that customers may also qualify your business with stars, reviews and photographs, do not neglect the small details and jumps the best experience.

4. View full reports
Google my business also offers various insights on how customers interact with your business online. It is possible be indicative on actions the user, as: how many clicked, how many traced a path to reach your company, among other information.

5. Publishing promotions
Which such create specific actions for Google my business? The tool allows you to publish offers, promotions, actions on seasonality or launching new products. And an alternative more to arouse the interest of people in your company.

How to register your company in Google my business
You must already be convinced that Google my business is an excellent alternative to report your company. Then get to work! Here are the step by step to register your business in Google my business:
  • Create an account in Gmail (through it you are going to manage all the information).
  • Log in to Google my business page and click on "start now".
  • Follow the step by step tool (is very simple and intuitive).
  • Edit the information and confirms the existence of your company on Google my business.
  • Waiting to receive the code or "pin" (comes in a letter to Google you sent in approximately one to two weeks after the request).
  • Login in Google my business and inserted the "pin".
  • Wait a few days to get your company started to appear (on average takes 15 days).
  • It accompanies the panel of metrics and analyzes the insights.
  • Try to always improve and updates the information regularly.
If you have any difficulty you can read the answers that the tool has available to the frequently asked questions or to participating my business Google Help Forum.


Dec 17, 2019
Google my business is a free tool by google where you can create your business profile on google. its also called as google listing. it's easy to find out your business information on the web for-ex: your business name, address, contact number, product, photos of your business and etc

Follow these steps to register your business on google my business:

Step 1:
go to map.google.com.
Step 2: Add Your Business on Google Maps.
Step 3: Sign up for Google account if you do not currently have one.
Step 4: Click where it says to add a new business.
Step 5: Add your company information.
Step 6: Make sure that the map marker matches your location
Step 7: Google will mail your business a postcard, or you can verify it by phone. Don't forget this last step.

If you follow above all steps then your listing definitely get verified
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