1. IgorG

    Where is DKIM on ispmanager

    Hi, I'm trying to create a mail domain in ispmanager. I see cool anti-spam solutions available, but I don't see the ability to use DKIM headers. Am I missing something? Who knows how to enable DKIM in ispmanager?
  2. DaRecordon

    What Are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

    I used to set up DMARC, DKIM, and SPF on my DNS management area for my domain but to be honest I don't really understand what they are? can anyone explain me?
  3. zuhamit

    Your DKIM signature is not valid

    Hello all and thank you for your help in advance. So I have tested our email on mail-tester and it came back pretty low. I was able to fix the SPF record and other minor changes, but DKIM record keeps coming back invalid. Here is a link to mail-tester and the image is attached as well. Any input...
  4. David Beroff

    Your DKIM signature is not valid?

    Why I am getting this error testing with I have Dkim value from cPanel "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  5. 24x7CSM

    How to Enable DKIM server wide in Plesk Onyx control panel

    Note :- DKIM validation works only for domains that use the Plesk's DNS server. It will not work if you use an external DNS service because Plesk must be able to add the DKIM-related records to the DNS zone of a domain. 1) Login to Plesk onyx control panel with admin user. 2) At your...
  6. DaRecordon

    Enable DKIM?

    I read this "Enable DKIM feature will help you keep emails sending from your server out of the Spam folder" on an article, it is true? how do I check it is enabled on my hosting and how to enable it if it is disabled on my hosting server?
  7. Sean101

    What is DKIM?

    I have got notifications from my friends that my emails are not working correctly, cause by DKIM. What is DKIM and why should I care? I googling DKIM tools on the internet and found some but when checking with these tools, they required domain name and DKIM Selector. I don't know what DKIM...
  8. Jovani

    How to setup DKIM on DirectAdmin?

    I am having a small problem when setting up DKIM on Directadmin, I have support from Directadmin support staff but not succeed because I'm new to VPS hosting and no more experience on install/config a VPS Anyone can give me tips on how to setup DKIM on DirectAdmin? Your answers will be very...