1. David Beroff

    How to unblacklist a server IP address by Google?

    As I checked carefully, my server IP address is blocked by Google. I think I only have an option is buying a new server and changing my website to this new server, new IP address. Should I do this? Any suggestions?
  2. David Beroff

    Can not use file_get_contents with Google?

    My website can not file_get_contents with Google while file_get_contents can work with other websites then is no? What is the reason? Google is blocking my site or I need to change something on my web hosting server to make this work with Google?
  3. Dr. McKay

    Google has not cached sites since 3-28 or 4-3-2019?

    I checked many sites with on Google, including my sites, Google stop caching sites since 3-28 or 4-3-2019, mean it happened 1 month ago or more than that. This makes backlinks and content on my sites are not updated. What do you think? what are reasons Google slowly update caches?
  4. Ender

    How Many of you hosting companies get click fraud on Google?

    Hello, I am curious to see if other web hosting companies have seen a spike recently on click fraud while advertising on google? We have seen so much that we had to deploy an anti click fraud system along our credit card fraud detection system. Thanks
  5. Dr. McKay

    Does Google consider domain extension as a keyword?

    I am just curious if Google considers domain extension as a keyword or not? Any thoughts?
  6. Dr. McKay

    Amazon EC2 vs Google Cloud Hosting?

    Which is better? Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud Hosting? I would like to know any comparisons about prices, performance, speed, what hosting control panel should I install on these platforms?
  7. Kaz Wolfe

    How to use SMTP Google for FREE

    SMTP Google is the best solution for those who cannot use the ISP's SMTP server or the hosting providers as well as those who have difficulties with email. However, not everyone takes advantage of this advantage. Below, I will show you how to use free SMTP Google, how to send mail via PHP Mailer...
  8. macfais

    Is it okay to have 2 site maps in Google Console?

    Hello. I just want to ask. I do not whether I clicked something wrong or I added it twice but I can see 2 site maps in my google console. Do I need to delete it and have one only or do Is it okay to have two site maps? Thanks
  9. macfais

    Can I post my new content in social media even if it is not yet indexed by Google?

    Hello. I just want to ask if is it okay to post my newly posted content in social media even if it not yet indexed by Google. Thank you.
  10. macfais

    What does "Total Impression" means in Google console?

    Hello. I cannot understand what "total impression" means in Google console. Do I need to get a higher value or a lower value? Thank you.
  11. macfais

    How Long Google Will Take to Index a Post?

    I published a post dated November 08, 2018. Google indexed it November 11, 2018. It took Google 2 days and a half to find my post. Is it too slow? What should I do in order Google to index my posts faster?
  12. Cort Ammon

    What is Google my business and how to register your company

    Google my business, also known as Google My Business, is a tool that can be used to report your company and attract new customers. It is an alternative to stand out in the midst of so much information available on line and mainly in the search engines. With this tool your business is more likely...
  13. DaRecordon

    How to check google plenty?

    I doubt my website ranking can be impacted by updates of Google recently because its rankings is decreasing with traffic dropped. How to check google plenty?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    What % of your visitors are from Google?

    What % of your visitors are from Google? I have a site with 67% of my visitors are directly from Google search. The rest is from forums, social networks, direct and referrals. What about you? Any shares?
  15. Dr. McKay

    Using both Google apps and email hosting?

    I have a team with 40 emails and wanted to move 10 emails to Google apps for email to use, while the rest still use email accounts on our web hosting. Is that possible?
  16. mryash

    Free google adword credit

    When i check some hosting companies, they are providing free ad credit like bing credit, adword credit along with shared web space. How those companies get bulk credit from ad agencies to distribute for hosting clients in free?
  17. ErrorData24

    Why google domain is not available to my country?

    Google is a big company and very known worldwide that's why I don't understand. Some country are not supported of google domain, by the way I'm from in Philippines and starting planned to build a online businesses. Is google domain can be consider a web hosting company? Or it's just a site that...
  18. BillEssley

    How much can I earn with Google Adsense for a site with 600 visitors a day?

    Do you have experience with Google adsense? I am wanting to apply a site 600 visitors a day (300 clicks from Google) but I don't know how much I will can earn from this ad network?
  19. superman2727

    Yubikey vs Google Authenticator

    In terms of having a 2-Factor Authentication, which of this two would you prefer to use? Which one has the better security for your account. We all know that both of this offer great services that benefits individual users. Can you give me some advice on which authenticator will I gonna use?
  20. D

    Google cloud VPS pricing

    What is a google could VPS pricing ? How can I get a deeper look into this ? Does anyone have any interesting and useful links or tutorials that can help me figure it out ? Thank you