1. C

    Google Cloud Database vs Web Developer Questions

    Many apologies for these primitive questions. Our company hired a web developer, presumably based in the United States. We have since discovered they are actually off-shore, working through a US address. Nonetheless, they have developed our site, billed us for the cost of a Google Cloud...
  2. Dr. McKay

    Cpanel backup website data to Google drive?

    Did anyone try to use Cpanel backup website data to Google drive? I tried to configure google drive with WHM/cpanel but it is very complex and not sure it will work or not. Does it have a better option than using Google drive for store website data to it?
  3. techteacherdebashree

    Can I use google tag manager for tracking of affiliate marketing?

    Can I use google tag manager for tracking of affiliate marketing?
  4. andrewwilliams

    What are Google Core Web Vitals?

    How do I fix Google core web vitals? Is it important for a higher ranking in Google?
  5. Mujkanovic

    Backup data from cPanel to Google drive?

    Normally I used to backup my website data to my PC by configuring any in cpanel but i see that downloading backups to my PC is very slow speed, i would like to backup data to Google drive on onedrive? is that possible with cpanel or other hosting control panels?
  6. D

    Question about Google registrar

    Hi there Can anyone advise if Google will register domains I have had problems with them transferring a domain and I can't get a sensible answer out of their support They keep saying there are issues with business details which there aren't since they have been registered in
  7. D

    Question about Google domains

    Hi there I am in a bit of a short time squeeze and spent a few days researching Google domains to handle my .com and domains After 2-3 painfully slow and not very helpful chats with their chat bot/person I tried to transfer one of my domains to a new hosting account I had created The...
  8. S

    facebook ads and google ads

    Hello, I have a question, the principles to use Facebook ads from the BM and Google ads are the same? the algorithm and the sets up are the same? because i know to use Facebook ads but never used Google ads, thank you
  9. Sanya Agrwal

    How to get my website Google top rank?

    Hi Everyone, I want to get my website on the top page rank on Google, please give me your advice on what should I need to do so that I can find my website on the top page rank on Google?
  10. Cheerag Nundlall

    Google cloud or Amazon cloud hosting?

    What is the best cloud hosting service between Google cloud or Amazon cloud hosting? I saw more advertisements for these providers but I don't know their pricing and features. Can anyone tell me more details?
  11. Dha_nu

    my website ip address automatically change to my Google cloud ip

    dear all, currently I'm running a small blog. I'm using Google cloud for hosting. Google gave me a ip and i have changed it to my domain name. but suddenly now most of the time, when i refresh my site home page gose to that ip which was given by Google. please refer below pictures for more...
  12. M

    Is AWS cheaper than Google cloud?

    Is AWS cheaper than Google cloud?
  13. GixHosting

    Google vs AWS Cloud

    If we compare the two, which key features make one better than the other
  14. David Beroff

    How to unblacklist a server IP address by Google?

    As I checked carefully, my server IP address is blocked by Google. I think I only have an option is buying a new server and changing my website to this new server, new IP address. Should I do this? Any suggestions?
  15. David Beroff

    Can not use file_get_contents with Google?

    My website can not file_get_contents with Google while file_get_contents can work with other websites then is no? What is the reason? Google is blocking my site or I need to change something on my web hosting server to make this work with Google?
  16. Dr. McKay

    Google has not cached sites since 3-28 or 4-3-2019?

    I checked many sites with on Google, including my sites, Google stop caching sites since 3-28 or 4-3-2019, mean it happened 1 month ago or more than that. This makes backlinks and content on my sites are not updated. What do you think? what are reasons Google slowly update caches?
  17. Fusion Arc Hosting

    How Many of you hosting companies get click fraud on Google?

    Hello, I am curious to see if other web hosting companies have seen a spike recently on click fraud while advertising on google? We have seen so much that we had to deploy an anti click fraud system along our credit card fraud detection system. Thanks
  18. Dr. McKay

    Does Google consider domain extension as a keyword?

    I am just curious if Google considers domain extension as a keyword or not? Any thoughts?
  19. Dr. McKay

    Amazon EC2 vs Google Cloud Hosting?

    Which is better? Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud Hosting? I would like to know any comparisons about prices, performance, speed, what hosting control panel should I install on these platforms?
  20. Kaz Wolfe

    How to use SMTP Google for FREE

    SMTP Google is the best solution for those who cannot use the ISP's SMTP server or the hosting providers as well as those who have difficulties with email. However, not everyone takes advantage of this advantage. Below, I will show you how to use free SMTP Google, how to send mail via PHP Mailer...