What is A/B Testing and why you should start using it


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Apr 24, 2016
If you worried about increasing sales, have more conversions, improve the opening of emails or increase visits to your web site. Do you ever wondered if there is anything not striking enough for visitors to your web site? Have you ever thought to make alteration and analyze the results? If the answer is no, then you must know what are the A/B Testing; and how it can help you to make the best decisions for your business.

You are throwing away one of the best advantages of having a web site: ease of testing and measuring the results of your strategy in a simpler way. The testing and analyzing the results, you can see and understand what works for your web site. With these results is that you can argue and justify changes that you need to do, showing facts and data and not simply opinions and assumptions.

What is an A/B Testing?
A/B Testing, also called as separate test, is a way to compare different versions in order to identify which has better acceptance of the target audience. It is a method widely used in the areas of design and web development to study the behavior of users while surfing the internet.
It is always valid to remember that people react differently to stimuli that receive. For this reason, it is essential to understand what is the A/B Testing and how to use it to increase sales on your e-commerce.
In an A/B Testing you can divide the traffic of a certain page in two versions: the original and the "Variant". The latter is the page where you'll change something to make your test.

You may try from the color of the button to complete the purchase, the text of the calls to action, the amount of text and images, the position of elements, to the style of the images (with real people or illustrations), among other features.

What is not an A/B Testing?
Many people confuse an A/B Testing with other types of evaluation, therefore it is very important to clarify what is and how to apply it. Below you will find a list of the main characteristics that define this method of checking:
  • It can be made to test the performance of web sites, emails, ads, landing pages, etc;.
  • It is essential to follow a methodology to compare proportionally;
  • It is recommended to have a good number of accesses to web site or electronic mail at the base the tests (for good statistical relevance);
  • It would be ideal that you had a tool to automate the results.
When and why use it?
In the A/B Testing always be considered two or more scenarios and will preferably be tested under the same conditions. In other words; a test performed in the Black Friday will have an atypical result, therefore the result can not be compared with one week either. Therefore, always check periods of time, days of the week and time comparisons. Remember that if not testing hypotheses, your A/B Testing will not work.
The tests should be applied in situations in which there is potential to optimize some metric important or need, can be accesses, openings, clicks, leads, sales, etc.
Example: If you have an email with a very low click rate, you can create a second version to discover if the new version has better performance.

6 tools to automate the A/B Testing
Now that you know what is an A/B Testing, you can start the application, to perfect your website, emails, newsletter, etc. Here are six tools that can automate and simplify the process of test.

1. Google Analytics
This is a free alternative to perform A/B Testing. The settings depend on the complexity of the test you want to apply. To test the color of a button or which type of form has more conversions, simply insert a code into your web site so that Google Analytics track and trace some comparative data between different versions. But if your goal is to try a day of sale, the process is a bit more complex, and involves a more advanced level of knowledge.

2. Google Optimize
Optimize is also a solution of Google, which even has integration with Analytics. The tool, which has a free version and pay, it uses statistical methods to identify the results of the test. It is an alternative to have more precise results, with a more advanced audience segmentation. Google Optimize was specially developed for the implementation of A/B Testings, multivariate test's redirection and test.

3. Optimizely
Among the tools available for the implementation of A/B Testing; This is one of the most known and popular; used by companies such as IBM, Microsoft and The New York Times, among other large companies. Optimizely is one tool pays; but there is the possibility of making a test period, to understand the functioning of the tool and better visualize their functions.

4. Klickpages
Klickpages is another easy to use tool, that allows you to edit the test in just a few clicks. Like other options, there are also models that already tend to have a high conversion rate; then you only need customize that most fits the profile of your business and start your test. The editor is fully intuitive and allows changes to be seen in real time.

5 Unbounce
With this solution, you can also create test landing pages, pop ups, headers and footers of the websites. Such analysis will help you understand what works best and with that increase the traffic of your web site, blog or online store. Unbounce is a tool prepared to apply from simple test to the most complex. This is an alternative pay. As the investment is high; Maybe not worthwhile for who is beginning to understand about A/B Testing and how it works.

6. AB Tasty
As important is as knowing what an A/B Testing, choose the ideal tool to determine whether the hypothesis that you are true or false. Ab Tasty is another option that does not require knowledge of programming languages. It is an intuitive tool, created to modify your web site, address changes, define indicators and measure impacts. This can be integrated with various platforms like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop and Google Analytics, among others. Pay, that makes available a test version is also a solution.

Now that you know that it is an A/B Testing and know some of the main tools; What about starting your test now? If you have questions about the topic, you can leave a comment. Continue accompanying our blog, we are always publishing advice and tips to promote your business on the internet.


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May 6, 2016
I really like testing on my promoting campaigns or SEO strategy but to be honest I didn't do tests deeply like this A/B testing.


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Nov 9, 2018
A/B testing would be good for e-commerce website or maybe just simply marketing website to know which design is more effective to the users or not. By this test you'll be able to know the behavior of users visiting the website.

For example:
Test A: has an advert billboard that is color blue
Test B: has an advert billboard that is color red

In this you'll see what the users, visiting the page, do on your page. Who would likely to click on the billboard more, stay on the page or actually buy something that was on the page. The tool I've used before was the one listed too above which is google analytics. I haven't tried the other tools yet, but I'll let you know once I tried.
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