How is a website transferred?

Jul 8, 2016
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Transferring your website from a web hosting to a new web hosting includes:
  • Transfer the database of the application.
  • Transfer all files from the website.
  • Configure the main website to work with the transferred files and database. This includes setting all the necessary routes to the files and database.
You can request the web migration at any time from your control panel or asking your web hosting provider.

NOTE : Web migration does not include:
  • Domain transfer: This is another additional service that can be requested from domain control panel.
  • Configure more than one application. By default, your web hosting provider will transfer and reconfigure the main web located in the root directory. In case you want to configure a different page to the main one, you must specify it in the migration ticket.
  • Outgoing application migrations, that is, from your web host to other web hosting providers.
Hope that helped.
Sep 21, 2018
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Mostly, hosting service provider provides free migration service.
If not, it is also not difficult to do it by yourself.
Firstly, access to file manager via cpanel or FTP, compress the public_html folder and download the zip file at your local drive.
Then access to PHPMyAdmin at cpanel, click on the database and export, then download it at the local drive.
After that, upload and unzip the public_html folder at the new platform.
Then access to MySQL databases at cpanel and create a database, create a user, assign a user to the database.
Access to phpmyadmin and select database, then import the downloaded SQL file.
Finally, right click and edit wp_config.php at public_html, enter the database details, e.g. database name, database user and password
After a preview, the temporary site, check everything goes right, then update DNS record and point to new nameservers.
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