How to Enable DKIM server wide in Plesk Onyx control panel


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Sep 27, 2016
Note :- DKIM validation works only for domains that use the Plesk's DNS server. It will not work if you use an external DNS service because Plesk must be able to add the DKIM-related records to the DNS zone of a domain.

1) Login to Plesk onyx control panel with admin user.

2) At your left hand side pane , click on Tools & Settings under Server Management

3) On Tools & Settings page click on Mail Server Settings option under Mail group.

4) On Server-wide Mail Settings page search for the Domain Key Spam Protection option.

5) Allow signing outgoing mail - This option enables the DKIM signing of outgoing mail on a per-domain basis. It does not automatically enable signing of all outgoing email messages. To use DKIM, you must switch on DKIM for individual domains.

6) Verify incoming mail - This option switches on DKIM checking for all incoming mail. All messages are checked, and if the check fails, are marked with a special header.

7) Enable the options as per your requirements and click on OK .

8) You are done.
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